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Today we Will Talk About LG Eclair QP5, Every stunning recipe has a lot of ingredients, ingredients that are infused together to create a unique taste in the first mouthful bite, but let’s agree that eyes eat before mouth, that’s why after every chief finish his recipe, he garnishes it with very simple decoration that makes your mouth water once you see the plate.

So what are the Ingredients of the LG Eclair Qp5, the most stunning ingredient of the Eclair Qp5 is that it features Doubly Atoms and the chief this time made a stunning decoration as the Qp5 is to be known as the smallest bar infused with Dolby Atmos.

So if you are a person that doesn’t like soundbar sitting beneath your TV, The LG Eclair Qp5 is a very decent designed bar in an oval compact elegant shape, that doesn’t look like stiff under your television, and looks way better and matching with your furniture, so yeah its looks delicious from the look of it, what about from the inside?

What are LG Eclair QP5 pros and cons?

Very huge thumbs up when it comes to the design of it, not like the traditional soundbars don’t look at all for me, this one with its compact oval design and small shape you can put it where ever you want to give you the perfect shape for your room decoration as if it was made especially to match with your room decor.

Not only that but also the idea that this Eclair piece featuring Dolby Atmos in its small compacted body is very pleasant as the Dolby Atmos is well known for its sound quality, giving you the cinematic sound that you desire.

On the other side, it was very annoying for me to release that the LG Eclair QP5 doesn’t have network connectivity, not like SP8YA that supports network connectivity, so you won’t be able to connect it with Chromecast, Apple airplay, and Spotify connect not even with google assistant.

The pushy midrange with the not well-integrated bass doesn’t feel right at all, you don’t feel that much isolated from the surrounding, and this is a point that they should improve more in the upcoming products.

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LG Eclair QP5 Features

The Eclair Qp5’s measures 296 x 59.9 x 126mm which is to be considered one-third of the width of SP8YA, its design is unique that matches any modern furniture and design,

This device has a lot of advanced features such as the eARC and 4K HDR passthrough but lakes any network connectivity which makes it very annoying and irritating not only because of the absence of the streaming options but also, the idea that even the LG phone app – which is the only way to control the device – you have to switch it to Bluetooth mood in order to use the app. So if you are watching a movie, or listening to music with some friends and want to make some changes in the voice settings, you have to pause whatever is running on your TV and manually connect it to your mobile phone in order to use the app, Seriously?

If you look at the back of the device you will see power bottom, level up and down bottoms, Bluetooth pairing bottom, and source input shifting bottom, beneath you will find a USB drive socket, ports for HDMI in, optical input and, eARC.

The device comes with a remote control that gives you access to 4 sound moods, The cinematic mood, the standard mood, the game mood, and most important of them all the AI mood, which makes the soundbar automatically shifts for you.

Inside the Eclair QP5, there is 5cm drivers, a center channel, and two 45 angled channels one to the left and one to the right to give a wider cinematic sound, the sub on the other side has a pair of 13 cm opposing drivers to reduce the vibration generated by the movement of the cones.

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  • Connections: 1 x HDMI out, 1 x HDMI in, optical, USB
  • Selected sound format support Dolby Atmos, Dolby True HD, DTS:X, DTS-HD, LPCM
  • Bluetooth version 4.0
  • AirPlay 2 No
  • Chromecast No
  • Voice control No
  • Finishes x2
  • Dimensions (hwd, cm) 6 x 30  x 13 (bar); 29 x 40 x 19 (sub)
  • Weight (kg) 1.55 (bar); 7.7 (sub)


When it comes to a small and relatively medium room, yes it sounds more than expected but moving it to a large room wasn’t good as I anticipated, it feels like listening to a phone speaker in a glass cup to give it more depth wasn’t a big fan of it actually. 

LG-Eclair-QP5 ports
(Image credit: LG)

There’s little in the method of high pitch shimmer and the low end feels detached and periodically out of time with the principal bar, which is especially perceptible with uproarious impacts, for example, gunshots and gear moves that are intended to be firmly timed to the music.

Real-time music over the Bluetooth association, I track down that the meager and smooth coordination holds the mitigating vagueness of the harmonium and detail of the guitar. The sub’s sound is cursory, it adds some warm reverberation to the tabla and I feel open to wrenching up the volume without it skirting on brutality.

LG Eclair QP5 Unboxing 

The speakers come within a cardboard box with a lot of info on it, looks very good from the look of it and a lot of information on it, about the quality and performance of the device, Opening the cardboard, first, you will find the bar wrapped in a plastic wrap embedded in oval shape cardboard and cardboard box, the box includes the caples required for operating by removing these cardboards you will find a huge very heavy subwoofer embedded between 2 cardboards with description manual, Plumbing and installing the device is very easy.

My experience with the LG Eclair QP5

To be honest not a big fan of the device, the idea that there is no network connectivity is very irritating and disturbing for me especially when it comes to shifting between the TV and Mobile phone so I have to do it manually from the bar itself and the only way to control the device is via the LG application.

After a while of testing the different moods, the AI isn’t accurate and always switch back to cinema mood, that’s a very unpleasing thing to experience meanwhile the speaker is sound is very good when it comes to small to relatively sized rooms but putting it in my living room wasn’t that good I expected more to be honest.

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Speaker Buying Link Price Store
LG Eclair QP5 Check Price $496.99 Amazon


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