Legion Phone Duel Gaming Phone
Legion Phone Duel Gaming Phone

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel is a great 5G gaming phone, with impressive performance, long-lasting battery life, good-looking screen, and dedicated gaming software.

Legion Phone Duel: Fast Talk 

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel emerged as soon as it was available in the gaming phone market very quickly, as the Lenovo Legion is already a collection of PCs and laptops that focus on games, so we were expecting a lot.

Indeed, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel did not disappoint us at all, as it is consider one of the best gaming phones that we have tested in 2020.

In terms of specifications, the phone has the best chipset available, which is the Snapdragon 865 Plus with 12 GB or 16 GB RAM, an AMOLED screen with a 144 update rate that provides you with brilliant and vivid colors, and dual front-facing speakers for powerful sound.

It also features a clean program as well; Although technically it doesn’t have Android.

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel is the first phone to come with a fast charging capacity of 90 watts, and this uses two USB-C ports for the phone.

But despite all these promising features, there are some problems related to software such as untranslated text in the Legion gaming app.

Inside the box, you’ve got one rigid plastic case to help protect the edges and the back end of the Lenovo Legion Duel. 

You’ve got a very beefy PSU, you’ve got a type C to type c usb charging cable, you’ve got another type c to type c usb charging cable, you’ve got a type C to 3.5 mil headphone adapter.


  • Great gaming phone
  • The fastest charging phone so far
  • Well optimized for use in landscape orientation


  • Software issues
  • very expensive
  • LED lights can be divisive

Legion Phone Duel: Pricing

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel is now available in the United Kingdom and Europe, but not yet the United States or Australia.

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel comes at £ 799, around $ 1060, AU $ 1,440 for the 12GB / 256GB storage version.

There’s also a price of 899 £ around $ 1,200, AU $ 1,620 for the 16GB / 512GB model, which offers 90W fast charging.

One of the phones with the same specifications is the Nubia Red Magic 5G phone, which gives you 8GB of RAM / 128GB storage for $ 579 / £ 539 / AU $ 579.

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Key Specifically

Review Price: £799.99
6.65-inch (2340 x 1080) AMOLED
Refresh rate: 144Hz
Snapdragon 865+ 5G CPU
Up to Up to 16GB RAM
Up to 512GB storage

Legion Phone Duel: Big Design Like all Gaming phones

The Lenovo Legion Duel is definitely an unmistakably gaming smartphone through and through. 

The phone is a very chunky hefty device, but that’s pretty commonplace for all gaming smartphones out there including the likes of the rogue 3. 

Legion Phone Duel Gaming Phone Design

You can grab the Lenovo Legion Duel in a couple of different finishes: blaze and blue, vengeance red effort, very dramatic. 

The end is construct from glass already getting quite smudgy as you can see there, but at least you do have two mottled edges basically where you would grip the phone while you’re gaming. 

And you’ve got to love that slogan as well as stylish outside, savage inside, and I love how that red coloration carries around to the front as well just in these narrow little streaks where the stereo speakers are found. 

And there’s lots of fine detail as well it’s definitely a very interesting smartphone to look at.

Inside the Lenovo Legion Duel there is a very simple straightforward affair, it’s a reversible sim tray, so you can pack two sim cards in there at once, but there’s no micro SD memory card support. 

Thankfully you can get up to 512 gigabytes of internal storage, that’s half a terabyte packed inside.

AMOLED Display and very useful Settings

You’ve got a gorgeous 6.65 inch AMOLED display with a full HD plus resolution, by default the colours are set to natural in the display settings, but you can boost them up to make them look more vibrant as well if you prefer a more vivid image. 

And certainly in that default state visuals are very lifelike help along by the gorgeous contrast because all that always excels in that area.

Legion Phone Dual Display

And because it’s all that tech, you also get the always on display features as well with a small selection of different options. 

of course gaming smartphones you would expect to come packed in a fast refresh rate as well, and certainly no disappointment here on the Lenovo Legion Duel. 

It’s set to 90 hertz default being boost up to 120 or even 144 hertz, just like on the rogue phone 2. 

And while there doesn’t appear to be an auto refresh option on the legion duel, there’s at least an option to immediately bump up that refresh rate to 144 hertz whenever you start a game. 

There’s also display settings you’ll find the lighting effect as well where basically you can control that flashy led logo slapped around the back end. 

You can actually use this as a notification light whenever you’ve got incoming calls or messages, you can change up exactly the colour that it flashes as well. 

You can also get an led effect on the go while your game and either have it dynamically adapt to whatever’s happening in the game otherwise you can have it breathing flashing going in waves all sorts of stuff.

Features: Great camera position, good stereo speakers

You’ve got basically a stock version of Android, but lenovo has slathered on its legion OS as it turns. 

The default wallpaper unfortunately is a bit sort of dull and non-descript really, but if you dive on into the wallpaper section, you’ve got lots of brighter efforts you can choose between.

The camera is scrolled away actually on the edge of the device, and definitely be good for capturing your reaction every time you see the enemy. 

