HyperX Cloud Alpha S
HyperX Cloud Alpha S

HyperX Cloud Alpha S -Today and again with Hyper gaming headsets and X Cloud ALPHA S professional gaming headphone review with surround sound support 7.1 and the ability to change the bass levels of the headset to suit your music market in a regular manner and not through programs

Below you will find the compatibility of the headphones with the computer and the reliability of the headphones in the chat programs for players and a two-year warranty and the headphone supports all ports

Accessories Here there are a lot of luxurious and additional accessories, which we will talk about, such as the bag to carry the headphone and keep it on the move if you want and additional cushions with the headphone from velor, other than the pads that come in the headphone and made of leather

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Design and Comfort

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Design

Today, HyperX introduced the Blackout Edition of the Cloud Alpha S to go along with the black-with-blue version released in September. The blue-accented version features just the right amount of color. But for the Alpha S Blackout Edition brings incognito styling by getting rid of bright stitching, ear forks and logos on the cups. Perhaps the best part is the coloring in of the two bass adjustment sliders compared to the black and blue model.  

HyperX Cloud Alpha S

I appreciate that HyperX took some liberties with its design without going over the top, while also keeping bulkiness under control. The look-at-me ear forks on the black and blue model perhaps mean you won’t take these on the street, but they also keep things fun (this is a gaming peripheral, after all). The forks may look thin, but their aluminum build actually feels very strong, sturdy, and unyielding to bending.

The first thing I noticed when sliding on the Cloud Alpha S was how lightweight it felt. At 0.71 pounds, the headset isn’t significantly lighter than others, (the Audio-Technica ATH-G1, Corsair HS35, and SteelSeries Arctis 1, for example, are all lighter at 0.6 pounds each). It’s the design here though, which fights off pressure and weight on the skull and ears, which makes it feel light. The headset didn’t squish my ears or make them feel trapped or fatigued, even after hours of use.

The memory foam ear pads felt cool around my ears, helpful for those who get heated during intense or long gaming sessions, thanks to its breathable leatherette material. The headband’s memory foam isn’t the thickest we’ve seen, but, more importantly, it prevented any feeling of pressure points.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Audio Performance

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Audio Performance

The Cloud Alpha S uses the same 50mm neodynamic drivers as the Cloud Alpha, so if you’ve already owned that headset, you basically know what you’re getting what the Cloud Alpha S — at least when using the 3.5mm connector. However, the Alpha S adds two key audio features over the Cloud Alpha: virtual surround sound and game / chat balance.

The 50mm size is pretty standard for a gaming headset; you’d need a pricey headset to surpass this (the HyperX Cloud Orbit S is one). They’re dynamic drivers, which tend to have good bass, and HyperX claims to have tuned them differently for better audio. Dynamic drivers are also known to fall victim to audio distortion at high volumes. But like the Cloud Alpha, the new Cloud Alpha S has a dual-chamber design — one for bass and another for mids and highs — to fight distortion.


The design worked well, even when blasting The Strokes’ “Someday” at max volume. There was no distortion in the vocals or instrumentals. And at low volume, all elements were still audible.  The bass sliders, which offer more bass, less bass or a medium option for each cup, were far less impactful. I barely noticed a difference when toggling on and off with various songs, including Ratatat’s “Seventeen Years” and Eminem’s “Chloraseptic.”

Activating 7.1 surround sound immediately changed the experience. When gaming, the audio immediately sounded as if were in a slightly higher tone, but also louder and fuller. In Battlefield V, the winds on a snowy mountaintop in Normandy were layered, with a baseline whooshing and a sharper, whirring noise of more aggressive gusts on top. With surround sound on, audio became louder and fuller, and with its higher tone, the wind sounded like angry oceans waves rather than ambient noise.

Similarly, in Battlefield V’s North Africa level, the rain sounded like a casual storm hitting rocks when surround sound was off. With surround sound on, it sounded more like a whole sheet of rain falling. One positive experience came during a cutscene, where I couldn’t even notice the rain in the background of a conversation without turning on surround sound.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Features and Software

 The Cloud Alpha S originally shipped without companion software, but now the headset’s compatible with the Hyper app. It won’t notice the headset unless it’s plugged into the PC via USB, so make sure you have an available port. 

Once open, you get typical controls and the appreciated addition of game-chat balance. Others offer this control on the headset itself, but we appreciate getting the option at all. 

Addition of software

also brings new “auto-optimized” virtual 7.1 surround sound profiles for APEX Legends, PUBG, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, CS: GO, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six Siege. You can set it so the profiles automatically activate when your PC runs one of those games and you have to surround sound on. Unfortunately, you can’t tweak any of these audio-profiles, so you’ll have to trust HyperX. 

HyperX told Tom’s Hardware that its audio team tuned each profile based on feedback from gamers and “invited focus groups” that listened to the EQs. It tweaked profiles based on specific game elements, such as opponent footsteps, helicopters, the ring of a rifle shot from a hillside, and the thunder of tanks rumbling by, a rep said. 

Accessories and Configurations

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Accessories
HyperX Cloud Alpha S Accessories

Every Cloud Alpha S comes with the detachable mic, removable 3.5mm cable, detachable USB audio control mixer, (which has its own 2-meter-long cable), extra fabric ear cushions, plus a simple black drawstring HyperX pouch.

Bottom Line

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S doesn’t have the fanciest drivers or features, but those luxuries are made up for with quality audio, impactful surround sound, and successful design that’s as comfortable as it is chic.

In comparison to the HyperX Cloud Alpha, which we’ve seen for $45 less, the Alpha S has virtual 7.1 surround sound and bass sliders. However, the surround sound isn’t perfect, with a high pitch lean but a boost in volume and fullness. It’s better in games, like first-person shooters, and pretty valuable in surround sound movies, but you may reject it when it comes to music. Meanwhile, the bass sliders are almost forgettable with a barely noticeable impact.

Is this worth buying over the Cloud Alpha? It’s worth noting that there’s a version of the Cloud Alpha available for $125 at the time of writing that includes a similar sound card providing 7.1 virtual surround sound, but no chat/game balance or mic monitoring. But you might as well opt for the more complete package in the Alpha S.


The HyperX Cloud Alpha S offers a lot for its price, including a lightweight fit and handy inline controls. But its bass adjustment sliders are forgettable.


  • Comfortable, interesting design
  • Game / chat balance button
  • Resistant to fingerprints
  • Virtual surround sound amplifies audio in gaming, movies


  • No software
  • Bass sliders don’t add much thump
  • Virtual surround sound isn’t great for music


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