iBackPack 2.0
iBackPack 2.0

IBackPack 2.0 developed a smart back to charge mobile devices.

The smart case, “iBackPack 2.0”, comes with powerful batteries

that allow the user to charge smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops and cameras on the go.

The user can, through a free application, learn about the charging status of the batteries with iBackPack 2.0,

which are pre-charged by connecting them to the electrical network.
The smart backpack is replete with many sensors,

which monitor the ambient temperature or charging status,

and the user can recall this information via a smartphone application,

in addition to that it appears on the “OLED” screen installed on the top side of the backpack.
The smart backpack comes with a different battery pack with a capacity of 5000

or less than 15000 mAh, to meet the different user requirements of charging smartphones or tablets on the go

The iBackPack has the capability to hold all of your electronics.

There is an optional built-in WiFi connection and batteries galore.

It includes a 20,000 mAh primary, 8,000 mAh secondary,

and a half a dozen other batteries that ensure your electronics are constantly charged.

FTC Bans ‘iBackPack’ Founder from Crowdfunding On Deceiving His Backers

iBackPack 2.0 Details
iBackPack 2.0 Details

A Texas man who raised $800,000 for a failed “iBackPack” project on Indiegogo

On Monday, the Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement with iBackPack founder,

Doug Monahan, who raised the funds for his project from more than 4,000 supporters starting in 2019.

The project was supposed to produce a “next-generation backpack”

loaded with features including wireless charging for your devices,

a stereo system, numerous power cords, and the option for a Wi-Fi modem.

But according to the FTC, Monahan never spent the funds from his crowdfunding campaigns to produce the backpacks.

Instead, he allegedly used the money on Bitcoin purchases,

ATM withdrawals, paying off his credit cards, and buying advertising for other business ventures. 

HiTech Batteries

HiTECH NiMH C Battery Features:

  • Low cost
  • Do not have ‘memory effect’ like NiCD

Size Comparison: 

Measuring 50.2mm length x 26.25mm diameter Hitech NiMH C Battery is slightly larger

when compared against a standard size of 50.0mm length x 26.2mm diameter.

Here is a picture comparing the size with standard C battery.

Test Condition:

iBackPack 2.0 Features
iBackPack 2.0 Features

The tests performed considering battery capacity of 1000.0 mAh as 1C.

The battery was subjected to a total of 15 charge-discharge cycles

For each charge cycle, the battery charged using NiMH Peak Charge algorithm with charge current as 1C

The test was performed on single battery sample.

As the battery was new and fresh,

the battery was subjected to 5 charge-discharge forming cycles at 1C

and later subjected to 1C charge and varying discharge rates.

Smart Cables

This is universal Micro Smart Cables, it supports all the micro USB port device,

it supports Date sync and Charging.

Features :

  • Length: 120cm/1m/3ft
  • Feature1: Support Max Current 2A
  • Feature2: Unique Design for Aliexpress Customer, Delicacy, Unique!
  • Feature3: High Efficient Gold Plating Interface.

Specifications :

Compatie Brand: It support All micro usb port Device

Product size: 1.2m/ 3ft

Charging Speed :

The max current is 2A Output.

Ioptron Equatorial Telescope Control Cable Smart Eq Pro IEQ30pro USB RS232 Adapter

to 4p4c RJ9 Connector FTDI Upgrade Control Console Cable Compatible ASCOM ZEQ25 EQPro Mounts (16.4 feet)

  • New Original FTDI/FT232RL Chipset Import from the UK. 100% Quality Guarantee
  • USB rs232 to rj9 4p4c Ioptron Telescope Control Cable, Ioptron telescope console cable FTDI chip
  • Working for Ieq30pro ZEQ25 Smart EQpro mounts and so on
  • Length: 16.4FT. Environment PVC & Pure Copper, PE bag with Central Package
  • Support: All windows system, Win7/8/10/xp/mac/Linux/Android, etc, Details as the following description.

More phones support wireless charging with every release,

but wireless charging won’t replace the speed and affordability of charging cables for some time.

The best durable charging cables

The Fuse Chicken Titan is literally made from stainless steel

and as a result, even your dog won’t be able to chew its way through the cable.

Always seem to break your charging cable, or want to make sure that your pet can’t chew through the cable?

The Fuse Chicken Titan cable is the way to go.

This cable swaps out the braided nylon covering for a stainless steel one,

Ensuring that the cable will never break.

charging cables

The Titan is unfortunately really only available in a Lightning model,

however, the company does sell an ultra-strong USB-C cable as well.

The Titan+ comes in at 3 feet, or 1.5 meters, which is fine for most users,

but will be a little short for others.

Despite that, however, the cable has received positive reviews: 

Digital Trends include Fuse Chicken cables as some of the best out there,

thanks to their layers of flexible steel.

The cable is available in three colors – Black, Gold, and Rose Gold.


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