Jaybird Vista
Jaybird Vista


Jaybird Vista

Good Stuff

  • Built-in charging case
  • Instant communication
  • Excellent sound
  • IPX7 water resistance

    Bad Stuff

  • no heart rate monitor
  • no ambient sound features
  • Limited battery life
  • Jaybird has released its latest true wireless earbuds (Jaybird Vista), they are gorgeous by all accounts,

    contain incredible sound in a compact package – and have surprisingly fast connection ability.


    • Built-in charging case
    • Instant communication
    • Excellent sound
    • IPX7 water resistance


    • There is no heart rate monitor
    • There are no ambient sound features
    • Limited battery life

    Fast Talk (Jaybird Vista)

    These Jaybird Vista earbuds are distinguished from many headphones in the market,

    as they are considered one of the best true wireless headphones.

    It has a sleek, compact design and features ideal capabilities for real and budding athletes

    They also contain Run XTs waterproof feature, they are very compact in-ear headphones with water and sweat resistance,

    they are able to handle all levels of indoor and outdoor training.

    In terms of color, it is currently available in black, metallic blue and Nimbus gray

    and there is a new Planetary Green design to celebrate its “earth resistant” design.

    In terms of connectivity, it has a massive Bluetooth boost and an incredibly compact charging case that you can carry while you are on the go.

    And for headphones, it’s the Jaybird Vista $ 179 / £ 159 / AU $ 299 at Jaybird’s online store and retailers.

    Key Specifically

    Impedance23 ohms
    Response20Hz – 20kHz
    Battery life6 hours (+10 hours from case)
    Bluetoothversion 5.0
    Dimensions (hwd)24 x 22 x 18mm
    Specifications Table

    Jaybird Vista incredible design, small

    The Jaybird Vista ear buds feature a sleek, modern, and ultra-smooth design that is flawless,

    For example each ear bud is made of silicone on the end of the earbud,

    and the Vistas also have a casing that is fully attached to the ear tip and wing tip.

    It is also distinguished by its light weight, as you will not deal with several different parts, and these earbuds are rated as IPX7 water resistance,

    which means that they will not be exposed to damage with heavy rain

    or diving for a short time (where it can reach one meter of water).

    Jaybird Vista Earbuds Design
    Jaybird Vista Earbuds Design

    These ear buds have three different sizes of connected ear tips,

    with increased comfort during informal listening sessions as you do not run around a specific track,

    three sizes of connected ear tips, and a micro-USB charging cable are included.

    It is nicely compact and has a very small carrying case, which uses diagonal charging stations to reduce the box’s dimensions.

    The case has about 10 extra hours of charging, plus six hours of Vista OS for each earbud, and it has a charging port for the USB-C standard.

    In terms of attic design, the case also uses the same Jaybird Tarah Pro woven lanyard as the Lord’s Lanyard, for connection to a keyring or the like.

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    Sound: Clear and smooth, and the app is too easy 

    Regarding the sound aspect, the Jaybird Vista wireless headphones feature a wide and enjoyable sound range for such small 6mm motors.

    You will feel a warm and full sound across the low, medium and high frequencies when hearing your favorite songs,

    as the resonance of the individual notes will slowly fade away throughout the track.

    Jaybird got so creative, both the loud drums and faulty singing of Plug In Baby’s music were beautifully designed.

    jaybird vista sound quality
    jaybird vista sound quality

    The acoustic performance was more like an over-ear canister than the built-in fitness headphones,

    so you will feel this when you hear any type of song, be it pop, rock or bassy techno tracks.

    Jaybird Vista owns the Jaybird ear buds, in addition to suggested podcasts

    and playlists, this app gives you a selection of EQ options available online.

    You can easily create your own audio profile, so you can customize the frequencies of each song to print your own unique sound.

    Not only that, but there is also the option to jump into preset options for warmer mid-range devices.

    If you want to boost the bass, or want to eliminate the frequencies, the Jaybird app is very easy to use.

    Jaybird Vista Connection, Battery Life

    The Jaybird Vista ear buds do not make any disturbing sounds, the firm compatibility provides excellent sound insulation,

    as the headphones can pull the details of sound together at the loudest sound possible.

    As for connectivity, it has a connection via Bluetooth, and it has a great feature that instead of having them communicate with each other, you can use the left

    or right earphone alone, which is useful if you really need to extend the battery life.

    jaybird vista Connections
    jaybird vista Connections

    We test the Jaybird Vista ear buds and attached them to our smartphone right away

    and as soon as they were taken out of the box and plugged in they responded immediately.

    As for battery life, the Jaybird Vista gives you about 16 hours of battery life,

    which is good but not the best thing, but it should also be remembered that you are getting the same compact case with a larger battery.

    As for noise cancellation, the Jaybird Bud will not be able to keep dimensions low if it includes noise cancellation.


    In the end, the Jaybird Vista true wireless earbuds can be said to be amazing

    and truly impressive by all accounts, they are capable of providing incredible sound along with its water and sweat resistance feature.

    Considering the capabilities it carries, we should expect the high price, as it is price at $ 179,

    but it is worth considering given the smooth and elegant design,

    bold colors, light weight and distinctive clear and pure sound,

    it is very suitable whether you are interest in your physical fitness

    or as a friend of you walking fast To the office while you go to work.



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