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A wireless charger in-vehicle is practically fundamental these days as most standard cell phones have wireless charging abilities. However, the iOttie Aivo Connect isn’t only a wireless in-vehicle charger; it additionally flaunts Alexa capacities which is incredible for the people who utilize Amazon’s voice assistant. So regardless of whether you conclude, Alexa isn’t something you truly need. The Aivo Connect is really a nice choice for in-vehicle wireless charging.


Fast-charging and Qi-Certified7.5W for iPhone10W for Android
Auto-Sense mountingTwo mounting options dashboard MountWindow Mount
Input:9V/1.67A, 5V/2A
Charging Port:USB-C
Car Charger:Input: 12V-24VOutput: USB-A 5V/2.1A, USB-C 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

Alexa built-in (requires the Alexa app installed on your smartphone)

iOttie Aivo Connect Design

The design of the Aivo Connect is, for the absence of a superior term, effervescent. It has a ton of bends and a roundness to it that makes it look thick and strong. In any case, then again.

It’s not as rakish as other wireless vehicle mounts, and it works really hard of isolating itself from the pack. It nearly appears as though a little smaller than the usual robot buddy on your dashboard. 

iOttie Aivo Connect Wireless Charging Design
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The lower part of the Aivo Connect is an adjusted cone shape. With the natural blue LED Alexa ring close and around the base.

Around the back are the buttons to set up Alexa and physically conjure the voice right hand. The neck of the mount expresses forward and back to give you choices for various points.

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Mount design

Nonetheless, the mount doesn’t change from one side to another, which limits different choices for arrangement. I additionally found that since the mount base is stout, it makes it difficult to mount in specific regions. I had the option to mount the Aivo Connect to one side of the Viofo reinforcement camera show. 

The brace on the Aivo Connect works effectively by holding my iPhone XR with a case. There is a button on the rear of the brace to open the clip. While setting the telephone on the mount, it opens and closes consequently a decent component. 

iOttie Aivo Connect mount design
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I do figure a few clients might have issues mounting this on their dashboards. As numerous dashboards, these days are a long way from level. Fortunately, you have the choice to mount it on your windshield.

In any case, in case you’re similar to us, we have a dashcam likewise mounted on the windshield. This implied I needed to discover someplace on the scramble to mount this. My last mounting space was as yet not great, and the mount inclines. 

So it is a smart thought to observe your dashboard design. And ponder where you would mount the Aivo Connect before you purchase. Except if you have space on the windshield, then, at that point, you’re all set.


Regarding the performance, the Aivo Connect does precisely what it says it does, wirelessly charge your iOS or Android gadget. You’ll just get 7.5W charging for iPhones, while Android clients will get the full 10W charging abilities. 

You can converse with Alexa on your Aivo Connect mount. With Alexa. You can request to get headings, play music, place calls, pay attention to book recordings, hear the news. Actually take a look at the climate.

Control brilliant home gadgets, and tons more. This is useful for people who would prefer not to take their hands off the wheel.

iOttie Aivo Connect Alexa

iOttie gives a few necessities and directions to utilizing Alexa on the Aivo Connect, these are the primary concerns the organization needs you to know: 

  • Some Alexa Skills might require an Amazon Prime enrollment. 
  • Ensure your telephone’s Bluetooth is on and associated with your vehicle’s Bluetooth. 
  • The Aivo Connect with Built-in Alexa utilizes your cell information when not associated with WiFi. A reasonable organization association is needed for Alexa to work appropriately. In any case, there might be deferrals or interferences. iOttie isn’t responsible for information utilization. 
  • Alexa streams from the cloud. If it’s not too much trouble, note that this might utilize information. Information charges might apply. 
  • Alexa streams media rather than neighborhood records. If it’s not too much trouble, note that this might utilize information. iOttie isn’t responsible for information utilization. 
  • For voice informing, kindly permit consent settings by going to Contacts > Profile and Settings > Permission 

Setting up the Aivo Connect is basic through the Alexa application; discover the gadget recorded in the application and tap it. The application will search for the Aivo Connect and pair with it. Then, at that point. You go through the straightforward arrangement methodology, and when done, the ring around the base will gleam blue. 

From that point, it’s very much like utilizing some other Alexa-fueled gadget. You can call up the route, and Alexa will utilize your gadget’s default map application for that. You can play music with your gadget’s default application also. Play and respite and control your music by voice. You can request that Alexa call somebody, and it will deal with that also. 

iOttie Aivo Connect manual

The Aivo Connect is exceptionally easy to set up and utilize. Establishment requires 5-15 minutes, more on the off chance that you anticipate concealing your wiring. It’s basic once you discover your mounting point. Simply plug it in and interface it to your Alexa application assuming you need to utilize Alexa. Assuming you would prefer not to utilize Alexa, you can avoid that progression. 

The mount has an auto-distinguish include. When placing your telephone before it. The cinch opens up to get the telephone and closes once the telephone is flush against the back. To open the cinch, go after your telephone and press the button on the rear of the brace to deliver. The button is in the ideal spot, which simplifies this cycle. 

There are a couple of buttons on the mount. And one of them is a quiet button that permits you to prevent Alexa from tuning in. Supportive in the event that you need to castigate Jeff Bezos and Amazon without them knowing it. There is likewise a conjure Alexa button on the back should the wake word not work for you. Every one of the buttons is huge and simple to feel and utilize.


The Aivo Connect has a great deal taking the plunge. And afterward, there are a couple of problem areas that might make them reconsider. The plan looks great and is basic, similar to the buttons and usefulness. In any case, its mass can restrict mounting regions, and thrilling dashboards be careful. The link should be longer, and Lottie should add another USB port to the charging case. 

In any case, it charges gadgets wirelessly well indeed, and the auto open and close functions admirably. It likewise includes Alexa mix which is tremendous in addition to for those living in that environment. You can do everything with it as you would some other Alexa gadget.

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