Lenovo craves for a gaming phone like never before
Lenovo craves for a gaming phone like never before

Lenovo – Now there is an integrated and standalone classification within the smartphone categories which is gaming phones.

 And indeed there are multiple options ahead of us like the ROG Phone ll from Asus,

BlackShark phone from Xiaomi and many other phones such as Razer Phone and Nubia Red Magic, but if this market is missing something, it will definitely be a phone from the Legion gaming brand,

 It is owned by Chinese giant Lenovo!

Lenovo Legion

New gaming phone joins the competition .. Legion

In previous months we had already heard about a new gaming phone coming from Lenovo, but it was just a matter of rumors,

 But today Lenovo has been thrilling its new phone through the Chinese social network Weibo,

 As you can expect, the first attractions of any smartphone are its specifications and performance

 And revealed to us the fact that the new phone will come with the flagship Snapdragon 865 processor!
 It is the most powerful processor at the moment.

In addition, there are no additional details,

But here we must take advantage of our technical expertise and look at the gaming phones that competitors provide,

Here, we are certain that the new Legion phone from Lenovo will feature more than excellent internal components

From the groundbreaking Snapdragon processor to a high refresh screen, good cooling system, and massive battery


Legion is a very prominent name in the gaming world and specifically gaming laptops

 This is because Lenovo already offers a large number of laptops under that brand

It comes with more than great performance and excellent specifications, in addition to its distinctive design and pride in red,

So the Lenovo experience will most likely be similar to the ASUS ROG experience,

 ROG is also a brand of gaming hardware and accessories!



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