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JLab Audio Flex Sport Wireless Bluetooth earphones are working out centered over-ears that ring in at $99. While we don’t see a huge load of over-ear earphones in this class, at the cost, they offer only nice sound execution and need a basic frill like a sound link. They don’t actually get anything appallingly off-base, however, for comparable (or even less) cash, there are additional convincing choices.

JLab Audio Flex Sport Specifications

  • 44mm Drivers
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 3x EQ Settings (JLab Signature, Balanced, Bass Boost)
  • USB-C Charging Port
  • Be Aware Audio


With regards to working out, I’ve generally picked earbuds or some kind of in-ear arrangement. The JLab Audio Flex Sport was the first over-the-ear earphones I’ve utilized at the rec center.

Above all, the Flex Sport earphones accompany removable (and launderable) ear cushions.

The perspiration-wicking cushions didn’t get excessively wet or wet and when they were clammy. I didn’t see them being wet by any means. 

The earpads do have an enormous L and R to assign the left and right sides. They’re inside the cups, so they’re inconspicuous and not disagreeable by any stretch of the imagination.

The blue-green on dark shading plan is one of my top picks and they look as tasteful as the capacity. 

The right and left ear pointers are inside the ear cushions and not prominent. 

The two strain groups are adaptable. As I would like to think, this causes them to feel more strong. While I haven’t done this yet, it makes throwing these in my duffel bag less troubling. 

The right ear cup houses the controls for the earphones. There’s a volume up, power/play/delay, and volume down button on the rear of that cup.

The JLab logo on that cup capacities as a button that switches between the three EQ settings. Once more, favoring that later.

The volume up/down buttons capacity to push the track ahead and in reverse also. 

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The earphones have a 20-hour recess rating on a solitary charge. Something they follow through on. Truth be told, somewhat recently that I’ve been utilizing these, I’ve simply needed to charge them once.

At the point when I at last needed to charge the earphones. The gave USB-C charging rope had them finished off in around two hours. You can utilize quick charging to charge them quicker. 

All things being equal, having USB-C is a pleasant touch. I frequently see battery-powered Bluetooth earphones actually utilize Micro-USB.

JLab Audio Flex Sport Accessories
(Image Credit: intl.jlab.com)

And I’m at where I have more USB-C chargers than that of the Micro-USB assortment. Adding that caused the earphones to feel a smidgen more premium. 

I tracked down that these earphones remained on my head during an assortment of exercises.

From situps and pushups to running, they remained set up with negligible development. With the diverse strain groups, the Flex Sport will remain set up.

It advantageously allows me to zero in on my exercise ahead. I was additionally dazzled with the way that they weren’t too enormous and massive on my head.

At the point when I pulled the hood of my hoodie over them. It was anything but a test by any stretch of the imagination.


I was blown away by the sound these earphones created. The 44mm drivers put out extraordinary sound. From punchy bass, to clear vocals — even at higher volumes — these earphones are a delight to utilize. I ended up partaking in my music and exercises in a way most different earphones can’t contact. 

Skipping between the EQ settings was pretty much as simple as pressing a button. There are three settings and they come in JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost. I wound up inclining toward the JLab Signature sound regularly as it helped vocals and added a tad of bass. 

JLab Audio Flex Sport buttons functions
(Image Credit: intl.jlab.com)

The Flex Sport’s three EQ settings were not difficult to switch between with the press of the JLab button as an afterthought. 

Adjusted offered a to some degree widely appealing experience. All things being equal, I discovered it had an extraordinary bass reaction. Clearly, Bass Boost offered a more profound bass experience.

I need to say, this is the main pair of earphones that I’ve utilized in the rec center. Or on a run, that has assisted me with getting into the zone for working out. While I’ve paid attention to music in the rec center for quite a long time.

These are the primary pair of earphones where I could put on something from Five Finger Death Punch.

And get siphoned enough for it to help my exercise. I generally thought I was missing something when it ended up like that. Yet on account of these earphones, I at long last get it. 

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JLab Audio Flex Sport Verdict

The JLab Flex Sport Wireless earphones don’t get anything heinously off-base. Yet they aren’t able to hang out in a field of better choices. Their sound sounds excessively splendid and shaped.

The headband feels like a trial rather than an element, and for earphones promoted for a workout. IP44 is a low water-opposition rating. In this broad value range.

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