iPhone .. a genius method that allows you to find your photos in seconds
iPhone .. a genius method that allows you to find your photos in seconds

iPhone – Searching for an image in the iPhone’s image file is often very difficult,

 But Apple has devised a brilliant method that helps the user find any image easily and in a matter of seconds.

According to the trick, iPhone

 Or the tool developed by Apple to search for images, it can use keywords in the search, such as Google Image Search,

 For example, you could search for words like “lake”, “dog” or “cheese”.

Once you place the word to search for the image,

all the images related to the keyword used in the search will appear.

 According to the British newspaper “Sun”.

This is because Apple has designed its own photo app to recognize or sense things with special technology.

Because of this technology, the user can also search for specific events or events, such as attending a concert,

 Where the trick from “iPhone ” to search at the time,

date and location in the pictures in the image file on the device.

Initially, open the Photos app on the iPhone, then press the search button in the lower right corner, where the zoom lens icon is located.

Then simply type in the name of the place, the search word or even the name of the person in the photo.

 Until the app extracts all relevant images.

This does not mean, of course, that Apple is spying on your photos,

as the whole process is taking place on the device only,

 Consequently, there is no risk that an Apple employee will see your photos on the device.

The company says that when a user searches for images on his device, the process of identifying faces and places takes place on the device alone, and is not sent to “Apple” servers at all.

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