Legion Phone Dual Cameras

You’ve also got a quad mic arrangement on the lenovo legion duel as well, so your voice will clearly be picked up if you’re providing a bit of commentary or simply yelling at your mates mid-game. 

And rounding off those features you can also control the haptics you can clean up the memory for whatever reason the legion duel is struggling in the game. 

You’ve got notifications blocking none likes the WhatsApp support as well.

And Lenovo Legion Duel also boasts dual front-facing stereo speakers. 

And they pack a punch bump that volume all the way up to the maximum level, and your facial region will be blasted with crisp clear stereo audio.

Legion Phone Duel: Simple Cameras

Regarding the camera, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel has two rear cameras, a 64MP main camera and 16MP ultra-wide camera, both of which provide very good images, but to be realistic, this is a gaming phone.

But overall the quality was good with lots of detail, but the shots did not have a wide dynamic range, and the photos we shot in low light lacked detail.

The depth effects were blurred and shallow at times as well, especially with the colorful shots.

As for the pop-up selfie camera of 20 megapixels and f / 2.2, it is good, as we were able to get good selfies, although there is no portrait mode, in addition to the beauty modes that you can adjust, but there is no blur in the background.

There is also an application for the camera, but it is very abstract, as there are only photo or video settings that you can choose from, and the video recording reaches 4K, but at only 30 frames per second.

Battery Life and Software

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel brings Android 10 with LegionOS mode and is its debut, but it is very similar to the Android system that Lenovo uses.

And the phone is designed in a landscape mode to match the format of most of the games that you will play, and this mode can be used in functions that are not normally possible on the phone, for example if you rotate the phone 90 degrees, the home page will be redirected.

But there were some problems and glitches related to the software, and one of the biggest problems we encountered was that the phone shuts down frequently for no reason.

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel also provides dedicated gaming software to mute notifications, free up game processing power, and modify some display settings.

As for battery life, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel phone offers you a very impressive battery, whether during daily use or during gaming, as the battery capacity is 5000 mAh, which is a high percentage for a smartphone.

The phone will easily last with you for a day without the need for charging, and the charging speed is 65 watts for the 12 GB RAM version of the phone, and the superfast 90 watts for the 16 GB version, through the use of two USB-C ports, using 60 watt and 30 watt chargers.

65W is an incredibly fast charging speed, and it takes less than an hour to fully power up.

Gaming Mode, Settings

Lenovo Legion Duel has its very own gaming mode and to enter this you’ll want to press the dual ultrasonic shoulder buttons which aren’t actually buttons, they’re just sort of force feedback haptic efforts up top. 

They’re completely flush for the surface you don’t actually push them in or anything just give them a light tap and they’ll be completely touch sensitive.

When you enter the Legion Duel you’ll have fast access to all of your games, and you’ll also be able to access settings when you’re actually playing games. 

And you can also access various game settings while you’re in the game as well, just drag your finger down from the top end of the display and it shows you exactly how much GPU and CPU usage is going on. 

Gives you a rundown of the quality of your wi-fi connection as well which is of course very very useful when playing games like pubg and call of duty where they are online shooters. 

Lots of other useful M4 being feedback as well including the current time in case you suddenly realize crap I should have picked. 

the actual internal team of the phone, there to make sure it’s not getting too hot especially if you’re charging it at the same time. 

And battery life as well definitely good again if you like your extended gaming sessions, and you’ve also got access to various other gaming features as well including the ability to set up a controller for instance get a screenshot action on the go actually record action. 

And if you are recovering as well you can get a bit of a stream on the go with a quick tap up there.

Gaming Performance

When you’re gaming with the Lenovo Legion Duel, you don’t actually need to use a separate controller because you’ve got a gorgeous 120 hertz touch response rate. 

With those haptic shoulder buttons as well you get a good bit of force feedback, it’s very handy for games like call of duty’s who can aim with the left trigger shoot with the right very responsive.

You’ve also got two very strong rumble mortars packed inside of the Lenovo Legion Duel as well which offers some extreme feedback as well when you are playing to support the game sadly call of duty is not one of those supported games. 

Legion Phone Dual Gaming Phone Performance

Performance on the Lenovo Legion Duel is provided by Qualcomm’s mighty magnificent snapdragon 865 plus chipset that’s it’s more powerful most capable platform right now used by the likes of the rog43 but not many other devices. 

Although it will be superseded by the 875.  And with up to 16 gigs of DDR5 ram packed inside of this.

It’s no surprise that what I did my benchmark with call of duty even on those maxed out graphic settings, it maintained 60 frames per second consistently and reliably great stuff.

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In general, we can say that the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel phone has powerful internal features that are ideal for games, and it also has players that you can set and use in the game, and that can give you a competitive advantage against players.

You can connect two chargers to your Lenovo phone, or a charger and headphone, thanks to the dual USB-C ports.

But if you care about the quality of the camera in the phone that you will buy, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel is not for you, although its camera is not bad, and you can look at the Black Shark 3 phone.


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