Iphone 8 Plus

As we all know that the iPhone is strong in appearance, but it has clearly evolved from the previous Plus models, as it has a higher quality Camera than before and a long-lasting battery, unlike iPhone devices.

Just a glance

The iPhone 8 Plus has shined and through testing, we can say that it is a solid choice in the iPhone ecosystem despite seeing that there have been several competitors since its launch.

IPhone 8 Plus boasts powerful features as an affordable iOS device.

The 64GB chant features pictures, apps, and music, and it’s nice in my view to see that Apple is starting to reclaim the amount of storage most people need.

The iPhone 8 Plus also features that it can record in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, and three minutes of that up to 2.16 GB.

And unlike what is known about the iPhone phones, the battery life on the iPhone 8 Plus is enjoyable, and when you do the daily tasks that do not require intense effort on the part of the phone, you will not suffer from the battery running out.

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Fast and wireless charging is useful
The glass back feels premium
The dual camera is powerful


Dated design
There is no HDR for mobile
Average battery life


Resolution1080 x 1920
Screen size5.5-inch
Dimensions158.4 x 78.1 x 7.5mm
CPUApple A11 Bionic
OSiOS 12
Rear cameraDual 12MP
Front camera7MP
iPhone 8 Plus Specifications Table


hopping into the iPhone, you’re gonna notice iOS 11, the all new operating system is new here on the iPhone 8 plus. 

and it’s a very simple operating system, and if you’re an Apple fan, this is the best time probably ever to buy an iPhone as it’s one of the fastest operating systems on the planet here. 

you have also the fastest chip in the world, and it sure does show here on the iPhone 8 plus.

and if you’re looking for the fastest phone you can buy, you’re definitely gonna like what the iPhone 8 plus has to offer.

Geekbench scores are ridiculous at 42 23 on the single core in 10-67 on multi-core. i mean this is really getting close to Mac Book level performance here your iPhone 8 or plus.


When you first get the iPhone 8 plus or play with it in the store, you’re gonna notice that it has a glass sandwich design, very similar to what we had on the iPhone 4 and 4s days. 

and it feels definitely more premium than it has in the past, although we know glass is prone to break.

iphone 8 plus Design that it has a glass sandwich design

at the bottom of the iPhone logo under their head some FCC branding, that’s gone and you do see a little bit of a different trim around the camera. 

as well as the Apple logo is behind the glass now, so you can’t really scratch it up too easily anymore, so definitely a premium design. 

On the front we do see very similar iPhone as of the past, you kind of even notice it’s an 8 plus, if you see it on the streets. 

The fingerprint scanner touch ID makes its return, and up at the top it looks very familiar to the iPhone 7 plus with its longer earpiece for the audio. 

on the left side you’re gonna see that volume rocker switch. and on the right side you’re gonna see the power button as well as the SIM card tray. 

Now that silence is also a nice return here, we do like to see this, you don’t see this on many android phones. 

Bionic chip

the Apple 11 Bionic chip, the most powerful chip in the world, hands down, i have tested it on Geekbench as well as in my real world testing. 

It seemed extremely quick, probably the fastest chip right now money can buy. 

we’ll have to wait and see what the market does and if it responds. but right now it feels faster than what iPhone 7 plus had. 

Now I don’t think iOS 11 feels faster than what iOS 10 felt like when the 7 plus arrived but overall this thing is a powerhouse and it feels extremely quick. 

you’re gonna notice that a lot in the AR augmented reality where this thing doesn’t even get warm under using this extremely high-tech technology here. 

you can go around and play with AR all you want all day. and i found the processor to keep cool and run, it probably more efficient and better not as laggy as any of other iOS. 

devices a AR can also be run here on the iPhone 8 plus, so this is 11 Bionic is a huge selling point. 

True Tone

the true tone is now found in the control center, and you could see in the little example of it. 

so we’re gonna go in the control center, hold down the brightness and the true tone is enabled. 

it’s gonna adjust for the ambient lighting conditions, and i found this feature to be actually quite useful at nighttime when you are reading, so i think you’re gonna enjoy that, you can also enable this from the display settings.


and at the bottom we do have our lightning port with no headphone jack.

iphone 8 plus ports

so those you guys who are wishing the headphone jack to come back, it’s not happening here.


I’ve got a little bit more about the dual camera portrait lighting making its way here, and that’s the main feature gonna notice differently between these seven plus. 

also if you look at these cameras on paper, you would think they’re about the same.

but Apple did something with these cameras that make them actually look a little bit sharper, a little bit better. 

and i think the best camera money can buy on a smartphone right now. 

iPhone 8 Plus Cameras

That’s very debatable with the Galaxy Note 8 but I really do like what I’m seeing here from IPhone 8 plus. 

but those portrait pictures if you get in good lighting, this is the natural light mode, it will come out pretty good. 

and also there’s the stage light and no one other smart phone can really do this. 

the selfie quality bear selfie maniac is gonna be very sharp. so that’s cool, but the rear camera is also very sharp as you can see great detail. 

I don’t think you’re gonna be disappointed at all with this camera. 


now also the video is improved here, it has vibrational feedback when you hit the shark key.

which is a first on an iPhone is kind of like haptic feedback actually. and the zoom functionality goes up to 10x you can shoot up to 4k 60, which it’s down scaled for this video, slo-mo goes and up to 240 FPS. 

so this is a very versatile camera, so you can see just very smooth, very sharp video, and a lot of you know DSLPs and mirrorless cameras cannot even perform this. so the iPhone is always pushing the industry forward.

on the front you do have the ability to use the power button or the volume markers to go ahead and take a photo and retina flash makes its return seven megapixel.

so overall the camera is a huge selling point. on iPhone 8 plus look past the design cuz you get a great camera.


So are there any other improvements that make the iPhone 8 plus worth your time. 

and I think yes in the audio. so if you do like your speakers to be loud , this is 25% louder than the iPhone 7 plus and i have confirmed this to be true. 

definitely can notice the difference, so speakerphone lovers, you’re gonna love this device. 

But in terms of the core experience, iOS 11 can be found on any device for 5s and above.

Battery Life

battery life on paper 26 91 milliamp hours, but in the real world practice i found it to be more impressive than the iPhone 7 plus when it was new on iOS 10. 

Our Verdict

The iPhone 8 Plus took a leap forward in performance and camera quality,

but I wish they came in packages that look more “new” and have a very good LCD screen,

better sound than previous versions, wireless charging and solid battery life.

Overall, the iPhone 8 Plus gives you a bigger screen, longer battery life and versatile dual cameras.

The Apple iPhone 8 Plus also comes with its generic design but finally replaces aluminum with glass.

The most important thing about this release is that it features

the new A11 Bionic chipset with two additional energy-saving cores.

What impressed me personally was the internal GPU, as for the storage capacity,

then the basic iPhone storage capacity was doubled and now starts from 64 GB.



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