iPhone XR

IPhone XR is distinguished by its fast performance, great cameras and longer battery life than others, and it has a unique design, bright colors.


Great battery life for iPhone
Attractive range of colors
Great value option


The vertical camera placement is not impressive
Still, some apps are not fully optimized
Lower resolution screen


Dimensions150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3mm
OSiOS 12
Screen size6.1-inch
Resolution1792 x 828
CPUA12 Bionic
Rear camera12MP
Front camera7MP
ColorsBlue, White, Black, Yellow, Coral, Red
Mobile Specifications Table


iPhone XR Design

As we all know and Huawei that most of the iPhone devices are somewhat conservative

in their design for the phone in terms of shape or settings,

but the iPhone XR will change your mind, as this version has achieved a stylish

and new look with a modern and elegant design through the colors of seven shots.

The back is glass in shape and form and is available in white, blue, black, yellow, coral and red.

As for me, I’m very much biased towards coral blue-yellow.

All of these shapes have perfectly color-matched aluminum strips that blend seamlessly into the back.

As for the edges of the phone, they are slightly thicker on the iPhone XR than on the iPhone XS, but ordinary users will not notice the change.

The True Depth camera is on top as normal, along with the notch, to help you log in via Face ID, as well as enjoy using Animoji and Emoji and taking selfies and portraits.

And when I dealt with the screen, it dawned on me that OLED screens are much easier to deal with than LCD screens, so it’s impressive that Apple has managed to present a near-full-screen design on the iPhone XR that works with LCD technology.


The 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD screen of iPhone XR is one of the brightest, clearest and most vibrant smartphone displays. It’s not that great of an OLED.

When we tested our LCD monitor it performed well on. In terms of brightness, it achieved an excellent brightness of 589 nits.

And when I was on the street, I had no trouble reading this screen in direct sunlight.

Although, the iPhone XS (606 nits) and Galaxy Note 9 (604 nits) are brighter. Galaxy S10e hit 603 nits.

The iPhone XR screen scored a good 123.4 percent of the sRGB color gamut, which is on par with the iPhone XS (123 percent) but lagging behind the offerings of the Pixel 3 XL (170.2 percent) and the Galaxy Note 9 (224 percent). Galaxy S10e scored 148 percent.

The phone’s color accuracy is so impressive, it converted the iPhone XR to a Delta-E of 0.28 (0 ideal).

 This beats the results of the Pixel 3 XL (0.35) and Note 9 (0.34) and is comparable to the iPhone XS (0.25).

The only thing you won’t get in an iPhone XR is the perfect crisp black color and the ultra-wide viewing angles that OLED screens provide.

 When I tested the phone, I noticed the difference when I placed the iPhone XR and iPhone XS side by side with a clear sky screensaver.


iPhone XR Touching

Unfortunately, the iPhone XR screen does not provide a 3D touch feature like the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

which means that you can no longer long press applications on the home screen to reveal shortcuts, so there is no such thing in the new version of the phone.

But the XR supports something called Haptic Touch, which offers haptic feedback and a lot of the same functionality,so don’t lose hope.

So, for example, SIPC, instead of pressing deep to turn the camera on, say from the lock screen, you press long with just a soft touch.

Instead of pressing hard anywhere on the keyboard to control while typing, just long press the spacebar.


IPhone XR features wider stereo sound than previous versions, as the dual speakers of the iPhone XR provide excellent, clear and crisp sound quality when broadcasting Post Malone’s “Circles”.

It provides you with great sounds in music, songs, and movies, far from the distraction styles

Most importantly, there is a real increase in volume on the iPhone X, which is very good for me and it is a pleasure when getting into my car and getting step-by-step directions via Google Maps while driving. I could even hear directions through my car stereo with medium volume.


iPhone XR Cameras

At first I was concerned that the iPhone XR was a single lens and wouldn’t take good photos like those of the iPhone XS and XS Max dual-lens, But after using it I was able to stop worrying now.

It has the same wide-angle camera sensor as the previous, more expensive versions, as well as the same lighting.

You can take photos with the portrait feature with the rear lens, complete with artistic bokeh, but there is a negative point from my point of view that you can only shoot with the portrait feature for people, as if you try something else like trees, for example, the iPhone will tell you that it is waiting for someone to enter the frame.

But the good news is that the photos of the people in the iPhone XR are compelling and very, very clear. The iOS 12.1 update also allows you to adjust the depth control and settings in your photos in real-time preview while shooting, not after shooting, which is really useful.

And when we tested its low-light performance, iPhone XR captured a brighter shot, making Cappy Hat, Unicorn Meat and the white water bottle even more visible in the dark.

As for the front camera, it provided a resolution of 7 megapixels that did an excellent job of capturing clear and flawless selfies.

Battery Life

When we tested the battery and it involved continuous web browsing at 150 nits of screen brightness, the iPhone XR lasted for about 11 hours and 26 minutes.

This is very nice as it beats the times from the iPhone XS Max (10:38) and iPhone XS (9:41) by a very large margin.

In everyday use, the iPhone XR’s stamina is also impressive. After 100 percent disconnection at 7 am, I used the phone intermittently to play games and surf, check Facebook and email, play songs on Spotify and take pictures and videos, and still have 24 percent battery at 8 pm.


I noticed that the A12 Bionic processor in the iPhone XR is at the same speed as the one in the iPhone XS and XS Max, which means that you will get a phone that greatly outperforms the best leading Android phones and this is amazing.

In terms of performance, I enjoyed silky smooth performance when playing the LUDO game, which lets you play with your friends on the Internet.

On Geekbench 4, which measures overall performance, the iPhone XR scored 11,312, which is equivalent to the scores from the iPhone XS Max (11,515) and iPhone XS (11,420). This significantly outperforms the scores from the Galaxy Note 9 (8876) and OnePlus 6 (9088).

The Galaxy S10e, which has a fast Snapdragon 855 processor, scored 10513 points on Geekbench 4.

In our video editing test, the iPhone XR also stood out, as it took just about 40 seconds to convert a 4K clip to 1080p.

This is only a second behind the iPhone XS and much faster than the Pixel 3 XL (2:42), Galaxy S9 + (2:32) and OnePlus 6 (3:45).



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