JBL L82 Classic Speaker
JBL L82 Classic Speaker

The JBL L82 speaker is in line with musical and aesthetic tastes, as it is characterized by its low price and elegant design.

Just a glance

This is the JBL L82 classic, and I was shocked how these things could disappear and create a realistic 3-dimensional version. 

This speaker has a real and usable basis, an 8-inch two-way speaker, and the bass driver has a magnet structure. 

the old JBL speakers, not all of them, but some of them used to have a foam edge surround and they wised up because people get pissed off because that foam would degrade. 

now they use in the JBL L82 a butyl rubber surround, so these things are gonna last forever. 

and just like the JBL’s of the past they have this white cone,

and this is a treated cone, it’s got a coating over a pure pulp that creates real stiffness without adding mass, so the base drivers really fast. 

it’s one-inch titanium dome tweeter, and they have an adjustment on the front

and it’s got a lot of adjustment so you can fine-tune this to your own personal taste, they have a fully braced cabinet in the Sun.

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  • Full body view
  • Capable of loudness
  • Good bass depth


  • Not for all types of music
  • Acoustic imprecision
  • Optional positions aren’t the best


Type  2-way bookshelf loudspeaker
Frequency response44Hz to 40kHz
Crossover frequency1.7kHz 
Dimensions(hwd) 47.3 x 28.1 x 31.5cm
Specifications Table


The JBL L82 extends to the characteristic white paper core cone of a 20cm mid / bass motor. As with the L100s headphone.

It also contains a front panel dial, which in turn allows the user to adjust the output level (high frequency).

We have left this at the default of 0 dB for the most part of our listening,

but the default can be used in rooms where the sound is tonally skewed.

The JBL L82 handset has a mid-range driver, and the bass here is a modern unit

with a carefully optimized chassis and motor designed with great care

and with some of the most advanced facilities.

JBL L82 Classic Blue Speaker

Bass is tuned by a front reflexive port and extended to the 25 mm titanium tweeter at 1.7 kHz.

The loudspeaker is the same as used on the L100s, but in this app,

the junction point is set much higher at 3.5kHz.

As before, a concave waveguide is also available around the dome to aid in dispersion.


As for the build quality of the JBL L82, it is remarkable, the case is appropriately solid and the cabinet edges are somewhat crisp, and there is no shine in the finishing touch that we used to see in many different speakers like KEF or Dynaudio. But what makes the L82 subwoofer unique is that the finish resembles a walnut shell.

JBL L82 Classic Design

And if you’re into old-fashioned things, you’ll love the geometry of the L82’s speakers, as it’s a clear link to the original L100s from the 1970s.

In terms of colors, you can choose between three beautiful and distinctive colors, dark blue, distinctive orange and elegant black.


The JBL L82 speakers are very suitable for listening to music aloud, as these boxes are wonderful by all standards in this use, and the beautiful thing about these speakers is that even at reduced levels of sound they remain wonderful.

Sadly, when you hear songs that require a little sensitivity, the L82’s speakers will disappoint you a little, metaphorically ignoring and facilitating the dynamic and timing nuances that make the emotion-rich song lose focus.

JBL L82 Classic Compatibility
JBL L82 Classic Compatibility

So if you are looking for great sound quality and focus, these amplifiers aren’t for you, but that doesn’t stop the JBL L82 Classics from getting attractive. It is full of personality, fun, and sometimes charming, as long as you listen to the right kind of music, as the L82 speakers have the power and energy of music to provide an entertaining sound, and we must also take into account their low price.


The JBL L82 comes with mirrored picture-pair mounting units with balanced speakers.

In the beginning you will try the inner and outer edge, because there is no clue yet if it should be on the inner or outer edge.

Whereas, on the outer edge, the amplifier gives us a wider and wonderful sound range, while on the inner edge you will get a more solid presentation.

Through our testing of the JBL L82 loudspeaker resolution, we found that the titanium dome loudspeaker is less accurate here than it was in the L100s, possibly the reason for the wider range it can cover.

As for speaker stands, they contain relatively large stands for the money and pack a large medium / bass unit as well.

Remember that this unit is 20 cm in size as most competitions are 17 cm in size at most.

These extra centimeters help give these boxes a powerful, brilliant bass sound by all accounts.

These headphones are relatively fast and wide, although they are not the most accurate, but they can be controlled through the lower frequencies.

Our Verdict

The JBL L82 is a bi-directional (200mm) compact speaker that features advanced audio technologies from JBL.

The classic design of the L82 Classic also features an almond veneer cabinet, available in elegant black, distinctive orange or blue.

There are modern audio components that provide amazing sound but they are very good for the musician only.



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