LG Gram 16 (2021) Laptop Review
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The LG Gram 16 (2021) is a great laptop, with impressive specs with an incredibly lightweight design, plus impressive battery life, but the price is incredibly high as well.

Fast Talk

The LG Gram 16 (2021) is a very impressive device, as it is the latest version of the wonderful line of laptops from LG, it has the latest components with Intel processors of the eleventh generation for mobile phones, in addition to the availability of a new size is also 16 inches, along with Along with the 14-inch and 17-inch variants as well.

The LG Gram 16 (2021) is a glimpse into the next evolution in laptop design.

Design-wise, the device is incredibly lightweight, weighing just 2.62 lbs (1.18 kg).

But the design is a little boring, and we want future laptops to push the boundaries of traditional laptop form factors.

It also has a new 16-inch screen, which is a nice middle ground between choosing the previous model for 13-inch and 17-inch screens, which come in very bright and bright colors.

The LG Gram 16 (2021) features the latest Intel 11th generation processors, meaning the laptop is nice and fast for everyday use.

Coming with Windows 10 operating system quickly, it’s a very cool laptop in that regard, perfect for people looking for a laptop for work.

Also, the battery life on the LG Gram 16 (2021) is a great feature, as it will last for more than 11 hours.

The device comes at a very high price, starting at $ 1,299 / £ 1,249 (around $ 1,700).


  • Very light
  • Excellent battery life
  • Screen is very good
  • Quiet


  • Expensive
  • Some bloatware
  • The design is a little simple


The new LG Gram 16 is now on sale for $ 1,299 / £ 1,249, but is not currently available in Australia.

The model we are reviewing now comes with an Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor, 8GB of RAM, 512GB storage space, and a 16-inch screen.

There is another version that comes at a price of $ 1,399 / £ 1449, with specifications as follows: Intel Core i7-1165G7 CPU, 16 GB RAM and 256 GB storage.

In the future, LG will also release a new convertible 2-in-1 version of the LG Gram 16 (2021).

And the 14-inch models under the 16-inch are also cheaper, starting at $ 999 (about £ 800).

Key Specifically

CPU2.8GHz Intel Core i7-1165G7 (4-core, 12MB Intel Smart Cache, up to 4.7GHz with Turbo Boost)
GraphicsIntel Iris Xe Graphics
RAM16GB LPDDR4X (4,266MHz)
Storage1TB SSD (PCIe, NVMe, M.2)
Display16-inch WQXGA (2,560 x 1,600) IPS LCD
ConnectivityWi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0
Camera720p webcam
Weight2.62 pounds
Size14.01 x 9.58 x 0.66-inches

LG Gram 16 (2021) Design: Extremely Lightweight 

A great feature in the LG Gram range is its extremely light weight, as the LG Gram 16 is the world’s lightest 16-inch laptop, weighing just 2.62 pounds (1.18 kg). That’s half the weight of the Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019).

It is carried very easily, as it can be carried comfortably in one hand, and if you put it in a bag or backpack to carry it with you, you can almost forget it.

This is impressive, since you don’t have to stick to a 13-inch laptop if you want something lightweight.

LG Gram 16 (2021) Design

The LG Gram series proves that screen size doesn’t have to be sacrificed for a lightweight laptop, but it does have a design that some may find a bit boring.

But the LG Gram 16 (2021) looks a little delicate, and maybe a little cheap, as it lacks the reassuring heft of premium aluminum laptops.

The LG Gram 16 (2021) has a full metal frame and is the same material used in aircraft materials. It exceeds the military standard MIL-STD-810G for durability, so it can withstand shocks and falls.

Dimensions of 14.01 x 9.58 x 0.66 inches, the device fits in most bags without a problem.

As for the ports, the LG Gram 16 (2021) comes surprisingly well equipped, on the left side there is a full-size HDMI port, two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports to power the laptop, charge its battery, and an audio jack.

LG Gram 16 (2021) ports

On the right side there are two USB 3.2 ports and a microSD port, so you don’t have to worry about dongles, the LG Gram 16 (2021) highlights that laptops don’t have to sacrifice ports just to be thin.

