HyperX Pulsefire Haste
Image Credit: HyperXgaming
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HyperX Pulsefire Haste is an attractive and ultra-lightweight gaming mouse that comes with a really cool braided cable, plus an affordable price.

Fast Talk

HyperX company is one of the companies trying to make the best gaming mouse with honeycomb design, as HyperX Pulsefire Haste comes with a very light and comfortable design that makes you feel comfortable and enjoying long gaming sessions, in addition to the wonderful underlight that makes playing more fun and exciting.

Plus, the price is very reasonable. It comes at a price of $ 50.

Stay tuned until you see if the Haste mouse is really worth checking out, or is it just another fake offering from a manufacturer keen to stay on the market.


  • very light
  • Comes with extra feet and duct tape
  • Braided USB cable


  • The primary buttons may be clicked wrongly with some control
  • Competitors have advanced sensors
  • HyperX Pulsefire Haste Deals

Key Specifically

Sensor ModelPixArt PAW-3335
SensitivityUp to 16,000 CPI
Polling Rates1,000 Hz
Programmable Buttons6
LED Zones and Colors1x RGB
Cable Length6 feet (1.8m) USB Type-A
Measurements (LxWxH)4.89 x 2.62 x 1.5 inches (124.2 x 66.8 x 38.2mm)
Weight2.08 ounces (59g) without cable / 2.82 ounces (80g) with cable

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Design: Lightweight , LED Lighting

Pulsefire Haste has a very light design. It is a very good and familiar hide of anyone who wants a very lightweight gaming mouse. It features the honeycomb coating that most other mice in this sector use, in addition to the popular fake design that has two side buttons. But only to serve people who use the right hand.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste also has TTC micro-adapters rated for 60 million clicks for basic mouse buttons, in addition to pure first-class PTFE feet that help to provide very smooth glide for most mouse pads and a braided cable.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Design
Image Credit: Hyperxgaming

The mouse weighs only 2.08 ounces and measures 4.89 inches long and 1.5 inches long at its peak and 2.62 inches wide at the base, which is very light, as its shape reminds me of the HK Gaming Mira-M but with a less pronounced hump in the middle and smoother from the base to the front, it also looks a lot like Glorious Model O.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Back Design
Image Credit: Hyperxgaming

The HyperX Pulsefire Haste mouse, like many other mice, has six customizable buttons via two main buttons, in addition to two side buttons, a CPI key and a scroll click. There is also a single RGB lighting located under the scroll wheel, thus it is usually visible even during gaming, giving you an amazing and entertaining experience.

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HyperX Pulsefire Haste Features: Software

The HyperX Pulsefire Haste mouse has HyperX NGenuity, which is used to configure the four CPI settings that you can switch with using the dedicated button.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Features
HyperX Pulsefire Haste Features

In addition, it will assist you in assigning functions to any of the buttons or recording macros, which are stored in a single profile on the on-board mouse memory, along with the NGenuity feature, which helps you to change the RGB lighting that shines below the scroll wheel of the device.

NGenuity is very impressive, as it has become another standard tool for managing peripheral devices, as you will not need different programs for each peripheral device.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Performance: Wonderful in shooting games

HyperX Pulsefire Haste relies on the HyperX PAW 3335 sensor, which is a highly energy efficient sensor suitable for wireless gaming, but it is not a completely first-class sensor, instead of using advanced PMW 3360 or 3389 sensors.

The sensor is designed for up to 16,000 CPI, with a maximum speed of 450 IPS and an acceleration of 40g, and the reason for using this sensor is that the PAW 3335 is cheaper than the PMW 3389, and the difference between them will not be noticed.

And HyperX Pulsefire Haste provides great performance, despite the use of a sensor a little worse than what you are used to, that professional players may notice, but there are ordinary people who will not notice the difference, and this mouse in general will be great in shooting games because of its lightweight.

Pulsefire Haste’s braided USB cable was good to use, and we didn’t notice any problems with use.

As for the HyperX Pulsefire Haste side buttons, they were great to use and the scroll wheel was also serviceable.

The mouse also has extra mouse feet with Pulsefire Haste and a grip strap for the basic mouse buttons, a touch that people with sweaty hands might love.

There was one negative point and this was the split-button design, which was easy to record clicks regardless of where you put your fingers on the buttons, which means a lot of mistakes.


The HyperX Pulsefire Haste is a very lightweight mouse with a very premium cable that has a very impressive and affordable price tag of $ 50.

But for people who want the very best when it comes to optical sensors, the inclusion of PAW 3335 will be a little disappointing.

If you are looking for a well-known brand of mouse that has a light and balanced design, then HyperX Pulsefire Haste is the right choice for you.

Mouse Buying Link Price Store
Pulsefire Haste Check Price $65.98 Amazon
Wireless Bluetooth Mouse Check Price $33,46 – $35,12 Cliconstore
wireless bluetooth mouse Check Price $37,98 – $51,98 Cliconstore
Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Check Price $47,70 Cliconstore



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