LG Wing 5G Smartphone
LG Wing 5G Smartphone

The LG Wing is probably one of the most unique devices we’ve seen all year, it’s one of those devices that blazes its own trail without really stopping to ask for directions.

Just a Glance

We’ve seen a lot of phones with really weird screens recently,

we’ve seen foldable devices that get bigger or smaller, we’ve seen straight up dual screen devices like the Microsoft surface duo,

but it’s been a while since we’ve seen swiveling phones. 

This is the LG Wing and it’s part of LG’s explore project which explores different factors in devices to try to find the new form factor for the future.

It’s a pretty standard smartphone, it’s got a big 6.8 inch OLED display,

it’s got three cameras on the back of the phone. 

just a little bit thicker than your standard smartphone,

but that’s because it physically swivels the front display to reveal a second square shaped display underneath. 

it’s weird, but LG’s actually came up with a lot of pretty unique use cases for this thing.

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  • The rotating screen is new and easy to use
  • Controllable size and shape
  • Respected specifications


  • The multi-monitor program lacks some functions
  • There is no telephoto camera
  • No price implies an unclear value


Display size, Main screen6.8-inch OLED; 2,460×1,080 pixels
Second screen3.9-inch OLED; 1,240×1,080 pixels
Pixel density , Main screen395ppi. Second screen: 419ppi
Dimensions6.67×2.93×0.43 inches
Weight 9.17 oz; 260g
Mobile softwareAndroid 10
Front-facing camera32-megapixel
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 765G
Expandable storageUp to 2TB
Battery4,000 mAh
Specifications Table

Features (using Display)

When the phone is unlocked in its winged state, there are more properties for activities and multitasking.

As with YouTube, it shows the video at the top and the video controls below.

Or when we’re in the Camera app, the lower screen can act as a pivot for the camera module, adding additional electronic stability to the camera.

There is no physical movement of the camera hardware while controlling this axis. All with software, but still cool and fresh.

lg wing 5g Features

Activating the camera at the top causes it to exit the phone like a chrysanthemum flower,

and then the wing can shoot forward and backward at the same time, that’s really cool.

The cameras also have the same features and properties as back and drop protection that we see in other pop-up cameras.

But one of the things that did impress me during the test, I think,

was the ability to watch the video in full screen while another app like texting was open at the bottom.

It also has the ability to comment on a video while it is still in full screen mode. 

Or maybe while you are on a road trip or walking down the street, the navigation can be vertical while the music ends on the side screen.

There are a lot of different options.

Perhaps this will not be the best phone Grandma recommends.

But if you are looking for the newest, craziest, and most premium phone on the market, this could be a very good one.

Design and Display

The LG Wing has the same size, shape, thickness and weight as the Note 10 plus inside its case.

But LG Wing can do that, which is something I never thought a phone needed to do.

Instead of folding, this phone rotates. The phone is divided into two halves,

and rotates upward in the form of a T-shaped so that the screen is horizontal while revealing a secondary square screen at the bottom.

The swing action feels solid and easy to get started.

lg wing 5g Design and Display

And something captures the screen at the top of the hub to make it easy to gently snap into place.

LG has installed a highly lubricant polyacetal, a lubricant plastic of a kind that surrounds the front panel and protects the screen.

It features a smoother and softer plastic design raised to form a slight cave inside

so that foreign materials do not rub against the screen when closed or opened.

This is very important as the sand of the jeep is a real danger on the glass displays, it can shatter.


As for the ports on the LG Wing, there are the SIM and microSD slots on the left side.

There is also a USB-C port on the bottom, with one speakerphone on the right side; In the upper part there is a microphone and a front pop-up camera.

lg wing 5g Ports
lg wing 5g Ports

Much like other pop-up cameras as is the case on the OnePlus 7 Pro.

But it doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is something that should only be mentioned since LG has admirably managed to keep it in recent releases like the LG V60.

Battery Life

As for battery life, the LG Wing 5G comes equipped with a battery of about 4000 mAh, which is roughly the average life of the batteries of other major phones.

But during testing, we found that the phone drains more battery power with the opening of the main screen and the turning on of the small screen and this is logical, but despite this we will have to subject the phone to more tests to understand the amount of that.


you’re probably used to seeing a standard camera, a wide angle camera and a telephoto camera on the back of a phone if there are three cameras.

LG Wing actually did a standard camera and two wide-angle cameras. 

The reasoning for this is because they wanted you to be able to run around with your phone swiveled and use it like a gimbal. 

so one of those cameras is actually rotated 90 degrees to already be in a landscape orientation. 

LG Wing Cameras

basically what LG is doing with this gimbal mode is they’re cropping in on the sensor, and then letting you pan around using this joystick.

there’s also all these different modes that try to stabilize the horizontal plane, try to stabilize in the vertical plane. 

and there’s a mode that lets you follow people around and it’ll kind of float around like a normal gimbal if a regular camera was on it, or if you were using something like a dji osmo mobile 4. 

and of course when you have a weird swivel display like that, you can’t exactly fit a camera module in that top display. 

so LG Wing put a pop-up selfie camera in the back part of the phone which we haven’t seen in a while.


The LG Wing would be really great for uber drivers or delivery drivers,

because you can have Google maps or the uber app open on one display.

and have Spotify or the phone open on another display. 

This phone works really well when mounted to a dashboard and that’s gonna be really useful for a lot of people. 

because a lot of delivery drivers I’ve seen have two phones, one for navigation and one for something like music, so that could be very handy. 

LG Wings has included a feature called app pairs, it’s really similar to what Microsoft did with the surface duo. 

where you press one button and one app launches on one display while one app launches on the other display. 

you have YouTube open on the big display while swiveled out, you can have playback controls on the bottom smaller display. 

so you don’t actually have to interact with the main display.

There’s another thing that I kind of immediately think about when I see this swivel display is emulators. 

if you were to emulate like a playstation 2 game or a GameCube game, those games are formatted for wide-screen displays already.

you could have a controller on the bottom display that you could play with your thumbs, while the main display is being used for the actual content. 

LG Wing has a gimbal-inspired interface with a virtual joystick that controls the frame.

The LG Wing also thought about how they could use the swivel display to make the camera experience even better. 

and LG’s always kind of been an innovator in the camera space, not necessarily in the quality. 

but in the features that they deliver on their phone. and it has also the new gimbal mode that LG’s implemented.

Our Verdict

The LG Wing 5G phone has a stylish and exotic design at the same time, and has additional screen space, especially with the unique applications for T-shaped display layout when opening the rotary.

And it has many advantages, for example sending text messages or browsing the Internet while watching the media, but these may be more stable experiences, which you may also use separate devices for.

Despite this, the LG Wing 5G is still fully functional without rotation, but it lacks some camera options compared to other flagship phones.

The real competition will likely lie in price, however, and until we know how much the spin function costs, so to speak, we won’t know how the LG Wing 5G really stacks up.



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