JBL Bar 2.1
JBL Bar 2.1


JBL Bar 2.1

Good Stuff

  • Affordable.
  • Powerful audio performance
  • A handy remote control.
  • Various sound modes, including virtual surround sound.
  • Bluetooth streaming.

    Bad Stuff

  • Light on accessories.
  • The optical cable does not stay in place well.

    The JBL Bar 2.1 loudspeaker comes loaded with features, it is equipped with a wireless sub-feature and adjustable listening modes, it also has great sound quality and balance, in addition to a low price.

    Fast Talk (JBL Bar 2.1)

    JBL Bar 2.1 is an impressive device packed with features that make it stand out among the many amplifiers on the market.

    For example, JBL’s Bar 3.1 provides you with powerful sound, a relatively powerful wireless subwoofer, plus a very good Bluetooth connection and a very functional and completely uncomplicated remote control.

    We found that it has strong sound quality, with deep dips that can be call or refer to, and the clear highs dazzled us, providing clean sound, and has many differences in the sound signature when adjusting the bass or listening modes.

    JBL’s Bar 3.1 comes at a price of $ 499.95, so it is not the most affordable speaker on the market, but it will provide you with great benefits.

    JBL Bar 2.1: Design

    in terms of design, the JBL Bar 2.1 is very similar to a typical black speaker, with the tape itself measuring 2.3 x 38 x 2.7 inches (HWD), and weighs 4.2 lbs. You can mount it on the wall or you can lay it flat on a roof Long.

    As for the controls, they are located across the top panel, which includes power, volume and a button to switch between sound sources.

    It has a metal mesh that covers the rest of the top and the entire front panel, and under it are four 2.25-inch racetrack-style engines in addition to 1.25-inch speakers, which combine 100 watts of maximum power.

    Below the grid is also a white LED readout that tells you which position you are in.

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    JBL Bar 2.1: Many of controls and ports

    The JBL Bar 2.1 has an 11.5-pound black subwoofer mounted on rubber feet and measures 14.6 x 8.9 x 8.9 inches.

    It also has a 6.5-inch motor with a maximum power of 200 watts, which makes the maximum power of the system 300 watts.

    There’s also a wireless pairing button to connect the sub to the woofer, plus a large bass port for efficient driver movement.

    JBL Bar 2.1 ports

    You can automatically pair it with the speaker when both are turn on, but if the connection fails or anything goes wrong you can use the manual pairing button.

    JBL Bar 2.1 bass ports

    As for the ports, on the back panel of the audio tape there are connections for optical output, HDMI input, HDMI (ARC) output, 3.5 mm aux input and USB port for audio input (without embedded cable), in addition to the included power cable connection with the amplifier, this is really rich.

    The remote control works on two AAA batteries, it is larger than the usual remote control the size of a credit card and has quite a few controls such as power, source, playback, volume, navigation tracking, volume sync adjustment, bass, mute, and mode Audio, Bluetooth pairing and audio switching or automatically switching between your Bluetooth device and TV volume, Shuffle, Dim Display, Surround Mode, and Night Mode.

    jbl bar 2.1 remote

    So remote control is a useful embedding that adds value to the system, rather than acting as an afterthought.

    Performance: Movies

    We tested the JBL Bar 2.1 amplifier for performance when watching movies and series, and the results were great. For example, we found that Chapter 13 of Pacific Rim Blu-ray, huge robot monsters roaming around and the bang through the submarine is powerful.

    Also, at medium levels, we found that the film place heavier on the bass, resulting in the transmission of dialogue clearly and clearly, even when faced with explosions.

    jbl bar 2.1 Performance

    And when the scene of shooting and punches on some powerful hits, we Find the wonderful ability to put the film in contact with the bass sound without losing the clarity that maintains the dialogue, in addition to that the special effects were clear and attractive.

    And we found that the sound seemed to surround you. However, sometimes it feels more attractive (when watching movies) in this mode, so it’s worth experimenting to see what works best for you.

    Performance: Music

    We tested the music at intense bass, and Find that at medium volume levels, the volume is loud and the bass is plump.

    At roughly the maximum volume on this track, in standard mode, the bass is starting to distort – especially if you’re over 10 at bass levels, but despite that, the low volume levels are still very loud, the bass is powerful and clean.

    For example at Circles, where the bass is less deep in the mix, we Find that the track is round and full of mid-bass levels, and intense at higher bass levels, where you can really get a wide range of sounds from JBL Bar 2.1, from crisp to medium Low bass and bass focus, but none of the audio variants are muddy.

    jbl bar 2.1 Music

    In Bad Dreams, the kick drum ring receives a lot of mid-high presence, allowing its attack to cut through the layers of the mix, and we also found that the sub-bass emanates a particularly powerful deep sound. Again, but you can mess around with the bass settings to achieve a clearer sound signature.

    And on the orchestral tracks, we Find that the sound was slightly more bass than what you’d hear on the flat response pattern system.

    And we found that movies and sports get more enhanced lows, and sound kills most of the deep lows, and standard music and music are known to be the most similar, with more subtle differences at bass levels.

    During testing, we found that the most desirable settings for the music are either music or standard mode, and you can adapt to taste from there, depending on what you’re listening to.

    In cinematic, standard, or movie modes, a bass between 10 to 15 points seemed a good starting point.


    In the end, we can say that the amplifier JBL Bar 2.1 is an excellent value, for the money you will pay you will get very strong bass, clear highs, in addition to the ability to adjust the bass balance.

    The JBL Bar 2.1 is a beast with minimal and agile with high-frequency clarity, at normal listening levels, it will provide you with a great experience whether you are listening to songs or watching your favorite movie.

    There’s the Polk Audio Signa S1 at $ 200.



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