JBL Quantum One Gaming Headphone

JBL Quantum ONE is a headphone with a distinctive and elegant design, as it is characterized by the versatility and features it provides, as it rotates it works with every game format, and is characterized by its elegant and clear sound.

Just a glance

JBL is a household name when it comes to high-end audio equipment, with JBL representing Quantum One as the company’s first foray into gaming headsets.

The JBL Quantum One also has a great, crisp sound, and is sharp and detailed.

It also has the advantage of blocking out more external sound than a standard gaming headset.

It can also handle 3D audio and high-fidelity audio, providing you with an ideal gaming atmosphere.

In terms of design, every part appears to be intricately designed, starting with its black colored plastic case with scale-like patterns on the headband and ear cups. It also has a braided cable and comes in orange and black colors.

In terms of size, it is a large headphone, weighing about 13 ounces, and it features a large headband and ear cups that are very comfortable for the ear and you will not feel any discomfort when wearing it.

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Compatible with all controllers
Clear and crisp sound on all formats
Easy to use USB audio mixer


3.5mm wire can be fickle
Better on PC than consoles


CompatibilityMobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One
Drivers50 mm dynamic
Frequency Response20 Hz – 40 kHz
Specifications Table


JBL Quantum One uses three separate drivers installed on Windows, and if you want to uninstall any of them, you can manually uninstall them, then reinstall them all.

At first it requires you to first the appropriate driver, then manually adjust the advanced sound options in the control panel; Whereas, without these steps, you cannot have surround sound.

JBL Quantum One Design

But when I switched to the correct driver, the Quantum One stopped producing sound completely. This was a problem for me but I fixed it by uninstalling six different drivers and reinstalling them again.

JBL Quantum One headphones contain QuantumENGINE software, through which you can set balance options and customize RGB lighting (as we indicated that the earcups contain elaborate lighting patterns).

Also, through the program, you can adjust microphone levels and activate spatial sound options.


The design of the JBL Quantum One is light and comfortable on the head, and you will never feel its weight when wearing it at all, and its design is really remarkable, as it has the JBL logo displayed prominently on each of the headphones.

And when you plug in the USB blender, it will light up with every color in the spectrum that makes it even more impressive.

JBL Quantum One is light and comfortable on the head

Unfortunately, the USB blender will not work on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Through our testing of these headphones, we found that the only drawback is that they are compatible with all controllers, but they are not stable and do not look as good as they are when used with any computer.

The JBL Quantum One has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which will allow voice chatting on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


As for the performance of this headphone (JBL Quantum One), through our testing of it, we found that it is very similar to the LucidSound LS50X, especially in closing most external sounds.

The sound is also characterized by the accuracy of the details that come through the amazing customizable surround sound.

The spatial sound technology that JBL Quantum One pinned down is pretty cool and pure, but it’s only drawback is that it won’t always align with the direction I was facing which hurts the immersion.

JBL Quantum One Inside Design with R and L Letter

But to save face, there is a small button on the device that adjusts this defect back to the center.

There is also something that I did not like which is that it requires you to reset the jack in the console port, because the right headphone sometimes cuts out and the microphone will not pick up our voice unless we are practical.

During our testing of the headphones in games, the in-game audio always sounded amazing when it was working properly, and the surround and spatial sound was also perfectly fine.

Buy it for

As for the JBL Quantum One headphones, it has clean sound and an easy-to-use mixer.

Coming with a powerful microphone, these headphones are an instant and powerful hitter in the PC gaming sector. Plus it has colorful lights, which will give you some flair.

The JBL Quantum One can be used in more than one way, as you can play it on both console and PC.

The JBL Quantum One headphones have a spatial sound feature that tracks your head’s movement, despite some minor problems it faces in this regard, but despite that it is one of the cleanest headphones for computers.

Don’t buy it for

Although the JBL Quantum One headphones are among the best headphones on the market today, they are a wired headphone.

So if you prefer something that doesn’t hook up with any remote, this headphone isn’t for you.

There are some technical bugs that can frustrate you during the gaming session, but the sound still looks absolutely amazing, and it works great with consoles.

If surround sound or other bells and whistles are not a worry and bother for you and you are just looking for a headphone that specializes in something you want, there are other options available.



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