iPhone 12
iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 has a 5G network as well as MagSafe, and these two are among the biggest changes we’ve found in the phone, along with an improved design and screen, but it doesn’t come with a charger in the box.


  • OLED color screen
  • The future with 5G
  • MagSafe is very interesting


  • Cameras are like last year
  • Battery life is just good
  • Price hike on iPhone 11

Fast Talk About (iPhone 12)

The iPhone 12 was released more expensive than the iPhone 11 last year,

but it brings with it a number of new and different features in the form of an OLED screen, a somewhat improved camera from the previous version, a new design, and it also contains two major changes, namely 5G connectivity and MagSafe.

As 5G offers faster speeds and a more powerful connection to the new iPhone 12, the coverage is still a bit incomplete.

IPhone 12 can connect to a wide range of 5G frequencies as well.

The second change is MagSafe, which is really cool, as this magnetic connection technology allows you to attach things to your phone, for example a charger or a case, and it can also know what was connected through a special chip, it also allows faster charging and has many accessories.

The phone also contains A14 Bionic chips, which are the most powerful chips in any smartphone.

As for the screen, the iPhone 12 has an OLED screen, which provides rich colors and deep blacks, in addition to providing true HDR for compatible content.

As for the king of the phone (the camera), you will once again get the dual 12 megapixels for the wide and ultra-wide cameras, and the video in the phone is impressive.

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And we will show you the iPhone12 details in this article.

Key Specifically

Price$729 unlocked; $699 on contract
OSiOS 14
Display6.1-inch OLED (2532×1170)
CPUA14 Bionic
Storage64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Rear camera12MP wide (ƒ/1.6), 16MP ultrawide (ƒ/2.4)
Front camera12MP (ƒ/2.2)
Size5.78 x 2.81 x 0.29 in
Weight5.78 oz
Specifications Table

(iPhone 12) Features, 5G, MagSafe

While we’ll go into more subtle promotions on the new later in this review, there is

There are two major changes to the iPhone 12, the first is that it now supports 5G,

where you will notice greater compatibility for connecting to fast 5G networks compared to many other phones.

You will be able to browse almost instantly, download anything you want faster, broadcast in loud voices,

and you will get attractive quality, but you should know that you cannot access 5G

easily outside of large cities, the phone will become extremely powerful and fast.

We tested 5G speeds and found that you can make an amazing connection.

(iPhone 12) Features, 5G, MagSafe
(iPhone 12) Features, 5G, MagSafe

We easily recorded 200 Mbps on a train at one point, and we downloaded an audiobook of about 110 MB in half a minute.

And with 5G, we were able to send and receive messages for part of a regular train journey, thanks to the iPhone’s band sensitivity.

But if you use 5G in a crowded concert it will see an end to those occasions when you want to use your phone, but the data will not be filtered.

The second change is MagSafe, which is the same additional magnetic technology that Apple previously used on MacBooks.

And through MagSafe, the magnets are arranged in a circle under the back of the iPhone case, to introduce a range of new accessories.

These accessories contain a small chip inside that the iPhone can read, but this feature is limited to cases and an Apple charger.

You will get a MagSafe charger from Apple, in addition to some additional cases and accessories for it,

and the charger looks very elegant and has a fast charging feature with a speed of about 15 watts.

Design, Sleek, environmental benefits

The design of the iPhone 12 is very similar to the previous version iPhone 11 in terms of size and shape to some extent,

but the new version is slightly thinner, as the main difference is those edges,

as it has edges with an acute angle of 90 degrees instead of the curved convex sides.

The phone looks more straightforward to hold, with the edges of the phone not comfortably resting in the palm of your hand, and this is an interesting design change from Apple.

iphone 12 Design

And the back of the phone is made of durable glass used in iPhone 11, so it’s twice as likely to survive a fall.

The front of the iPhone 12 is made of a new ceramic shield to further protect it from collapse,

so you will feel very durable when you use it.

The phone has an IP68 rating here, which allows you to submerge the iPhone 12 to a depth of six meters for 30 minutes.

The iPhone 12 brings with it a radical change, which is the removal of the charging block and EarPods from the box,

as Apple stated the news and said it has to do with the environmental benefits of not cluttering the drawers of millions of people around the world with the things they already have.

A power adapter or EarPods are not included in iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, and these accessories are sold separately.

However, the phone comes with a Lightning to USB-C cable, as you will need to use a Lightning cable and an old charger if you buy the new iPhone 12.

(iPhone 12) Display, Bright, Clear, Thin

One of the things that distinguishes the iPhone 12 is the new screen, which is a very big step forward for a phone of this price.

As we all know that Apple last year decided that the premium high-contrast OLED screens were only intended for people who want to exit the Pro,

but this year the Super Retina XDR Display was a low-cost iPhone 12.

