KLH Fusion TWS Wireless Earbuds
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KLH Fusion TWS New incredible wireless earbuds; allow us to play our music wherever we go. The KLH Fusion True Wireless Earbuds do that and give very good noise cancellation. However, how would they sound? Is it true that they are agreeable? Are the controls simple to utilize while paying attention to music or accepting a call?

KLH Fusion TWS Specs

Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.0 + aptX
Case Power Cell600mAH
Earbud Power Cell 75mAH
Charge Time90 Mins
Earbud Battery Life7 Hours
Frequency Response20Hz-23kHz
Transducer TypeSingle Dynamic Driver
Driver Size6mm
Water Resistant RatingIPX5

KLH Fusion TWS Features

  •  AAC/aptX High-Definition Sound
  • 4 Knowles® MEMS/Smart Microphones
  • Answer Calls, Play Music, Adjust Volume – All Hands-Free
  • 28 hours of playtime from one case charge
  • 90-minute earbud full-charge time
  • Over 7 hours of earbud battery life
  • 6mm Dynamic Drives
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation
  • Qualcomm Wireless Bluetooth V5.0
  •  Bone Voiceprint: Only recognizes the wearer’s voice
  • USB-C and Wireless Charging
  • Compatible with Siri and Google Assistant
  • Lightweight and Comfortable Fit
  • IPX5 Water-Resistant Rating
  • Native Voice Control: Recognizes 9 Voice Commands:
    • “Play music”
    • “Pause music”
    • “Previous song”
    • “Next song”
    • “Accept call”
    • “Reject call”
    • “Volume Up”
    • “Volume Down”
    • “Hey SIRI”


The KLH Fusion observes the guideline earbud design we see a lot nowadays. There is an oval lodging that holds the speaker and a stem that hangs down from your ear. Be that as it may, the KLH designers have chosen to shake things up only a tad with the KLH Fusion. 

KLH Fusion TWS Earbuds Design
(Image Credit: klhaudio.com)

Most importantly, these earbuds are black and not the regular white that we frequently see. Furthermore, while still commonly oval-formed, the speaker lodging figures by one way or another look somewhat precise too.

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The KLH name brand is quietly shown on the matte completion stem in a differentiating shiny completion. Finally, the charging case is designed pleasantly and with extraordinary usefulness.

The charging instance of the KLH Fusion looks to some degree like a cutting-edge adaptation of a money box. It effectively opens at the top on a pivot that swings the cover-up and is far removed. There are battery level markers and charging pointer lights inside the charging case. 

The materials utilized here are simply lightweight dark plastic, and they have that impression. Nonetheless, that doesn’t address how great these earbuds look. Upon first opening the crate and seeing the charging case, I was certain it would be made of metal.

As I got the case, I was astounded at how light it was. Not exclusively does the case look great, however, it is likewise lightweight, and I imagine that is a success.


The sound of the KLH Fusion is amazing for a bunch of earbuds. The primary thing I typically test is the bass reaction, and one of the melodies that I like to test this on is Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack.

The bass drop toward the start of this melody totally disappears if the bass reaction isn’t capable. I need to say that I was shocked by how well the KLH Fusion dealt with the bass drop on this melody. It was noisy, clear, and not exclusively could I hear it, however, I could likewise feel it. 

Indeed, all things considered, sorry in the event that I got out of hand there; everything just sounded so great I was unable to help myself! What’s more, these are a couple of the wide range of music styles I tried with these earbuds to attempt to poke a hole in the sound of the KLH Fusion earbuds. I’m happy to say that I fizzled. They dealt with everything flawlessly. The highs are splendid, the mids are warm, and the bass is solid and punchy. 

Part of the justification behind the incredible sound is the exceptional noise cancellation ready. I tried these while additionally playing music on outer speakers, and the KLH Fusion had the option to shut everything except the most intense sounds out. That, alongside a superb tight fit in the ear channel, helped the music sound remarkable. In spite of the fact that they fit cozy, they are as yet agreeable to wear.

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KLH Fusion TWS Earbuds Charging Case
(Image Credit: klhaudio.com)

The KLH Fusion has a guaranteed battery life of more than 7 hours. Over the fourteen days that I tried the KLH Fusion, I was averaging a little more than 7 hours of paying attention to music and accepting calls per charge. KLH says that with the charging case, you can anticipate 28 hours of absolute recess.

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KLH Fusion TWS Setup Manual

Setting up the KLH Fusion was extremely simple. Open the case and pull the earbuds out; they consequently turn on. Go into the settings of your telephone and interface one of the earbuds.

Exceptionally regular of most gadgets nowadays. You can likewise associate only one earbud should you need to have one ear open while paying attention to music. 

One more part of the KLH Fusion that I appreciated was the voice acknowledgment orders. To control the earbuds, you should simply converse with them.

Assuming you need to answer a call, say, “Answer call,” and the call is replied. This additionally works with music orders, for example, playing music and volume control.

I observed this control technique to be a lot simpler than tinkering with contact controls on the earbuds themselves, and it functioned admirably.


If you are looking for good quality earbuds and comfortable at the same time with excellent sound and noise cancelation that really cut you out of the surrounding, then don’t hesitate for a minute to choose KLH Fusion TWS.

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