Kickstarter technology highlights for August 2019
Kickstarter technology highlights for August 2019

Kickstarter-The most prominent technical projects of Kickstarter for August 2019 are projects of high value and have great benefit,

which may be more than any year ago

and it is pumping money on it to work on it and its emergence to the world,

which are ten technical projects, and you explain them in detail in the following lines.

We also returned to you from the Arab inventor site to show everything that is new in the world of technology, games, programs,

etc., now we come to you with a very interesting topic on Kickstarter technical projects 2019.

Kickstarter technology highlights for August 2019:

1- Wireless headphones charged while in use:

The Kickstarter company has worked on wireless loudspeakers that charge automatically during the use and are innovative for the first time,

These headphones are small in size, wireless, and have a distinctive shape compared to other headphones, and they are the closest in shape to Apple AirPods.

Its working mechanism is very normal, but when the battery is drained,

it connects to two ends of the magnetic wire

Attractively wrapping it around your neck does not appear to be a charging device.

It has very multiple advantages, the most important of which is the attractive design, being resistant to splashing water, the ability to control by touch and also the sound quality and purity.

Kickstarter high-tech projects for August 2019 The price of this product is approximately $ 45

2- The transmission of sound to the body without passing through the ear

This project is the owner of the largest share of the company’s financing and the company called it Woojer Edge and its idea first appears in the field of acoustics and listening.

The goal of the project is very smart

which is to work to get the user out of the real reality by putting him in another environment that is only filled with sound.

When using this product with other virtual reality equipment such as glasses and others, the user will change from his real world.

To a virtual world outside of consciousness and nature.

The product is a headphone that connects with a belt around the middle or chest area, depending on your comfort and sense of rhythm.

You will feel a difference when using it during games that make you feel like you are inside the game

Through sound waves that enter the skin away from the ear.

The price of this product is approximately $ 100

3- The internet device to charge,

charge and transmit the Internet signal

This product is very beautiful and goes without multiple devices, it is a small device the size of an ordinary power bank and the company called it Finalhub.

This device is characterized by the presence of several entrances and exits to connect between devices and each other,

where you can connect the phone to TV A to a computer.

and gives a wide broadcast space and the ability to connect eight devices at the same time.

features the ability to connect to it wirelessly via your own phone via a specific application.

The price of this device is 115 dollars and has a 48% discount for a limited period

4- A smart key store:

This store is a small but very durable metal box, and the company has called it Populife.

It is used as a security cabinet for keys.

This store can be installed on the door from the outside

and put keys inside it since you need mufti to be near the door.

Avoid leaving it by mistake somewhere.

You can connect it to the Internet by phone or open it by entering a password for the device, and the unlock command can also be entered by voice.

It has a very long battery life.

One of its most important advantages is its resistance to water, as you will not need to remove it from its place when cleaning, washing, etc.

In the event of any emergency order all you have to do is connect it to an external battery to give you the possibility to open it through security means.

The price of this product starts at $ 50 and reaches $ 70

5- Smallest wireless microphone:

This product is a compact wireless microphone with beautiful shape and characteristics, and it is the best choice for content makers.

The company called it SmartMike.

This microphone is connected to the phone wirelessly,

so content makers are free to record videos without being close to the phone.

One of its most important features is its small size, which is easy to carry, and can also be hung near the neck via its own clip and comes with the owner attached.

Also, you can connect two devices at the same time in order to receive sound from two different sources and can be very beneficial during the interviews.

This microphone features noise cancellation and the ability to work with DSLR cameras.

The price of this product starts from $ 80

reaches only $ 120 and is prioritized.

6- Waist bag and wireless phone charging:

This is one of the most frequently discussed products in the most prominent projects of Kickstarter technology for the month of August 2019,

which is a waist bag

You can put your personal needs outside the home.

The company called this product a Side Pocket which is a wireless charger that comes backed up inside a wonderful and elegant waist bag.

Inside this bag is a pocket for the phone,

you put the phone inside this pocket, and it wirelessly charging via the power bank built into it.

The power bank can be removed from its place to charge any phone with it,

or to charge it itself via any wireless charger as well.

This bag is very durable, as well as waterproof.

The product starts at $ 99 on the market and increases according to different details while booking

7- Small Mike Wired:

It is a mic that is attached to a wire and is small in size and with a pure sound

that is also suitable for content makers,

It works well with smartphones and professional cameras.

The company named it Q Mic,

and it is equipped with three recording modes to match the nature

and type of sound that needs to be recorded.

The price of this product starts from $ 90 to $ 100


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