Lenovo Q27H-10
Photo Credit: Lenovo
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The 27-inch Lenovo Q27H-10 is one of the company’s latest displays, with a 1440p resolution with IPS technology and USB-C connectivity at a great price.

Fast Talk About Lenovo Q27H-10

The Lenovo Q27H-10 monitor is a 27-inch production panel, which comes with an IPS panel that combines the original 1440-pixel resolution with a great USB-C connection, and the ability to charge, all of this comes at a remarkably low price.

It also has a stylish design with ultra-thin bezels, with the premium Lenovo brand and you have a very attractive display.

And it comes at a very reasonable price, and because of that price point, the screen is not aimed at content creation professionals who need wide color coverage, it is a traditional SDR panel, instead of providing an HDR action.

But overall, the Lenovo Q27H-10 combines an IPS panel with reasonable 1440 pixels resolution, plus the cable management blessing of USB-C connectivity.

The Lenovo Q27H-10 screen comes at a price of $ 259 in the US and £ 249 in the UK, it offers great value for money, you will have a screen comparable to a full USB-C function from a large brand at a similar price. Really attractive.


  • Great feature set
  • Elegant design
  • Attractive price


  • Not very bright
  • Limited color coverage
  • Tilt holder only

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Key Specifically

Panel typeIPS
Resolution2,560 x 1,440
Pixel response4ms
Color coverage99% sRGB
Refresh rate60Hz
Vesa100mm x 100mm
InputsDisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, USB C with 65W charging

Thin Bezel Design with Cool Features

The Lenovo Q27H-10 Monitor has a very cool and tasteful stand that gives an instant impression of elegance more than the essence, but the stand limits your installation options, along with the fact that it looks like a much more expensive screen than the price suggests.

As for the screen, it has a good-looking design with symmetrical bezels on all four sides of the panel.

The Lenovo Q27H-10 screen features an impressive set of powerful and reasonable high-quality features,

for example it has a 27-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 2.560 x 1440 pixels, known as 1440 pixels.

This is a firm SDR board that doesn’t have HDR capabilities, but don’t be discouraged as it is rated at 350cd / m2 for brightness and delivers 4ms pixel response.

As for the Lenovo Q27H-10 color coverage, it is a little more disappointing, as color accuracy is limited.

But given this price point, it would be unreasonable to claim the capabilities of a series, impressive and wide range, but for those who have a limited budget and want a good screen, this screen is very suitable.

One of the best features of the Lenovo Q27H-10 is connectivity

along with the usual HDMI and DisplayPort connections, as Lenovo has included USB-C with a 65-watt charge for the device, and this is great as you can connect with a single cable, turn on this screen, and charge the laptop.

lenovo q27h-10 ports
Photo Credit: Lenovo

A pair of traditional USB-A sockets are also available, giving you ease of use and cable management, which is bliss.

All you have to do is connect one cable to your laptop and you are ready to go with charging, peripherals and a lot more.

The Lenovo Q27H-10 has a pair of built-in stereo speakers, which can be played back via a USB-C interface for simplicity, which gives you great sound.

Lenovo Q27H-10 Performance : It provides a very suitable performance for people who have a limited budget

In terms of performance, this is a conventional SDR screen, there is a single backlight, no local dimming, plus there is no wide color gamut.

But overall, the Lenovo Q27H-10 has an IPS panel and 350cd / m2 bodies reasonably good for general penetration and liveliness.

But for complete clarity and transparency, the Lenovo Q27H-10 falls a little short of the targets you’d hoped for, as it’s not a very bright screen, but the Q27H-10 strives to burn out and make a strong impression.

Video Credit: Lenovo

But it has a well-calibrated panel, with natural colors and a neutral color temperature.

The only obvious exception is a little pressure on the blacks, where some details are lost,

and this appears when watching horror movies, for example, you will feel that detail.

The Lenovo Q27H-10 features user-configurable pixel multiplexing,

which results in some very ugly overrun, as the standard setup delivers reasonable response and there is no apparent ugliness in terms of overrun.

The viewing angles are excellent, the contrast levels are good, and the overall impression assures you of a natural and somewhat accurate screen.

Lenovo Q27H-10 has a native resolution of 1440 pixels, it is well suited to panel size, 4K technology will also provide the option of more desktop real estate.

As for the built-in speakers, they are good and not so good at the same time,

they provide good sound but there are few lost details, but some users may like the idea of ​​using built-in speakers instead of dedicated speakers.


Lenovo Q27H-10 offers the full USB-C function, which is an expensive feature.

This monitor provides you with a great experience using a single cable for less money than we expected.

It also offers very strong performance in all respects thanks to the 27-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 1440 pixels, but it has limited color coverage.

If you are looking for an efficient productivity board with full USB-C functions,

the Lenovo Q27H-10 monitor is a perfect fit for you, plus there is a stand that provides more than tilt adjustment.

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Monitors Buying Link Price Store
Lenovo Q27H-10 Check Price $328.02 Amazon
Monitor Side Mount Mobile Holder Check Price $9,95 Cliconstore
Live Streaming Monitor Check Price $601,37 Cliconstore
Monitor Small Full Hd Check Price $166,21 Cliconstore
Monitor thin and Ultra-Narrow Check Price $182,52 Cliconstore



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