Innovative Laptop Sleeve
Innovative Laptop Sleeve


Laptop Sleeve

Good Stuff

  • Great protection
  • comfortable design
  • water resistant

    Bad Stuff

    Innovative Laptop Sleeve – Protect your Laptop with a stylish, lightweight, waterproof case.

    About The Innovative Laptop Sleeve

    The laptop cover is use to protect your device from damage. It is made of a waterproof material such as nylon or neoprene. It is a case that fits the shape and skin of the laptop.

    The casing is specially design to protect your Laptop from liquid spills and dust that may accumulate on it,

    or when a slight fall or unexpected strikes, it helps to reduce damage to the laptop,

    but you must pay attention as the laptop may not survive a major fall .

    Laptops are very expensive and delicate, so this case should fit the shape, not too tight, as the case fits your laptop.

    As we said, the cover is waterproof, but in spite of that it will not protect your device from large drops or immersion in the swimming pool, as the design of the cover to repel a little water and absorb shocks from minor drops only, so if you are going to take your device outside you must put the laptop case Inside a bag for extra protection.

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    Brand NameDOWSWIN
    TypeLaptop Sleeve
    Model NumberFor Macbook air Pro 11 12 13 15 Case
    Pattern TypeSolid

    Innovative Laptop Sleeve Features: Lightweight, Great Protection, Water Resistance

    Innovative Laptop Sleeve features
    Innovative Laptop Sleeve features
    • The cover features many different sizes depending on the size of your Laptop, it is 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 inches. However, for example, 11 inches are ideal for tablets or convertibles, and 17 inches are ideal for gaming laptops.
    • It provides you with great protection, and secures the closure on your Laptop, so it is suitable, slim, practical and durable.
    • a very soft and comfortable design, it is made of micro-fibers that are replaceable when damage, and it durability and lightweight performance, keeping your device safe and free from scratches.
    • You can use it as a docking station, as you can place your device on it as a horizontal screen to watch movies, stand up, and work.
    • The cover is water resistant, as it is made with strong stitching that provides your MacBook with top-to-bottom protection against grit and scratches, but beware of copious water.
    • Lightweight and portable cover that slips into your backpack, perfect for work, school or travel.

    How to Clean it: Innovative Laptop Sleeve

    As for washing the case, you should never put the laptop sleeve in the washing machine, as you can destroy the neoprene material, as it is a very hard and rubbery material.

    But it should be wash with dish soap and warm water, but if the whole jacket is dirty, let it soak in dish soap and water for 30 minutes.



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