Libratone Bird Bluetooth Speaker launched with an attractive bird design
Libratone Bird

Libratone Bird – The Danish company Libratone is celebrating its tenth birthday by launching nice and colorful mini bluetooth headsets

This indicates in its design the distinctive emblem, and this new wireless speaker comes under the name of specifically Libratone Bird.

The new Speaker comes with simple Scandinavian design and bright colors,

 In addition to interactive touch controls that allow users to spin the bird’s head, click on its front or touch its tail to operate the speaker

 Music playback control and it also supports your voice assistant,

Which means Birds can answer your questions

Libratone claims that Bird will give you 10 hours of battery life,

  • It weighs only 145 grams, which makes it portable enough that you can carry it with you wherever you go,
  • Another great feature is that you can connect two Birds headphones together and enhance the sound.
  • The Bird Wireless Speaker features Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure great connectivity

 It uses a full-range 1.5-inch dynamic speaker with a frequency range from 220 Hz to 13 kHz.

Libratone Bird

Libratone Bird comes with a magnetic base that allows users to attach and clip it to any metal surface

So that it can be hung already like a bird

  • Libratone Bird headphones specifications
  • Statement of specifications
  • Dimensions and weight 56 ​​* 84 and weight 145 grams
  • The battery 10 hours of operation, 6 watts
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Connect to bluetooth 5.0

Libratone iOS and Android app

The Bird’s Wireless Speaker may not be your first choice when purchasing a wireless speaker, but it will be a great gift for any child or loved one.

  • It’s available in blue or pink on Libratone for $ 60.
  • While the definition of a British company has become increasingly blurred

there remains a great number of audio companies from the British Isles that have delivered

and continue to deliver, great hi-fi products for our listening pleasure


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