IFROGZ Airtime Pro Wireless earbuds
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If you are looking for true wireless earbuds. Then IFROGZ Airtime Pro is an option that you could consider while buying earbuds. As in the time where the Airpods are a trend and everyone wants to buy it. IFROGZ Airtime Pro was able to stand in the market not only because of how it looks. But also because of its battery life, IPX rating and a lot more.

IFROGZ Airtime Pro Specs

Resistance16 Ohms
Sensitivity-42dB ± 5dB
Frequency20Hz – 20KHz
Working TimeUp to 4-5h
Charging Time1-2h
ResistantIPX4 dust and water

IFROGZ Airtime Pro Design

IFROGZ Airtime Pro design
(Image credit: zagg.com)

The  IFROGZ Airtime Pro adapts the concept of “environmental protection” so they reduce all the unnecessary things. That increases the price of the product. By this said you will find that the package is very simple.

1- Charging case

IFROGZ Airtime Pro usb charging
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Meanwhile if you look at the charging case itself you will find it very small and simple to fit in your pants pocket easily.

The front of the case has little LED lights that act as an indicator of how much charge is left. The left side is empty while the right side has a USB Type C which is a very big advantage from my point of view.

2- Airtime pros

While the first thing you will notice on looking at the Airtime Pro is the logo on the back plate. And if you want to know whether the Airtime Pro is charging, connected or pairing. You will find a LED light showing you the status of the IFROGZ Airtime Pro. 

On the other side the look of the  IFROGZ Airtime pro is the same as any other earbud. Stem on the top of it you will find an earpiece attached to it. And a chronic ring of the bottom of it. Not only that but also there is an opening on each for the mic. And L & R in the inner facing part to your ears. Shows you which piece is left and which is right.

The ear tips are made of gel making it very comfortable. It’s not as comfy as the Monolith M-TWE True Wireless. Yet fits securely in your ears.

IFROGZ Airtime Pro Sound quality 

IFROGZ Airtime Pro 5mm drivers
(Image credit: zagg.com)

In order for the IFROGZ Airtime Pro time to sound smooth and less terrible. The IFROGZ Airtime Pro. accompanies with 5mm neodymium driver inodered to make it very bearable and less noise for your ears. So whatever I play on it sounds very clear and doesn’t feel like it’s blocked by anything.

The Highs are very warm and sincere as well. The Low is very smooth and cozy while the mids are very clear. Which really interprets the true emotions and feelings comes out of the whole music you are listening to.

Reception and call quality 

The reception range of the IFROGZ Airtime Pro is about 35ft. As it comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which also means it connects automatically to the last pair of devices. So you will not have the hassle of connecting it. 

On the other side if you begin to walk around your apartment. You will still be able to listen to your music or resume your phone call without interruption or even without holding your smart device here and there.

Regarding calls, I was able to hear every one very clearly and they can hear as well very much. Very much toi an extent that they can hear the surroundings sounds and noise which i am not a fan of. 

Battery Life

IFROGZ Airtime Pro comes with a battery that could last for almost 20 hours of continuous playing. I had the option to get barely 15 hours which consisted of chatting on the telephone for the duration of the day or paying attention to music during exercising. 

At the point when the battery is completely depleted on the earbuds, it can take anyplace between an hour and two hours. More often than not I wouldn’t allow them to charge completely until I didn’t require them once more, however that is quite a while to completely energize back. Concerning the case, completely accusing the earbuds in them, it actually required around two hours.

Yet comparing it to other earbuds such as the Edifier TWS5. It could last for up to around 32 hours continuously check out the full review to know more about it. 


I really do recommend to put IFROGZ Airtime Pro in your recommendation when buying your earbuds as its worth it compared to its price range. Not only that but also the sound, appearance and battery life is very competitive.

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