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Features (Bright Display , Comfortable Keyboard and Trackpad)

The screen comes in at 16-inch, and is quite impressive thanks to the thin bezels surrounding it and the longer 16:10 aspect ratio.

The picture quality of the Gram 16 (2021) is also great, with a WQXGA resolution of 2,56t0 x 1,600, which supports 99% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, and the colors are bright, vibrant and accurate as well.

LG Gram 16 (2021) keyboard and trackpad

The LG Gram 16 (2021) has a well-sized keyboard, with satisfactory key travel, this keyboard is comfortable and satisfying to type on.

The keys also come backlit, which allows you to type in low light levels as well, but you can’t change the color of the lights behind the keyboard, but that won’t be of interest to most people.

The power button is located at the top of the keyboard, and it includes an integrated fingerprint reader, and during tests we found it fast and accurate when using it to log into Windows 10.

The touchpad is also large in size, very comfortable to use and smooth to move around.

All in all, the LG Gram 16 (2021) is a really impressive engineering feat to have a 16-inch laptop that weighs very little.

Great Battery Life , Software

The LG Gram 16 (2021) has a really impressive battery life, as it lasts more than nine hours of battery life, and the action during the tests lasted for nine hours with a looped 1080p video playback with a 50% screen brightness.

This is an excellent result, as this device will easily last more than one working day or an entire school day. Even on long trips.

It can handle intense workloads, like video calls, and getting that much from a single charge is excellent.

As for charging, it is charged at amazing speed via the USB-C ports, and you can also use any USB-C charger, although some smart phone chargers do not provide enough power to charge the battery.

The LG Gram 16 (2021) comes with Windows 10 and LG has also packed it with a large number of pre-installed apps.

And there are some apps that make their presence known – for example there is the Alexa app, for starters that allow you to take advantage of Amazon’s virtual assistant.

And installing Microsoft’s Cortana in Windows 10 is a bit overkill to have two default assistants that you’ll never use.

The LG Gram 16 (2021) comes bundled with McAfee’s antivirus experience, but this will frustrate anyone who has purchased a new laptop with McAfee pre-installed on it before. But overall the built-in antivirus in Windows 10 is good enough for many people.

Excellent and very ideal performance in daily tasks

As for the overall performance of the LG Gram 16 (2021), it is considered an Intel Evo certified laptop. It comes with some specifications and features that Intel claims make it part of the “next evolution” in laptop design.

It has the 11th generation Intel mobile processors and Intel Iris Xe graphics, which provide an impressive performance.

The model we are reviewing now comes with specifications as follows: Intel Core i7-1165G7 CPU and 16 GB RAM and CPU ensure that this laptop feels alive when running Windows 10.

Credit: LG

Upon tests, we found that the LG Gram 16 (2021) performs well for everyday tasks such as creating documents and browsing the web.

Also, the aspect ratio of 16:10 screen is an advantage with vertical documents, which gives you more vertical space, which means less scrolling.

Overall the screen looks great, although it has a glossy finish, which means it is very reflective.

The keyboard is great to use as well, and the tab is large, easy to use, and extremely smooth.

All in all, the LG Gram 16 (2021) is a great choice for everyday tasks including schoolwork, and it’s a worthwhile investment, especially with its lightweight design.

We also managed to edit the images well thanks to the beautiful screen, as the integrated Iris Xe graphics are enough to handle photo editing and video editing for most casual users.


Overall, the LG Gram 16 (2021) is impressively light, so you’ll be able to easily carry it around with you all day long, and it offers a screen larger than 13 inches without weighing much more.

With very impressive specifications for extremely powerful performance, the LG Gram 16 (2021), like other Intel Evo laptops, is equipped with the latest Thunderbolt 4 technology, providing ultra-fast data transfer speeds.

The LG Gram 16 (2021) is fine for everyday use, but it will struggle with modern games, but overall the integrated graphics will be suitable for old and standalone games.

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LG Gram 16 (2021) Check Price $1,599.99 Amazon


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