LG SN8YG 3.1.2 Dolby Atmos Soundbar

LG SN8YG are great speakers for sound, detail and playback for people who want a simple Dolby Atmos setup and easy-to-use features like Chromecast Audio and Google Assistant.


Cinematic sound boom
Wide stereo sound system
Google Assistant integration
Chromecast built-in


Limited height
Very bad mobile app
There are no peripheral units


Sound System3.1.2ch
Output PowerFront 40W x 2Output Power – Centre 40W x 1
Output PowerHeight 50W x 2Output Power – Wireless Subwoofer 220W (Active)
Amplifier TypeClass-D
Specifications Table


LG Speakers SN8YG have a stylish sound and have a stylish look that matches most TVs. As for the size, it is not huge at all, and you will not find any inconvenience in its presence like most other speakers.

The top has a brushed aluminum finish that looks rather impressive and has a row of touch operation controls, along with two plastic grilles for the subwoofers, while the front drivers are housed within a separate silver plastic grille.

LG SN8YG Design

The woofer dimensions are 2.2 x 41.7 x 4.7 inches (LxWxD) for the subwoofer and 15.4 x 8.7 x 12.3 inches for the subwoofer.

Inside the speakers you obviously got three drivers for the left, right and center channels, but the SN8YG also adds two high-firing speakers – although we’ve noted that they don’t make much noise if you’re watching standard stereo content or surround sound.

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The remote is plastic in shape, it basically comes with speakers, and it has LED lights for the speaker that do a good job of letting you know which mode you’re using.

LG SN8YG Remote Control

The LG SN8YG is a two-piece system: tape and sub.

Also, you can add surround speakers using the rear speaker set.


LG SN8YG Speakers focus on enhancing vocal clarity and making dialogue easier to hear

We tested the speakers and watched Season 6 of the 100 on Netflix, and we really felt that with the details of any movement, it benefited from LG SN8YG’s bass response and clear dialogue.

What we liked about these loudspeakers is that they still have a fairly wide sound range and a beautiful and spacious place that allows you to sit anywhere in the room with good stereo sound, and the voice of the singer in the song or the voice of the actor in the movie surrounded you from all over side.

As for the surround sound, it does disappoint a bit, especially when against a true 5.1 or 5.1.2 system. You will continue to get a separation between right and left.

You can take advantage of the LG SN8YG HD Audio Playback Support if you have any high-definition audio sources such as compatible AVR or Blu-ray player, which makes your music collection look very pure and rich in detail.

LG SN8YG is an amazing music system, you can stream some music from any Chromecast compatible service or via bluetooth.


In terms of ports, with one HDMI-In the speaker is fairly average, and there is one HDMI output so as to enable ARC / eARC.

LG SN8YG Ports

In addition to USB and optical audio. It’s great to have more than one HDMI-In port here.


One of the things I liked about the speakers is the integration of Bluetooth and Chromecast, and Chromecast can be used by simply connecting it to your Google Home account. This also enables you to call Google Assistant on your speakers.

The LG Wi-Fi Speaker app required for the AI ​​Room Calibration is incredibly easy to use.

You will need to set it up, make sure your speakers are set to Wi-Fi mode, and then open the app on your mobile device. And that’s it.

LG SN8YG Performance

Using the LG Wi-Fi Speaker app, you will be able to change the speaker setting from its default AI Sound Pro setting to one of the other settings as you like.

There is also a feature to automatically adjust the volume level if you find

that you are facing any problems in finding the correct volume level so that

you can watch the movie with all the quiet and loud scenes without feeling the need to adjust it between each shot,

but the problem of the application is that it looks old something compared to competitors.

Buy it for

The LG SN8YG are powerful and rugged speakers that enhance the mid-range sound nicely and powerful.

It also adds some low bass to spice up explosions and chases if you’re into games like Pubg.

You want Dolby Atmos in a mono speaker

Many people hate clutter and the abundance of cables that they may notice while playing,

for example, and want the cleanest solutions, if you are one of those people then LG SN8YG is ideal for you,

because outside the HDMI cable, it connects to the TV and two power cables are connected to the wall, it is 100% wireless. It’s Dolby Atmos in a mono speaker.

To connect the speaker to the Google Home app, it only takes a few seconds,

and once it’s paired, you can use it as a Chromecast Audio device, which is impressive.

So if you want to add sound from Google Assistant to your room, LG SN8YG is for you.

Don’t buy it for

One of the biggest problems with LG SN8YG speakers is that they are too costly to recreate height channels using half the power of traditional bookshelf speakers, and this results in twice as energetic sound that doesn’t really do justice to Dolby Atmos’ cinematic mix.

Despite its new lower price, the SN8YG remains too expensive for many people, and it will be more expensive than many televisions.



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