The OLED upgrade brings a big leap in picture quality for encoded videos and movies. There is a very noticeable improvement in quality, as even in “normal” mode images come alive and are amazingly rich.

iphone 12 new heated display
iphone 12 new heated display

The screen of the iPhone 12 has a resolution of 2532 x 1170 pixels, and the screen is sharp and clear and can be seen from all angles.

The edges are designed very thinly, allowing the iPhone 12 to be slightly shorter

and narrower than the 2019 version, but the screen is 6.1 inches too.

The screen also has 120 Hz, where the screen refresh rate is faster,

which in turn makes scrolling smoother on the new iPads, and the sharpness,

full brightness, color reproduction and HDR levels look very good in all areas.

Cameras, Smart HDR and Deep Fusion, Videos

As for the camera on the iPhone 12, it did not change much, as the rear dual-lens shooters are arranged in a similar way as they were last year, and both contain wide and ultra-wide optics backed by 12-megapixel sensors.

However, we should not lose sight of the upgrades that are also present in the phone,

for example, the main camera contains a new design consisting of 7 elements.

iphone 12 Camera
iPhone 12 Camera

You will notice a 27% improvement in low-light performance, along with features such as Smart HDR and Deep Fusion,

as for the night mode, the camera will offer you exciting and amazing night scenes.

In the daytime, the main camera of the iPhone 12 will give you a little frustration about it,

as there was a slight problem in its realistic processing of colors,

when photographing a landscape like the view of the deep blue sky in the middle of the afternoon to yellow, orange and green.

Just as there is no optical zoom offered with the iPhone 12, you won’t get the same crystal clarity that the Note 20’s 3x hybrid zoom provides.

But despite this, the iPhone 12 version still looks clearer to my eyes,

with better color processing, and Smart HDR management brilliantly showed the contrast between the deep shadows in the image.

As for Apple’s Deep Fusion mode, it is excellent for scenes with fine detail in medium-light scenarios, as Deep Fusion is designed to compose different exposures at different lengths to obtain optimal clarity.

With Deep Fusion mode, the iPhone 12 presented when I took a single-fiber selfie in my jacket rich and accurate,

as the 12-megapixel front camera on the iPhone 12 captured more details than the Note 20’s 10-megapixel sensor.

As for recording 4K HDR video with the iPhone 12 line, it can record Dolby Vision video, providing you with a consistent visual presentation that aligns as closely with the source material as possible.

I chose video capabilities and shot a landscape, the sky was noticeably brighter in Dolby Vision,

and the individual leaves and trees reflected the sun.

Battery Life, Long battery, USB-C to Lightning cable

One of the things we wish there was in iPhone phones is the long life of the battery,

and the good news here is that the iPhone 12 contains improvements in battery life, so we will say goodbye to sitting next to the charger for long hours.

Since we found that the iPhone 12 lasted well long enough when fully charged,

we can say that the battery is a bit similar to the iPhone 11 (previous version).

the battery life will drop by 18 hours between charges on a day of heavy use

As for when comparing the iPhone 12 battery for iPhone phones in general, there is a noticeable advantage in battery life.

If you leave the phone at 50% of the charge and use it the next day,

it will last until the end of the day, and even when you add mobility,

and switch between 4G and 5G networks, the battery life will drop by 18 hours between charges on a day of heavy use.

And if you watch an HD video or movie, the battery will only drop about 8%, which is really cool,

considering that the phone contains A14 Bionic chipset that achieves the best performance and utilization of the battery.

And if you use the phone for browsing, games and other basic things that you can use in your normal day,

the phone will last for up to 10 hours, and of course the less you use the more battery life.

IPhone 12 battery will last about 17 hours, instead of the 18 hours provided by iPhone 11.

As for charging, unfortunately you will need to buy a charger for your new iPhone,

but it comes with a USB-C to Lightning cable, but it is a good thing to have a USB-C cable,

because you will get faster charging for your iPhone. We were able to fully charge the phone within two and a quarter hours.


Since the announcement of the iPhone 12, we know that the price will be exaggerated,

but if you want more features on the screen to see more events on your screen,

this is the right phone for you, as it is not only limited to the screen, it is full of dazzling things .

They returned the old design of the phone, but this is what we wanted in the first place,

and they added the additional screen, making it like a brand new phone.

She loves to watch movies

The phone provides you with great picture quality by all standards.

If you love watching movies and various shows, through different applications

such as Netflix or Prime Video, the OLED screen on iPhone 12 will be an enjoyable experience.

But if you are looking for a slightly lower price but want the same quality and distinctive capabilities,

you may find it in the 12 mini phone, where you will get all of the above, but in a smaller and cheaper package.



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