iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro looks a lot similar to the iPhone 12, as they both have the same dimensions and slides.

So is the iPhone 12 Pro worth the extra money you will pay?

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IPhone 12 Pro has the best features, it is considered Apple’s greatest feature at home,

and the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max joined the iPhone 12 lineup.

We noticed the big similarities between iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro,

as it has the same basic design, very similar OLED screens, and the same processors and 5G capabilities.

But the Pro has an additional telephoto lens upgrade, a LIDAR sensor,

a little more RAM, and twice the primary storage space.

Notably, the iPhone 12 Pro ranks first in its game in the photography department,

but the iPhone 12 Pro Max will likely pack more features with better camera specifications,

as long as you don’t mind the extra size and the extra price.

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iPhone 12 Pro Design, Flat, sleek, Colorful

The design of the 12 Pro phone is different and distinct from the design of the 11 Pro of last year, as it features flat sides with sharp edges 90 degrees.

I think that the change in the design language is mainly due to the confirmation

that this is a new iPhone, and that there is an upgrade from last year’s model.

But despite this, phone looks very similar in size to the 2019 Pro.

iPhone 12 Pro Design
iPhone 12 Pro Design

As we said, the design is flat in shape and we have not yet been sure that this design will allow for better 5G signal strength,

and this is really important, because the new iPhones should be the new speed dial standard.

As for the upgrades, there is another new addition which is the ceramic shield in the front,

which replaced the glass from the iPhone 11, it is a “nano-crystalline” structure that contains four times the strength of last year’s screen,

and it makes the phone more powerful and not easy to break However,

it must be protected, so you cannot replace the case and / or screen protector.

The back of the iPhone 12 Pro is still the same glass used in 2019

The IP68 rating has also been upgraded to allow you to submerge your iPhone 12 Pro deeper than before,

but you must be aware that it is also vulnerable from water.

The phone has a 6.1-inch screen, it must be said, the phone is not more comfortable to hold than last year’s iPhone 11 Pro, but it is easier to use.

And the iPhone 12 Pro comes in amazingly detailed colors such as graphite, silver, gold, and Pacific Blue.

The sad news is that there is no charging block and EarPods in the box,

as Apple claims that this will have a significant environmental impact,

but if you need a new Lightning cable, you will need to purchase a new charging block, as if it looks like this is an attempt to push people to upgrade.

To a faster charging experience, offered by the $ 19 USB-C Charging Block.

iPhone 12 Pro Display, OLED

As for the screen, the iPhone 12 Pro has the same OLED screen technology as the previous version.

But the only way you’ll notice is the screen size, at 6.1 inches without adding the iPhone 12 Pro’s body size.

Then you will have one of the best screens out there; Capable of displaying deep blacks, vibrant whites,

and a wide range of colors, it will stand out when you watch HDR footage,

you will find bright fireballs very clear to you, either faces or other dark objects nearby are still visible.

iPhone 12 Pro display 120 Hz
iPhone 12 Pro display 120 Hz

If you are looking for high-quality photography from Instagram or just want to enjoy your home movies,

which can be captured in the advanced Dolby Vision format in 4K, then the phone is perfect for you.

It also contains 120Hz display technology for the first time, which should make you feel more fluid.

5G and MagSafe capability (iPhone 12 Pro)

As we all know that the new iPhone set now contains 5G connectivity as a standard,

and this is an excellent thing, as Apple has confirmed that it will smuggle communication technology from the next generation to your next phone,

whether you want it or not, it is considered an advantage for some people, but there are some They will not be able to use it.

iPhone 12 Pro 5G
iPhone 12 Pro 5G

When testing this new feature, we found that it only took 30 seconds to download a 110MB audiobook, so it was really fast.

You’ll be surprised at speeds of up to 200 Mbps on the go,

it’s a really useful and powerful technology.

For example, it will allow you to have a seamless Internet connection in a crowded environment

if you ever try to upload a picture while you are at a concert, for example

IPhone 12 Pro also has the advantage of connecting to a large variety of different 5G networks, including mmWave in the United States.

But one day 5G technology will be ubiquitous, so you don’t have 5G in your home,

or you can rely on it for your commute, so it’s not worth getting 5G right now.

Apple invented a new technology called MagSafe, which is a set of magnets under the cover on the back of the iPhone 12 Pro.

The new MagSafe feature works a little differently, it has several accessories on cases, an extra charger and a wallet,

and these accessories can actually deliver what they are to your iPhone.

