LG G8X Dual Screen review
LG G8X Dual Screen review

LG G8X Dual Screen -Given the name of the LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen,

We might think that it is a clear and direct upgrade to the LG G8 phone that was revealed earlier,

which cannot be described as the right thing in the case of comparison between the two phones, the newer phone,

which was revealed last September

decreases in some Its specifications from the previous phone on it,

although it is distinguished by a completely different feature from it,

which is the second screen that gave him the name Dual Screen.

This is not the first time that LG has introduced a phone that can convert to a phone with two screens,

it presented this earlier with the LG V50 5G ThinQ Dual Screen

which was accepting the installation of a second screen as well,

LG G8X Dual Screen

But it was unable to receive the desired success,

which is the case of most LG phones during the past few years, especially after the era of the last LG phones to achieve success, LG G4.

What are the differences between LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen and previous releases

Does the phone represent LG’s folding phones, and can it be considered a foldable phone?

This is what we will work to answer during the review of the LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen,

the review of the LG G8X in short as we will call it during the lines of this article.

LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen main features

  • The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
  • RAM 6 GB RAM
  • Storage space is 128 GB
  • The first 12-megapixel rear camera and a wide F / 1.8 aperture
  • The second has a 13-megapixel one and the ultra-wide F / 2.4 lens
  • The front camera accurately 32 megapixel
  • 6.4-inch P-OLED screen
  • The battery capacity is 4000 mAh
  • The price is about 700 USD

Contents of the box

  • LG G8X ThinQ
  • Additional screen accessory
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Fast wall charger
  • USB Type-C magnetic connector for second charging and wiring

The design

The most prominent thing that can be discovered about the LG G8X review is the solidity of this phone

and the extent of LG’s continued interest in strengthening its flagship phones on the level of durability,

beginning the phone depends on an aluminum frame that is located between two strips of toughened glass,

From the front Corning Gorilla Glass sixth edition,

and from Back Corning Gorilla Glass Fifth Edition, LG maintains its feature by placing the rear camera lenses under the slide,

which means that the screen is not prominent like the rest of the phones, but is also protected.

flagship phone

Like any other flagship phone, the phone relies on the IP68 rating for protection against dust and immersion in water,

but what distinguishes LG G8X from other phones is that it passes the MIL-STD-810G test set for military devices,

which includes exposing the phone to low pressure, high and low temperature,

Thermal shocks, solar radiation, rain, high humidity, vibration, shocks, dust, sand and other tests that the phone can pass,

but this does not mean that the phone is not subject to breakage,

as it is ultimately made of glass, even if it is toughened glass.

The LG G8X is based on a 6.4-inch screen with a waterdrop design that occupies an area smaller than that occupied by the same slot in the LG G8,

the screen relies on the usual 19.5: 9 ratio to account for approximately 83.3 percent of the front phone space,

it is clear here The first faults that lie in the details of the phone as the limbs surrounding

the screen are clear and thicker than any of the leading competing phones,

you may think that the phone belongs to the middle class by looking at it from afar.

The screen includes a built-in optical fingerprint scanner,

at the top edge of the upper edge there is a call headphone that works as a second speaker

with the main speaker located below the phone to provide a stereo system,

LG G8X Dual Screen review

the phone at the bottom also includes two 3.5 mm ports

that LG has not abandoned in this phone in addition to the USB Type port -C.

The left of the phone includes the volume control buttons

a button for launching and operating the smart digital assistant,

while the right of the phone includes the power button, opening and closing the screen,

while the contact slide drawer is located at the top, it is worth noting that the phone does not include a bulb for notifications

its back does not include only the rear camera double submerged lenses Inside the phone is located in the middle in horizontal order.

The screen

The second element of the LG G8X review is the screen, and the phone relies on a 6.4-inch P-OLED screen

with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels and a density of 403 pixels per inch,

which are numbers closer to the middle and above-average phones than to the leading phones that rely on the accuracy of 1440 in 4K quality?

Review of LG G8X in spite of this, but LG did not miss the support of its phone screen with some good capabilities,

such as covering the color range of DCI-P3 by one hundred percent, and support for HDR10 content,

although it was absent from Dolby Vision technology that was available in the screen of the LG G8, either on Brightness level,

the screen can reach up to 600 nits automatically,

while it is sufficient at 300 nits manually,

which means they need to rely on the automatic mode in the case of using the phone under direct sunlight.

