LG Tone Free FN7 Review
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LG ToneFree HBS-FN7 is its most exceptional genuine wireless yet, pressing more components on top of the standard treats. 

A commonly recognized name in TVs, white products, and cell phones, LG has steadily ripped its direction into the wireless earbud market with its Tone Free series. Taking impact from Apple’s AirPods, these since quite a while ago stemmed earbuds exploit LG’s organization with British sound brand, Meridian. 

I was surprise by the Tone Free HBS-FN6 – which, as reasonable options in contrast to Apple and Bose earbuds, sound extraordinary.

With the LG ToneFree HBS-FN7, LG endeavors to expand upon what it’s set up with past Tone Free earphones,

with a slight value climb mirroring the expansion of dynamic clamor dropping and a few overhauls over the FN6.


Bluetooth version5.0
Weight5.6g (each)
Drivers6mm full-range dynamic 
Battery life21 hours (without ANC)
Frequency response20Hz-22kHz


To the extent unadulterated form quality goes, you definitely should realize what you’re getting. LG’s item portfolio is tremendous, and everything in it – from coolers to OLED TVs – is built basically immaculately. So have confidence the LG ToneFree HBS-FN7 is totally solid. 

The design of the LG ToneFree HBS-FN7 is the ‘sharp stem’ plan promote by Apple and in this way carelessly followed by quite a few brands. Basically, LG has had the fairness to keep the stem sensibly concise, however, the clear compromise in-ear segment. 

LG Tone Free FN7 Design

The completion of the LG ToneFree HBS-FN7 is as good as the quality. The sparkling plastics look great, directly until the second they’re dulled by fingerprints, which they clearly should be, given they have a considerable amount of touch-control usefulness. The completion of the (55mm x 28mm) charging case, all gently grippy and delicate touch matte plastic, is more effective.

LG ToneFree HBS-FN7 Features

In the LG ToneFree HBS-FN7 the wireless availability Via Bluetooth 5.0 with SBC and AAC codec similarity. That is fine for dealing with even the greatest high-goal sound records from any of the real-time features that offer them, yet by and by, it’s not exactly at the forefront. 

We’re generally glad to see aptX Low Latency included if just because a great deal of us will in general burn-through video content while moving – yet LG hasn’t exactly found time for it yet. 

LG Tone Free FN7 charging box
(Image Credit: Lg.com)

When the sound data is ready, it’s managed by a couple of 6mm full-range neodymium drivers, the tuning of which has had critical contribution from British howdy fi pioneer Meridian. It’s not the principal item on which these organizations have teamed up, yet it in any case brings a considerable amount of sound believability to the HBS-FN7 suggestion. 

The battery life of the LG ToneFree HBS-FN7, with dynamic commotion dropping turned on, is a completely unexceptional 16 hours or somewhere in the vicinity, all in – that is five hours in the earbuds themselves and one more a few charges for the situation. That figure ascends to more like 21 hours in the event that you turn commotion dropping off. 

The charging case of the LG ToneFree HBS-FN7 itself hosts a gathering piece, obviously: it utilizes UV light to clean the earbuds liberated from microorganisms when they’re inside and the cover is shut. Until we see a wireless speaker with a coordinated hand sanitizer gadget, this is the item highlight that is generally proper for the occasions. 

Charging is conceivable by means of the case’s USB-C information or any Qi-confirmed charging cushion. A few little LED tell-stories looking into it let you realize what it’s doing.

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Control of the LG ToneFree HBS-FN7 is through the coordinated touch-controls or LG’s magnificent Tone Free control application. Each earbud has a responsive raised capacitive surface which can tap to assume liability for ‘volume up/down, ‘play/stop’, ‘skip advances/in reverse’, ‘commotion dropping on/off/encompassing sound’ and ‘reply/end/reject call’. Each earbud has three mics dealing with those last two set-ups of capacities. 

The Tone Free application offers you the chance to rework the touch-surface settings in the event that you are extravagant. It’s likewise where you’ll discover a determination of Merdian’s EQ settings (‘bass lift’, ‘high pitch support’ ‘normal’ and ‘vivid’, none of which need a lot of clarification) in addition to the spot to store a few of your own. 

You can likewise switch among ‘low’ and ‘high’ commotion crossing out here, just as enact ‘find my earbuds’. This last element puts a shrill twetter through the ‘buds on the off chance that you’ve briefly lost them. 

It’s a perfect, attractive, and usable application, well deserving of notice concurrently as the Bose or Sennheiser reciprocals.

LG ToneFree HBS-FN7 sound

During the testing of the LG ToneFree HBS-FN7, I was frustrate by the bass presentation. I’m glad to report that the low-end is significantly better with the FN7 and it’s generally down to the ANC. 

With ANC turned off, it’s difficult to get any significant improvement over the FN6. In any case, when initiated, the ANC assists with lifting the bass and incorporating the lows better into the soundstage. 

LG ToneFree HBS-FN7 satisfies the Tone Free application’s guarantee of exchanging between various sound profiles on the fly. The application incorporates four primary equalizer alternatives: Immersive, Bass Boost, Natural, and Treble Boost, notwithstanding two spaces for your own customizations. 

I scarcely saw any distinctions in sound quality between these settings on the LG ToneFree HBS-FN7, yet it’s an alternate story from the FN7. ANC permits the presence of the different layers and instruments in a track to be heard more clearly, and that left me ready to get on contrasts between every equalizer alternative – and I ended up exchanging between them to get more out of various kinds. 

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LG TOneFree HBS-FN7 Verdict

Regardless of whether you’re not a germaphobe, there’s a lot to like here. The LG HBS-FN7 earbuds are all around made and complete, are basic and very lovely to control and, in the right conditions, are an exceptionally simple listen without a doubt. Be that as it may, their absence of cadenced capacity and rather a noise cancellation mean there are additional convincing alternatives around.

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Earbuds Buying Link Price Store
LG ToneFree HBS-FN7 Check Price $154.95 Amazon


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