Yoga C940 (14-inch)
Yoga C940 (14-inch)


Yoga C940

good stuff

  • Excellent design
  • Great performance
  • Comfortable keyboard

    bad stuff

  • Expensive
  • Battery life
  • Speakers gave us hope

    The Lenovo Yoga C940 is an excellent 2-in-1 laptop that has powerful performance and an unmatched keyboard, plus the design is very elegant, but the battery life is not what we would like it to be.

    Fast Talk (Yoga C940)

    The Lenovo Yoga C940 is one of the latest devices in a long line of flagship devices from one of the most famous laptop manufacturers. It is very similar to the previous version of the Lenovo Yoga C930, but with a much more capable processor and graphics.

    But what we don’t like is the battery life, and the reason for that is that the CPU and the more powerful graphics lead to a 3 hour drop in battery life.

    However, it does have many advantages such as the original quality of design, the speakers in the hinge and the stylus garage on the back of the laptop.

    You can get the Lenovo Yoga C940 starting at $ 1,299 (£ 1,099, AU $ 2,799), with a 10th-gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD.

    But there are stronger specifications with a price of 2,699 Australian dollars from 2519 Australian dollars, with an Intel Core i7 processor and a 256GB SSD.

    Key Specifically

    CPU1.3GHz Intel Core i7-1065G7 (quad-core, 8MB cache, up to 3.9GHz)
    GraphicsIntel Iris Plus Graphics
    RAM12GB LPDDR3 (3,733MHz)
    Screen14.0-inch, FHD IPS 10-point Touch
    Storage512GB PCIe SSD
    Ports2 x Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C), 1 x USB 3.1 Type-A, headset jack
    ConnectivityIntel 802.11AC (2 x 2); Bluetooth 5
    CameraWidescreen HD (720p) webcam
    Weight2.98 pounds (1.35kg)
    Size8.54 x 0.61 x 12.61 in (215.6 x 15.7 x 320.3mm; W x D x H)

    Yoga C940: Sleek Design including pen 

    The Lenovo Yoga C940 is made of sturdy and durable aluminum and is available in two colors. I have the Iron Gray version, and it looks elegant and professional.

    The build quality feels completely solid, and there are no sharp corners or edges anywhere.

    Yoga C940 (14-inch)  Design
    Yoga C940 (14-inch) Design

    As for Lenovo’s weight, it starts at 1.35 kg, and I weighed a little more than this, and it has dimensions on the thinnest side of a 14-inch laptop, with a thickness of less than 1.6 cm, and this allows it to get 7 mm thin screen edges only on the sides .

    Overall, 2-in-1 touch screens like these have thinner bezels to help you avoid accidentally pressing the screen, but I found the lower chin large enough to take on the role.

    I found it works well as a touchscreen, and it appears to support 10-finger gestures

    One of the cool things is that there is a stylus included with the device, as it is located around the back on the right-hand corner and charging while inserting it into the device, but we had great difficulty trying to get it out with the laptop in front of me on the desk, so it was much easier to take it out once it was turned into tablet mode , To be fair, this is probably when you want to use the stylus most likely, although I also think it’s still useful for easy access in laptop mode.

    Yoga C940 (14-inch) pen
    Yoga C940 (14-inch) pen

    I would have preferred a nice satisfying magnetic click or something when I put the pen back in place, but that wasn’t the case, though, so it stays in place once I slide it back into place.

    Read Our:

    Display: Great for Streaming Movies, and Good WebCam

    As for the Yoga C940’s screen, it is good enough for streaming movies or editing photos,

    I watched one day movie, the 4K screen was clearer and more colorful than the 1080p panel,

    and the individual strings of salt and pepper for Andrew Howard were visible on the 4K screen, but it’s not Modeled.

    For example, it was warm orange on the 4K screen and lifeless gray on the FHD screen. By looking at these two screens side by side.

    Yoga C940 (14-inch) webcam

    The Yoga C940 has a 1080p resolution of 104% of the sRGB color gamut and a 4K panel reaches 139%. It can compete with the best 4K panel, for example the Specter x360 13 (109%) and the XPS 13 are 2-in-1 (113%) average. Class (121%) is more vibrant than the Yoga C940.

    The Lenovo Yoga C940 features a good webcam on a laptop with narrow display bezels, Lenovo has added a flange to the top edge of the Yoga C940 so that the device can accommodate a full-size camera.

    When tested, the Yoga C940 lens with 720p resolution captured an amazing amount of detail in a selfie in poor lighting, and colors were accurate as well. My face was a natural pink.

    Amazing Keyboard with Good Trackpad, but The Battery Life isn’t Good Enough

    As for the Lenovo Yoga C940 keyboard, it is one of the coolest features of its core, as it is equipped with a backlit backlit.

    When in use my fingers felt right at home on the Yoga C940’s large, curved keys,

    they provide just the right amount of travel considering how thin the laptop is.

    Yoga C940 (14-inch) keyboard

    It can also accommodate generous distances for both small and large hands, so it feels heavy and stiff during long writing sessions.

    The touchpad was also good, it comes in a 4.1 x 2.6 inch size that gets the job done, not a big panel, but the surface is responsive and I had no problems implementing Windows 10 gestures, zooming in and scrolling with three fingers to switch windows.

    The C940 continues the yoga tradition of enjoying long battery life.

    As for the battery life, it is not quite good, we tested it, and the 1080p model lasted 11 hours and 46 seconds in the battery test, which included continuous surfing of the web via Wi-Fi at a speed of 150 nits.

    With a runtime of 7 hours 27 minutes, the 4K model was about an hour below the category average.

    Yoga C940 ports

    As for the ports, the Yoga C940 doesn’t have that many, and the inputs are all on the left side,

    as there is a headphone / microphone jack, two Thunderbolt 3 ports and a USB Type-A port, and the right side is the power button.

    Yoga C940 Performance

    In terms of performance, Intel Ice Lake is considered the best thing that has happened to laptops in years.

    It gives you great performance by all standards, especially in multi-core workloads, and the graphics power takes off dramatically.

    We compared it to the HP Elite Dragonfly, which has an equivalent configuration that exceeds the processor, and the result is that 3DMark’s performance is more than double, but despite that it is still not powerful enough to play the best PC games at maximum settings, but it is good enough to get some work done. Creative.

    Yoga C940 (14-inch) speaker performance

    After several tests, the Lenovo Yoga C940 scored 1,385 points in the Cinebench R20 and 18,029 in Geekbench 4.3.

    But there was a strange thing that we noticed during testing, which is that the cooling system works in a strange way, and we think the reason for this is an attempt to reduce the fan noise, the fans will not rotate completely until the temperature reaches the nineties.

    But we ran Cinebench in a loop for 10 minutes, we found that the laptop would start to cool down after two minutes, and it sits at about 77 degrees Celsius, and that was fine.

    The Lenovo Yoga C940 is powerful in its own right, as it is a thin and light device that can also flip inside out in a Windows tablet beautifully.


    Overall, the Lenovo Yoga C940 is simply an amazing device. It is a very stylish Windows laptop that you can show off at your local coffee shop, and it also comes with a hidden pen garage, which gives you the power to turn this laptop into a tablet. Easily start drawing anywhere.

    The Lenovo Yoga C940 has one of the best laptop keyboards on the market, the keys feel very comfortable and quiet, so you can type all day long without feeling disturbed.

    But we found the speakers on the Lenovo Yoga C940 are not quite good, and the battery life is about average for a 2-in-1 laptop, so it’s not as good as the previous model.



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