Magnets align with the phone directly in the middle of the charging pad,

so it would power your phone at twice the wireless power last year.

The MagSafe use feature is really nice when you feel the charger snaps into place,

and you can also leave the cover on while still charging wirelessly.

Cameras, LiDAR Scanner, Ultrawide sensor

The iPhone 12 Pro camera set consists of several options,

as there is a normal “wide” option, an ultra-wide sensor, and a 2x zoom zoom to get closer to the subject you are shooting.

The iPhone 12 Pro also comes with a LiDAR scanner,

which makes it easy for the iPhone to know what to look for,

as it is very great at detecting people’s faces in low light, allowing the camera to focus quickly.

iPhone 12 Pro Camera
iPhone 12 Pro Camera

Good lighting You won’t notice the cameras focus faster thanks to the LiDAR sensor, but when it comes to night mode it was a really useful feature.

IPhone 12 Pro includes the introduction of the ProRAW file format,

it is similar to the raw format used by many photographers,

which preserves all the image information captured by the sensor to give you more flexibility.

Apple’s ProRAW feature also bridges the gap, as images are mathematically optimized by the phone software, but you can also edit and improve them in your favorite photo-editing application.

You will not find many upgrades in the iPhone 12 Pro cameras,

you will find the same 12-megapixel sensors on all three,

but the upgrade here is that you will now be able to use the night mode with all of them,

instead of just the main camera, and this is really cool.

And when testing the night mode, we found that it has a really cool feature,

as it can brighten any image greatly, even if it is almost black, as long as you are able to install the phone.

But if there is any vibration in your hand while capturing a shot, it will quickly turn into a blurry mess.

You can also take better selfies in dark conditions, using Portrait in the dark mode, with Retina Flash Dimming.

IPhone 12 Pro also has an additional LiDAR sensor that lets you capture clear and focused night mode photos.

One of the best features of the iPhone 12 Pro is the ability to record, edit and watch Dolby Vision content in 4K at 60 frames per second.

Battery Life

The company stated that the new iPhones contain smaller batteries than the previous generation,

and for the iPhone 12 Pro, Apple has confirmed that it will work for an hour less for video playback compared to the 11 Pro from 2019.

The battery will last with you for a long time with light use such as browsing, playing different games, photography and listening to music through various applications,

as at the end of the day the battery will preserve more than half, so the phone can pass about 48 hours before it badly needs to be charged.

But despite this, we cannot say that the battery life of the iPhone 12 Pro is excellent,

as if you will spend more time at home connected to a beautiful Wi-Fi network, you do not have to worry about the battery,

but you are using the phone outside the home to surf the web

or play games or Keep the screen turned on overall when entering and exiting 5G signal, the battery life will start to slip.

We all felt happy about the return of 5G networks, but this feature comes with a bit of a drawback due to the negative impact on battery life.

You will get 15-20% less battery life if you only use 5G signal on iPhone 12 Pro.

As for charging, unfortunately you will need to go out and purchase a fast charging block, as the iPhone 12 Pro does not come with one in a box.

Performance, Storage, Power

Many people were waiting for the release of the new iPhone family,

as it is considered one of the most powerful phones in the market, as it is a phone worth looking into through a hole.

The phone has an A14 Bionic chipset, and it also comes with 6 GB of RAM,

which allows you to have maximum power when doing things like editing video,

as it contains a lot of power to get any task you want to do.

iphone 12 pro performance crushes android in speed
iPhone 12 pro performance crushes android in speed

The iPhone 12 Pro is the most powerful smartphone we have ever tested,

as it is suitable for competition when it comes to raw power,

through which you will be able to get the most out of this power.

As for the storage space, it is optimized, as the iPhone 12 Pro starts with a capacity of 128 GB, and up to 512 GB for the most expensive option.

The iPhone 12 will cost you $ 799 / £ 799 / AU $ 1,349, and this is only for the 64GB model,

and if you want more storage space, you can go to 128GB, where you will be able to record a lot of HD video files.


The iPhone 12 Pro is very similar to the main iPhone 12,

as the phones look very similar, in terms of shape and main specifications,

as the phones are similar from the inside as well.

But one of the things that I admired the most about this new phone is the colors,

they are wonderful in appearance by all standards,

it has the color of the ocean blue, which gives the phone a very wonderful look, it is a more attractive phone.

It is characterized by the presence of the LiDAR scanner,

and it has already proven its usefulness when photographing in low light, and it has a very good RAM.



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