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The LG 32UN880 Ultrafine 32 inch 4k ergo display, if you know it by its more proper mane. but it’s a 4k 32-inch display that supports hdr10 and works over usbc.

LG 32UN880: Fast Talk (Pricing)

The LG 32UN880 screen offers a lot of great features. It is a large screen that provides accurate colors that you can easily maneuver around to display the most comfortable angle you can get.

Also It is a 32-inch 4K Ultra HD color screen, possessing HDR 10, covering 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut.

It also has an ergonomic stand that you can attach to your desk to save a lot of space, as well as provide freedom of movement for the screen that is truly second to none.

The LG 32UN880 screen comes at a price of just $ 699, 599 pounds, 1203 Australian dollars, and this is a great price considering the features it offers, making it one of the most accessible 4K screens for creative professionals.

There are also some similar models like the BenQ PD3200U screen, which comes in the same price at $ 699, £ 649, AU $ 1,299.


4K Resolution Meets Retina Standard
Built-in speakers
Great support for wide color HDR10 and P3
A wide range of adjustments to meet ergonomic needs


No Mac-specific features like Night Shift, True Tone, volume or brightness controls
Speakers are poor


31.5 inch UHD 4K Display
Ergonomic Design
Best for Multitasking
Horizontal & Vertical Mode
Up to 280° Swivel

LG 32UN880: Design

LG went into every detail of the screen in this design, focusing on connectivity, range of motion, display quality, cable management and mounting options.

Also LG 32UN880 included C clip can handle an ultra-thin desk as well as a desk that is several inches thick.

the back of LG 32UN880, kind of interesting because this monitor is from LG’s Ultrafine lineup, which started off with their Ultrafine 6k, which was a collaboration with Apple.

aside from having that gorgeous display what really separates it out. is its ergonomics and its ability to be moved around. 

you can see the swivel arm here in the back, the whole back post is able to rotate around allowing for just a huge degree of point of views for the monitor.

LG 32UN880: Stand

LG 32UN880 Stand

The LG 32UN880 stand does mount differently, it’s not on a normal stand that sits on your desk. 

it comes with a c-clamp that can go right around the back and then it gets twisted into position. 

Now if your table is really thin, and it doesn’t tighten anymore luckily it can be adjusted. 

you can move these screws up to make it tighter for even thinner disk.

and what we were more excited about was that we could mount this in the hole on our desk.

the one that’s used to kind of hide cable shut those cables through, you can actually use that to mount this monitor stand. 

It’s easy to do; you simply remove the existing c-clamp and add one instead and then you’re just going to go ahead and put it through the hole.

then add this disc and the tightener part here this little wrench part and just screw everything down.

LG 32UN880 Controls

everything is driven by a small joystick that sits on the underside of the LG 32UN880 monitor right below that LG logo. 

you can impress it into Okey, and then it can move up down, left and right.

when you go ahead and push it side to side that’ll immediately adjust the volume. 

so it’s quick to adjust the volume that way, but unfortunately you can control the volume from your mac. 

so those volume keys on your keyboard, those aren’t going to work and that’s where they’re using hdmi or usbc


LG 32UN880 Connections

Ergo is a USB 3.2 Type-C display that comes with a plethora of benefits and features.

Only one cable connects your Mac to the monitor which not only provides the video signal,

but allows for connection to only the USB 3.1 USB-A ports and the audio jack on the back of the screen.

We have a DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.0 ports, two USB-A ports, a headphone jack, and a power input.

And when connected via USB-C, Ergo can provide around 60W of power to your portable Mac.

Also included in the box are HDMI and USB-C cables, each containing a rubber collar about a footlong at one end.

You can direct these cables under the support pole to keep your desk looking neat and free of disturbance.


there are two five watt speakers on LG 32UN880, and honestly they don’t sound that great,

we’re definitely gonna recommend finding some better speakers. 

otherwise you can press on it to open the controls to switch picture mode jump in settings or change the input. 

we can change things like the brightness and the volume right from your mac touch bar. 

that’s really what we prefer and unfortunately they didn’t do that here.

it also doesn’t support other things that you would expect on a mac monitor,

such as true tone or night shift like the Ultrafine displays that apple sells in store.  

Those were designed in conjunction with Apple to support things like true tone

and night shift and being able to control the brightness and everything else from your mac itself. 

so it’s one downside to this monitor versus the other LG Ultrafine that Apple sells

or something that Apple makes, just like the incredibly expensive pro display xdr. 

still this display is absolutely stunning, we love it, it has a great pixel density of 140 ppi

Monitor Buying Link Price Store
LG 32UN880 Check Price $649.62 Amazon



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