Huawei Watch Fit
Huawei Watch Fit

Huawei Watch Fit is a fitness tracker that attracts anyone who wants to start

or maintain an active lifestyle, as it has a very elegant design and is comfortable to use.

Just a glance

The main reason I bought this watch fit is because I was looking for a fitness tracker rather than a real watch. 

so i was looking for a watch or a band which is versatile enough and has a sleek and simple design yet is convenient enough to operate. 

a watch band like Xiaomi or Samsung galaxy fit is simple enough, but the screen is just too small. 

so by having a design in between a smart band and a smart watch plus an emul display, this is the best design for me.

The Huawei watch fit has other useful features like continuous heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level monitoring, sleep tracking, notifications.


  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • easy to use


  • Difficult to pair the phone
  • Tapes cannot be replaced


Display1.64-inch AMOLED touchscreen
Resolution456×280, 326 ppi
StorageCPU 4GB ROM, DK3.5+ST
Battery capacity180mAh (10 days est.)
Water resistance5 ATM
CompatibilityAndroid 4.4+ and iOS 9.0+
Dimensions and weight46mm x 30mm x 10.7mm34g (21g without strap)
MaterialBody: Polymer Strap: Silicone
Specifications Table


This is the first ever smartwatch by Huawei in a rectangular shape, so this is a unique one. 

We got a graphite black watch fit with a black silicone strap. so on the front side we got a 1.64 inch, 3d curved screen.

so you can see that we got a bit of bezel but because of the display and the background, it’s nearly invisible.  

and the display looks very beautiful and gives a very premium look to the Huawei watch. 

Huawei Watch Fit Design
Huawei Watch Fit Design

it’s 30 mm in weight, 10.7 mm in thickness, and it weighs just 21 grams without the strap. 

and if you got the silicon strap then even with this strap it won’t weigh much,

and it feels really lightweight while holding it. so you will be able to wear it 24 7 without feeling any discomfort. 

then you got the sleekness trap, and you got the Huawei branding on the right side, you got the multifunctional key. 

on the left side there is nothing and on the back side we got a set of sensors and the connection points for the charger. 

The body of the Huawei watch fit comes with matte finish, and it looks quite

premium and beautiful from every angle, and the build quality is really nice.

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Huawei watch fit comes with 1.64 inch, oled display with 280 cross 456 pixels resolution. 

and even though it does not sound much, the ppi you are going to get is 326

because of the good screen to body ratio and due to this high ppi the display quality is so nice. 

Huawei Watch Fit Display

in the background to give you an idea of how sharp is the display quality. 

and due to the 3d curved screen, the viewing angles are quite nice as well.

Fitness tracking

The first thing that I like about the Huawei watch fit is the personal fitness course, as the name implies. 

This feature will guide you during the exercise by showing a 3d animation. 

of course you can get this on other medium to high-end watches by installing a third-party app, for example 7 fitness apps. 

but having this feature preloaded on the watch without having to install a third-party app is something that we need to really appreciate. 

a personal fitness course on Huawei watch fit consists of 12 different menus ranging from beginner to advanced level. 

Huawei Watch Fit Fitness Tracking

The 12 menus are re-energize neck and shoulder relaxation, exercise at work, burn fat fast, full body stretch, strengthen heart and lungs, advanced chest workout, a flat toning, a flat ripper, core work out, leg and glute toning and leg workout. 

The second thing that I like from this watch is it has a huge collection of sports or exercises that can be tracked. 

in addition to the personal fitness course, you will get a running course menu that consists of 13 different courses like run primary, run advanced, easy fun , fat burning run primary. 

The Huawei watch fit is also able to track 80 plus different exercises or sports.

starting from common exercises like swimming, outdoor cycling or tennis till specific sports like horse riding, water scooter or even kite flying.


The Huawei Watch Fit runs on Lite OS, which is the same wearable OS you’ll find on the other devices in the whole Huawei Watch family, which is nothing new.

But there are some adjustments that have been made, as the Lite OS UI has been slightly modified to fit the rectangular screen and it looks good.

Huawei Watch Fit is also powered by the DK3.5 + ST chipset, not the Kirin A1.

It is considered an unknown processor and has contacted Huawei for additional information.

But it turns out to be a cheaper chipset than the A1 and considering the Watch Fit’s price,

I found it to be more flexible and responsive than the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro.

Battery Life and Charging

Huawei Watch Fit has an impressive battery life as it lasts up to 10 days from the 180mAh battery of Watch Fit.

And I’ve had it fully charged and it took just over an hour, and I’m on 15% while writing this review.

Huawei Watch Fit Charger
Huawei Watch Fit Charger

This is one of the drawbacks of the design of the Huawei watch fit that comes with a special charging solution. 

So this is the spot where you will have to connect the cable,

it’s pretty unique and in some cases if it’s broken or you lost it, you will have to buy a new one. 

Buy if for

Huawei Watch Fit is beautifully designed to be lightweight and is very suitable

for all-day wear, and you will hardly find it uncomfortable or penetrate your skin.

Also Huawei Watch Fit is great for beginners who want a simple and coughy design

that is free of complications such as quick access to basic statistics and directions,

you will have no problem accessing your favorite workout mode.

Huawei Watch Fit is really affordable given the advantages it has such as excellent battery life,

built-in GPS, AMOLED screen, and a powerful array of sensors.

Don’t buy it for

Huawei Watch Fit doesn’t have support for a third-party app or NFC on board, aside from being able to play music and get some push notifications.

Watch Fit features many activities related to exercise, mapping your paths,

and monitoring your heart rate, but you want more detailed metrics you won’t find here.

During our testing we encountered some issues with pairing and syncing

as well as making the all-day stress monitor work properly,

so if you own an iPhone, it is best to wait until these issues are resolved.


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