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iHome iAVS16 isn’t just an alarm to wake you up in the morning, yet it’s an Alexa device with Amazon’s voice-enacted remote assistant constructed directly in.

iHome iAVS16 is very handy for all your requirements, and that makes it the nearest Alexa device to you.

it can do all that the Amazon Echo can do. It’s Alexa’s cerebrum relocated into an alarming body.

iHome iAVS16 Design

After unboxing the iHome iAVS16, I continue to shift the colors for more than 15 mins, and I am sure you will do the same.

The iHome iAVS16 comes with 7.5 x 5.8 x 3.6 inches, which are very suitable for small places, as It gives me space for my wireless charger and wallet.

iHome iAVS16 Amazon Alexa Design
(Image Credit: ihomeaudiointl.com)

The iHome iAVS16 comes with a monochrome large screen, with huge time font, below the clock you will find the temperature and the date in case you previously set it up.

Looking to the top side of the device, you will find the Alexa logo rounded by two-volume bottoms and two bottoms for forwarding and backward music.

on the left side of this circular shape, you will see Sleep bottom Alexa mute, Phone call/answer, and Bluetooth bottoms.

Sleep bottom is very amazing as it can help you to sleep, by playing you some music, change the surrounding colors.

while on the right you will find, iHome smart plugs, the color on the bottom of the speaker, controls play/pause Controllers for music, and another bottom to change the LED lights. While on the backside you will find a USB-C port for charging.


setting an alarm is easy, just say, “Hey Alexa, set an alarm” then the alarm will set on iHome iAVS16.

Getting a snooze is also easy just bottom press without saying “Alexa, snooze”.

keeping in mind that you can’t set the snooze period, and the alarm sound is just four very annoying options.

On the other side, you can wake up on the iheartradio station or on Spotify, also one of the things I like is the 10 mins lights before the alarm goes off.

*Note: (for the radio station you should favorite some music to appears in the settings)

iHome iAVS16 Sound

iHome iAVS16 breaks my stereotype, that alarms with radio have the worst sound quality.

Acoustically, I would say the iHome is on a standard with the Echo Show. The speaker conveys a lot of basses, and it can get pretty noisy without contorting the sound, as well. 

iHome iAVS16 Bedside Clock System
(Image Credit: ihomeaudiointl.com)

At the point when I originally played “Cognac,” by Looking Glass, the tune sounded somewhat sloppy. Fortunately, there are essential however compelling equalizer settings in the iHome application: one for bass, and one for high pitch. Boosting the last fixed the sloppiness and made the vocals a ton more clear. 

From that point on, I am enormously satisfied with what I heard from the iHome. It’s much more than I anticipated from a bedside speaker. 

From inside the iHome application, you can play your music, or stream from iHeartRadio and Spotify. (For Spotify you must have a premium account.) However, rather than asking Alexa to play music, you can in any case use the iHome’s controllers to playback.


Like many individuals, keeping an Echo Dot by my bedside, so I can positively see the allure of this thing.

I am using Alexa for transforming the lights out to help me sleep, and asking her about the day’s traffic and climate when waking up.

yet I likewise haven’t disposed of my old morning timer, since I like to know the time without asking. 

All things considered, the $150 iAVS16 is excess and, I suspect, an overabundance. I’d prefer to simply burn through $50 on iHome’s dock giving me a clock face and better strong quality.

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