lenovo yoga smart tab
lenovo yoga smart tab

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab a manufacturer of mobile phones and produced many and many phones, but it did not receive great success, as it succeeded in the field of medium and cheap tablets and tablets, so it succeeded a great success in this field, but it still produces phones and seeks to develop, and almost comes in the arrangement after the Ipad and Samsung Tab And masters the throne of the middle class in the field of tablets and tablets,

so its devices have the highest specifications for this price in the tablet, and recently the company launched Lenovo Yoga Smart Tap, so we present to you in this article the most important specifications of the device.

We start the Review by opening the box

  1. First you find the device in front of you after lifting the case cover.
  2. Secondly, user manuals.
  3. Third, it comes with a USB Type-C charging cable.
  4. Finally the charger head.

The design: Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab

lenovo yoga smart tab Design
Lenovo yoga smart tab Design

 The Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab comes with an attractive design with bulging at the bottom of the device as it is base and installed, and the device weighs about 580 grams, the device is a heavy device and has a 3.5 mm entrance and a USB Type-C.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab screen

As for the screen, the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab comes with a 10.1-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 1200 x 2900 pixels.

Internal hardware and performance:

The device comes to a somewhat average performance as it comes with a Snapdragon 439 processor with a manufacturing accuracy (12 nm). This processor is relatively old relative to the processors available in the market, but it is a good processor on a tablet or tablet device, it also comes with an Adreno 505 graphic processor, as for Ramat The Lenovo Yogo Smart Tab comes with 4 GB RAM, it also comes with an internal memory of 64 GB, and the phone also supports setting an external memory card up to 256 GB

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab Hardware

The Yoga Smart Tab resembles a tablet in every way except one: it has a massive, rounded edge that houses the unique kickstand and two JBL stereo speakers. This edge looks cumbersome at first glance, but you’ll quickly discover that it is very ergonomic; having this large rounded portion as a grip is very comfortable when using the device as a tablet. Most importantly, however, the kickstand makes it possible to hang the tablet anywhere you can install a hook or nail.

The hinge is capable of two positions:

lenovo yoga smart tab Features

One that locks the kickstand at around a 90-degree angle and another that is close to a 180-degree angle. Both enable the tablet to be used while it is residing on a flat surface like a desk, adjusting the angles as necessary for the user. The 90-degree kickstand angle also makes it possible to use the tablet in a vertical position on a flat surface. When fully opened, the kickstand is used as a mount for hanging the tablet from a hook or nail.

When the tablet is hanging on a wall, it does bounce slightly as you tap the screen; you’d need to put an adhesive strip or something similar behind it to keep it fixed in place, but that would eliminate the option to randomly grab it off the wall and use it as a regular tablet. With that said, the bouncing is minor and doesn’t impact the use of the tablet as a stationary smart display.

Of course, the display can also be placed in a third-party stand for a more stable, long-term mounting solution that doesn’t involve a wall. There is a benefit to having the tablet hanging from a hook, however, and it’s that the audio bounces off the wall and is directed back at the user. This can also have the effect of making the audio a bit flatter, so it all comes down to how the tablet is used and the customer’s own preferences.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab Processor:

  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon 439 octa-core (Up to 2.0GHz)
    OS: Android 9 Pie
    Display: 10.1 ″ FHD IPS w / TDDI technology
  • Up to 4GB RAM
  • Up to 64GB eMMC
    Battery: 7000mAh
  • Up to 11 hours web browsing *
  • Up to 10 hours video playback (1080p) *
  • 2 x 2W JBL speakers
  • Dolby Atmos
    Mic: 3 x digital microphones
  • Home Assistant Experience
  • The Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode
  • Front: 8MP Autofocus
  • Rear: 5MP Fixed-focus
    Dimensions: 9.5 ″ x 6.5 ″ x 0.3-0.9 ″
    Weight: 1.28lbs
  • 802.11 AC dual-band
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • USB Type-C 2.0
  • Headphone / mic combo
  • MicroSD (up to 256GB)
    Color: Iron Gray

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab Software & Performance

The Yoga Smart Tab with Google Assistant is a great tablet…when used as a smart display. When used as an actual tablet, the Smart Tab is very basic and only capable of simple tasks — streaming videos at sub-4K resolutions, listening to music, playing basic games like cards, chess, and bubble popping activities.

The tablet is not capable of handling more intensive tasks, however, and it can’t be used to play more demanding games. You certainly shouldn’t expect, for example, to play Fortnite or Call of Duty Mobile on this model.

The tablet is perfectly capable of handling Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode, which pulls up a simplified interface with access to smart home devices when the tablet is plugged in. The Ambient Mode disappears as soon as the tablet is unplugged, enabling the user to access the ordinary Android interface. I was able to use the Yoga Smart Tab to video chat, stream YouTube videos and music, check my email, control the smart lights, and pull up the security camera feed without any issues.

Certain activities, including multitasking, would cause the tablet to randomly freeze, sometimes for a very brief moment and other times for a few seconds.

In a couple of instances, the display completely froze and I had to turn it off and then back on again to restore function. This worked every time, however,

and the experience is what I have come to expect from lower-end Android tablets. At other times, something as simple as swiping to remove push notifications would result in multiple seconds of hesitation.

There are a few things to like about this tablet, including:

lenovo yoga smart tab Stand

The audio quality is excellent for a tablet. The relatively large stereo speakers on this model separate it from other tablets,

giving consumers who want a smart display a reason to choose this product over an ordinary cheap slate. Of course, this assumes you don’t plan to use the device with a larger, more powerful third-party speaker or wireless home audio system.

The unique hinged kickstand makes it possible to hang the tablet from a hook or nail; the kickstand can also be used to prop up the tablet when typing on the display and to position it vertically as a smart display. The hinge’s build quality feels very solid,

meaning you won’t have to worry about it folding in when you don’t want it to.

The tablet’s design is visually appealing. The rounded edge is comfortable to hold for long periods of time, potentially making the tablet more appealing to people who enjoy reading ebooks.


The upsides come with some downsides. We encountered a few issues and concerns about the Yoga Smart Tab, including:

Poor performance. As mentioned above, the tablet is prone to freezing or hesitating, which provides a poor user experience. At times, we experienced performance issues from something as simple as waiting too long to swipe away push notifications, allowing a dozen or more to build up.

Poor webcam quality. If you’re planning to use the Yoga Smart Tab as a smart display, you’ll likely want to use it for video chatting. If that’s the case, you’re probably hoping for higher-end quality, which you won’t get from this model. The video quality is certainly adequate, but only adequate.


The Yoga Smart Tab with Google Assistant is a tablet designed to function as a smart display and it is decent at both tasks. Users get an atypically ergonomic experience due to the large rounded edge on the tablet,

plus the built-in kickstand offers the unique opportunity to hang the tablet as if it were a picture frame. The built-in stereo speakers likewise offer something more than you’d get from the average tablet, equalling the experience you’d get from a small, portable Bluetooth speaker.


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