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Today I want to tell you about truly wireless earbuds. That actually surprises me. Here we gonna check out LinearFlux HyperSonic DX from LinearFlux. It caught my attention not only because the packaging has some 80th vibes all over it. But on the other side, the engineers who are responsible for it are the same ones who were responsible for the Beats by Dre when they were with Monster.

So let’s see the creativity of these engineers today with the LinearFlux HyperSonic DX and review it.

LinearFlux HyperSonic DX Specs

Frequency response:20-20kHz
Driver: DL01 HyperDriver
Battery:Battery Life: 6-8 hours Battery life with case: 20+ hours
Weight:Headphones: 10.2gCase: 37.7g
Earbud Dimensions:Length: 30mmHeight: 17mmDepth: 28mm
Case Dimensions:Length: 75mmHeight: 30mmDepth: 45mm


  • True Wireless Hyper-Definition sound profile – tuned for popular streaming services by Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora
  • Exclusive DL01 Immersive Sound Engine enhances music clarity and bass
  • Qi-compatible wireless charging case (also USB-C wired charging compatible)
  • IPX7 water-resistant rating with an 18-month warranty against sweat and dust
  • Up to 6-8 hours playtime per charge, 20+ hours with charging case
  • 5 minutes of HyperCharging in the charging case provides an additional 1 hour of playtime
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology to eliminate call and music dropouts
  • Three sizes of pillow-soft ear-tips
  • The one-touch choose between (acid green or black) comfort shells and sport hooks for optimum in-ear stability and comfort
  • Built with multi-beam microphone for optimal sound for phone calls
  • One-touch feature supports Siri, Alexa, or Google Now

LinearFlux HyperSonic DX Design

LinearFlux HyperSonic DX Earbuds Design
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The Linearflux HyperSonic TWS is assuredly intended for the people who like a lively stylish. Everything from the bundling to the Qi-empowered charging case has that game’s “look” to it. It kind of helps me to remember the old Sony Sports Walkman I used to have back in the last part of the ’80s. 

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1- Charging case design

LinearFlux HyperSonic DX Earbuds tips and case
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The charging case is about a similar size to a large portion of the competitors however is really lighter than others I’ve utilized. The highest point of the case is marked with the Linearflux logo and the USB-C port is on the back. Opening the case uncovers a brilliant neon inside embellished with the Linearflux HyperSonic TWS marking. A similar kind of shading design streams into the earbuds themselves. The case clicks shut pleasantly and the magnets hold the buds in solidly. 

2- Earbuds design

The earbuds themselves are normally estimated and tantamount to different brands. The outside of the buds has more marking on them. Which really looks quite decent and goes with the game tasteful the organization is going for. The shading design is a similar dark and neon yellow on the earbuds. 

Linearflux claims the HyperSonic earbuds have detached noise cancellation. This can be said for most earbuds. However, I found these to fit extremely well in the ear and they produce an exceptionally pleasant seal. This seal assists with the aloof clamor dropping and separates the audience from the world outside of the music.

LinearFlux HyperSonic DX Manual

The Linearflux HyperSonic TWS is simple to utilize. Simply pop them into the charging case, energize them to full, eliminate them, and put them in. They will combine and afterward go into matching mode. Simply think that they are in your gadget’s Bluetooth settings and you’re set. By and large, similarly as simple to use as some other Bluetooth earbuds. 

There are contact controls on both earbuds, and this is what they do: 

Left or Right: 

  • 1-click: Play/Pause 
  • 2-clicks: Track Forward 
  • 3-clicks: Track Reverse 
  • Press and Hold 1-sec: Siri or Google Assistant 
  • 1-click: Answer an approaching call 
  • 2-clicks: Hang up a call 
  • Press and Hold 10-sec+: Master Reset 

The one thing I was unable to sort out was charging. That is to say, connecting the case or utilizing remote charging wasn’t an issue. The issue was knowing whether they were charging by any means. There is a LED on the front yet it never appeared to be on while charging. It squints when you put the buds in however doesn’t remain on when charging or flicker red or orange or any tone whatsoever (albeit the guidelines say it ought to do as such). So I just never knew when they were finished charging. There is a LED on each bud and when you put them in, they do illuminate, however that doesn’t let me know a lot. I connected them short-term to be certain they were charged 100%.

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LinearFlux HyperSonic DX Sound quality

The most ideal way of portraying the sound of the Linearflux HyperSonic TWS is bass cordial. While these don’t overwhelm the mids and highs, they are tuned much more to the bass side than I typically like. This isn’t a ding towards them as I probably am aware there are a lot of individuals who partake in this kind of soundstage. 

The mids and highs are genuinely adjusted, and that additional bass adds a thick base end. The truly astounding commotion disconnection makes the entire soundstage a lot beefier and full. 


The Linearflux HyperSonic TWS battery life is extraordinary with a sum of 20-hours, plus or minus, contingent upon your utilization case. I got around 7-hours on one charge and afterward, there are the additional charges for the situation. You can likewise knock charge the Linearflux HyperSonic TWS with an hour of accuse season of just 5-minutes of charging. By and large, these are extraordinary on battery life and most ought to be content with them.

Call quality

The Linearflux HyperSonic TWS Bluetooth reception is acceptable, similarly comparable to some other Bluetooth gadgets. Call quality was respectable on my end, however individuals I called said I sounded metallic and that the foundation was intensified. I don’t utilize earbuds for calls so this is immaterial to my utilization case. Yet for the people who need them for calls, these may not be intended for you.


Generally speaking, The Linearflux HyperSonic TWS are very good-quality earbuds. They have an IPX7 waterproof rating, extraordinary battery life, great noise cancellation, and great sound. The Linearflux HyperSonic TWS are worked for the people who are into the games way of life. These should stay aware of the people who are dynamic and are searching for a solid portion of elements from their earbuds.

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