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Back in March, Hyper delivered its HyperJuice Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 arrangement. Promising clients a simple approach to remotely charge their gadgets in a hurry.

At that point, there were generally a couple of choices for convenient MagSafe-viable battery packs available.

Presently, however, on account of Apple’s new arrival of its own MagSafe Battery Pack, there is somewhat more rivalry. And Hyper’s battery gets stacks together as a commendable contender.


One of the most attractive parts of the battery pack is its size. Like Apple’s ‌MagSafe Battery Pack‌. Hyper sells one battery pack for all iPhone 12 models. This means the size should be large enough for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, stay adequately little to fit on an iPhone 12 smaller than normal. 

I start using it with my ‌iPhone 12 Pro Max‌, watching it to be excessively cumbersome with its plan. Despite the fact that as a disclaimer, I do have rather little hands.

HyperJuice magnetic Wireless battery Design

The battery pack has smooth, bent edges on one or the other side. So it’s generally agreeable and regular to hold. Yet hard to utilize your iPhone one-gave ordinarily with it connected. 

Practically speaking. I tracked down that the battery pack’s plan drives it. To pivot somewhat in case you’re composing or on a call.

It’s certainly not a major issue, and some fault can be put on Apple for the strength of the magnets. In general, however, the battery pack remains firm and set up for easygoing use. 

In the event that form quality is something you’re worried about, you shouldn’t be. Hyper’s battery pack is an amazing all-around fabricated item.

Made with hard plastic on the front and a milder pad-like covering on the back. The completion on the back, which appends to the ‌iPhone‌.

Is profoundly invited as it ensures the battery pack, yet additionally the ‌iPhone‌ itself from any scratches or scrapes. 

In my typical everyday use with it. Held up well indeed and any scrapes do seem can be effectively cleaned away.

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HyperJuice magnetic Performance

On the exhibition side, the Hyper battery pack includes a 5000mAh. 18Wh battery that gives the capacity to Apple gadgets at 7.5W.

You can utilize the pack as a standard compact force block with a USB-C port that gives power at 12W.

This can be helpful on the off chance that you have a non-MagSafe gadget that needs a charge.

That USB-C port on the battery pack can likewise be utilized to charge both the ‌iPhone‌’s battery. In addition to, the actual pack simultaneously when connected. 

Hyper’s battery pack has a 5000mAh, 18Wh battery, which given its size is great. Every individual’s immediate involvement in the battery pack as far as the amount it can charge their gadget will change. Contingent upon a few elements. 

With Hyper’s battery pack. Moreover, you ought to hope to get an adequate charge. As far as I can tell, with the telephone left immaculate.

It gave me around 73% of a charge on an ‌iPhone 12 Pro Max‌. And you’ll clearly get a more noteworthy level of a top-off on iPhones with more modest battery limits. 

There are four lights on the facade of the battery pack. Which are the main pointers of the battery pack’s present status and charge.

Then again, Apple’s ‌MagSafe Battery Pack‌ permits clients to see the battery pack’s particular charge on iOS. An element that outsider adornment producers can’t use at present.

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HyperJuice magnetic Sum up

The ‌iPhone 12‌ is the main ‌iPhone‌ to bring Apple’s MagSafe innovation. Which began in an alternate structure on the Mac. To the ‌iPhone‌. ‌

MagSafe‌ is the fate of the ‌iPhone‌, as Apple will probably. At last, depend on it totally for power with the reputed expulsion of the Lightning port inside the following. Not many years. 

Having said that. ‌MagSafe‌ on the ‌iPhone‌ is as yet a genuinely new innovation. And the embellishment business.

That it has started to make will just turn out to be more vigorous. And different with choices as the years pass by. 

HyperJuice magnetic Wireless Battery Pack does what it vows to do; it furnishes your ‌iPhone 12‌ with an additional measure of juice to assist you with getting past your day.

Contingent upon your utilization case. It tends to be an incredible frill for clients of the ‌iPhone 12‌ arrangement searching. For a simple way of charging their iPhones in a hurry. 

Everybody’s way of life is unique. And some might track down that Hyper’s contribution fits far. And away superior into their day-by-day schedule than it accomplished for me.

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