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The LG SK1 speaker has a compact and easy-to-use design, and comes at a very affordable price, making it suitable for small televisions.

Fast Talk

The LG SK1 amplifier has as much elemental design as a subwoofer can get. It’s a thin strip and it pumps out the sound – that’s it – there’s no extra subwoofer, no smart audio control, no multi-room functionality, and finally no 3D hoaxes like Dolby Atmos.

It only comes with Bluetooth connectivity, and with just 40 watts of power, you won’t find sound so huge or loud that it wobbles the ground.

The LG SK1 speaker comes at a very reasonable price, and the best inexpensive amplifiers find that packing additional features in affordable audio and video equipment is difficult, but this is logical.

This speaker comes handy, and despite some audio weaknesses, it can still be an upgrade over some of your TV speakers.

The LG SK1 speaker has a very reasonable price, as it comes at a price of $ 89, and you can buy one from Best Buy or Micro Center, and B&H has also stated that the SK1 comes at a slightly lower price of $ 86, but it was also sold.

There are no additional parts that come with it, as there are no subwoofers or satellite speakers sold separately. It is a fully and real standalone amplifier.


  • very cheap
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Good sound quality


  • Limited connection
  • Light bass
  • Only 40 watts

Key Specifically

Speakers2 x full range drivers
Ports3.5mm aux in, optical in
Size3 x 25.5 x 7.5 inches
Weight4.4 pounds

Simple and compact design

LG SK1 has a very simple and compact design, it is taller in pictures; At 25.6 inches wide, it is a relatively compact speaker.

The LG SK1 is also lightweight, which makes it easy to mount to the wall, but you’ll need to provide your own screws to do this, but this is normal for all inexpensive speakers.

LG SK1 Soundbar design

In general, the LG SK1 is a very basic speakerphone in all respects, it comes in black without built-in controls, but you can get a remote control.

The screen is simple, it is just a pair of individual LED lights, and these different colors in the bar flash according to the type of source connection in use, but it is not as useful as the screen for transmitting audio information and playback mode.

LG SK1 ports

As for the ports, there is only one optical input and 3.5 mm per port, with a USB port for service purposes. It has Bluetooth connectivity as well, but the SK1 is a thousand miles away from the likes of HDMI eARC.

Overall, the LG SK1 has good build quality, and the top and bottom panels are made of hard-touch plastic, with a metal mesh wrapping around both front corners for a modern look.

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Features: Easy Setup , Remote Control

The LG SK1 has a simple setup, as it is done via optical connection, all you have to do is just plug in, power on and set up a basically identical Bluetooth to set up the best Bluetooth speakers.

All you have to do is press the Bluetooth button on the remote control to put SK1 into pairing mode, then go to the Bluetooth menu of your phone or tablet. Everything is toasty easy.

And that the remote control also has dedicated buttons to switch between Bluetooth devices and optical devices and 3.5 mm.

It also has Dynamic Range and Bass Blast control switches that boost the low frequency.

Also, the dynamic range compression in Dolby Digital’s supporting content, which in turn reduces the range between loud and quiet scenes, is useful for action movies where parts of the dialogue were suddenly cut off due to explosions and car accidents.

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Performance : Good separation between different sound effects

The LG SK1 only has a pair of 20W drivers, so the SK1 lacks the room vibration volume of not only the best speakers but also a lot of the average fare.

And the bass is particularly non-existent – the SK1 doesn’t sound tinny, like the large lower-end TV speakers are meant to replace, but at least there is some rumbling in the big action scenes.

During the tests we activated Bass Blast which helped fill in the volume, both for video and in music playback.

Even at limited power, the LG SK1 looks surprisingly exciting, and there is a good separation between different sound effects and musical instruments, in addition to the sound stage being wider than the narrow dimensions suggest.

The thing that we did not like is that the LG SK1 suffers from a weakness, for example that the LG SK1 is a dialogue that looks a bit hollow next to the effects and music, but with the Bass Blast activated, the performance will improve a little.

And when playing music via Bluetooth, the Bass Blast has less effect on the sounds than it has on the movie dialogue via the visual.

This is a scent as I had been happy to let it go, so it could provide that extra low punch for the vocals, but some singers from the tenor range experienced some whistling.

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LG SK1 review has a certain straightforward charm that extends far beyond the comfort of its rock bottom price. And it comes with a very simple design, being less than 30 inches, so you can add a particularly suitable addition to the type of small TVs that you may have in your bedroom or kitchen.

But the LG SK1 produces worse sound quality than those over 50 inches that are likely to occupy a living room.

And if you are looking for other alternatives, I soon recommend Creative Stage V2 for most home cinemas.

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Soundbar Buying Link Price Store
LG SK1 Check Price https://amzn.to/3fKC1nc Amazon


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