As for the brightness of the second screen or Dual Screen, it can reach a maximum brightness of 371 nits,

there is no automatic feature to control the brightness of the second screen,

so you will not exceed this barrier even if its brightness coincides with the main screen

and determine the last brightness on the automatic mode.

LG G8X review mentioned the second screen,

which is the core of the LG G8X review, it does not differ much in terms of the general design from that provided with the LG V50 phone, but it differs in terms of two basic elements,

the first is its dependence on the phone’s USB Type-C port unlike the previous screen,

that is activated when the second screen is folded onto the phone, through which time and notifications can be known.

install the second screen

you have to place the phone inside the empty frame of the case that contains the second screen that does not include a separate battery

derives its energy through the phone’s USB Type-C port,

but LG has seen that the harmony between the design of the two screens calls for the notch in the second screen as well,

The screen depends on the same resolution as the primary screen of the phone.

that appears to be covered with Oleophobic paint for easy cleaning, while the back reveals half of the phone’s back

As for the use of the second screen, it is a multi-feature in multitasking, watching movies

and playing games where the controls switch to the second screen to leave the first screen space complete for the game itself,

Dual Screen review

the second screen can be controlled by placing the phone in the appendix to appear on the main screen The control button in the second screen Which includes stopping and operating it.

Screen LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen With the operation of the second screen you will discover that it has its own application drawer, which allows separate applications to run on it,

also includes a button for its special settings that include brightness and adjustment on the external screen and the setting of background images and others,

also can be used as two screens as an extended screen from Through the property known as Wide View.

The performance

The LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 flagship processor

with a 7-nanometer architecture consisting of three segments,

the other three chips at a speed of 2.42 GHz for the same chip category,

The integrated graphics processor is the Adreno 640, the best among the various graphics processors provided by Qualcomm,

which are available in smartphones in general, the random memory of the phone is 6 GB RAM and the internal memory is 128 GB, the UFS2.1 category.

The actual translation of these numbers will only be valid through the results of the tests, which revealed that the phone occupied a very good position,

but it decreased slightly in the single core tests that achieved the result of 3508 A point,

while AnTuTu tests gave the phone a score of 339726 points, which is a result not far from the top phones.


which includes all the features that were available in the UX 8.0 interface, but with clear adjustments at the level of design, graphics,

font size and design, to resemble the new user interface and the One UI interface for Samsung phones.

Among the most prominent specifications of the LG UX 9.0 user interface is the ability to always enable the on-display feature,

The notification space and status bar design has also changed from the previous version,

as it has become more dynamic and tidier. At the level of browsing,

it is possible to switch between using the usual three buttons and relying on the gesture system

that was available in previous versions of the LG phone user interface.


while the second lens in a 13-megapixel ultra-wide lens and f / 2.4 fixed aperture Focusing with limited focal length

and no optical image stabilizer available, it is worth noting that LG is one of the first companies

to rely on an ultra-wide lens in its phones in addition to the wide main lens,

which is the tradition that it has maintained until now.

The main lens of the LG G8X can provide excellent performance in terms of details, sharpness, color accuracy and distinct contrast,

its support for dynamic range above average, though not at its best,

therefore the camera application activates the Auto HDR feature automatically,

HDR features

the activation of the HDR features A very slight decrease in sharpness and detail, which requires some future adjustments. As for the noise level,

which comes at the expense of details and sharpness as we indicated.

As for the lens with a large width, it has a performance that is among the best of the various other phones

that include the same lens. The pictures have distinct details in the middle,

and the deformation correction system in the corners works very distinctively,

The phone was able to achieve very good results on night photography,

as the image from the main lens still has the same features without a slight difference,

it is also possible to activate the night photography imaging that takes about a second to capture the image, which only works to reduce noise in a simple way,

unlike various other phones, The ultra-wide lens is able to capture excellent night pictures as well.

As for the selfie camera, it has a strength of 32 megapixels with Quad Bayer technology, which means keeping the basic images with 8 megapixels.

The camera is in the normal image only, but it also weakens it from portrait photography.

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