Logitech G Pro X
Logitech G Pro X

Logitech G Pro X headphones are well-suited for gaming, thanks to a comfortable fit, good sound quality, and a great detachable microphone.

But it doesn’t isolate much of the surrounding noise, and it’s bulky above the ears.

Just a glance

This is the new Logitech G Pro X headset, and I’m really happy to see a new Pro line of products because the pro series is all about design. 

This is the first product from Logitech that incorporates something from blue because Logitech acquired Blue Microphones. 

and I’m really happy to see something being incorporated to improve the microphone. 

I feel like this might become the new benchmark to beat for a gaming headset under $100 for a standard headset and $129 for the Pro X which includes the USB dongle that has the built-in blu voice functionality. 

to be honest i was expecting hardware integration with Blue Microphones into the Logitech headset instead of it being software only.

and as usual Logitech includes plenty of accessories like a splitter cable, your mobile cable. 

we have a pc cable that has a volume wheel and we also have the USB dongle on the pro-x headset, and a nice little carry pouch.


  • Excellent simulated surround photography
  • Good audio performance
  • Plenty of microphone options


  • It only works with a USB transmitter
  • The microphone requires patching for optimum sound
  • Modest bass


ConnectionWired (3.5mm or USB with included DAC)
DriverHybrid mesh PRO-G 50mm
Frequency response20 – 20,000Hz
Impedance35 ohm
Microphone6mm detachable
Surround soundDTS Headphone:X 2.0 via software
Accessories2x ear pads, Y splitter, 2m braided PC cable, mobile cable, carry pouch, USB DAC
Specifications Table


In terms of design, they do remind me of the HyperX cloud series similar type of headboard with stitching on the side, the stamping of the pro into the leatherette. 

The size extension of the Logitech G Pro X are quite similar with the aluminium sort of hinges that feel quite premium. 

but there’s no rotation, the United degree rotation like we’ve seen on the previous G Pro headset. 

I do like the coiled cable in each ear cup that adds this retro design and the overall frame here is pretty subdued with matte black plastic, which again is found on a hyper x series. 

a black aluminium, black leather and the silver accents with the G logo in the middle, and if you remove the microphone, you can easily wear those outdoors. 

they’re not ridiculous like the Chiefs piece 670 or like the Sun Heiser series. I would use this for music. 

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Ear Pads

The left and right distinction of the Logitech G Pro X is inside the ear cup, so don’t bother looking at the action frame. 

We have a separate velour earpads set which is nice, they don’t accumulate as much heat but based wrapping is much better with the leather earcups.

overall i feel like they’ve improved on the build quality, you can stretch this thing. 

you can extend the size extensions to their maximum and the headset still feels quite solid which is not what I can say about the original G Pro had said size extensions.

The new pair is just a lot more comfortable, much better clamping force, it’s not too tight but it’s there so that you can create a nice seal around the ears given the software ear cushions. 

and the drivers here are the same 50 millimetre G Pro drivers but they’ve been tuned differently, i can definitely hear the difference versus the original, they’re more detailed, there’s a lot more clarity. 

but everything is a bit closer verses on the original G Pro.

and the soundstage i felt like was a bit quieter, felt a bit more airy and a little bit more soft too.

EQ Settings

the microphone test which seems to be a really important part for Logitech and it’s integration with blu voice. 

but i do want to remind you that this is only available on the Logitech G Pro x headset because of the USB dongle. 

and not on the pro headset which doesn’t have it. so I’ll touch base on the main microphone section, and go into the equaliser, and there you have the basic things you can adjust different EQ settings. 

a bunch of presents are already preloaded which is a nice same thing with different game genres. 

logitech g pro x Accessories

one cool thing i found is that you can create your EQ profile and share it,

so you can download your friends’ profiles and what you’re listening to,

or potentially a player that you follow which you found really cool. 

in the acoustic tab we have our volume microphone input and side tone is appropriately loud so if max it out, i can hear exactly what I’m saying so the microphone is sensitive. 

if you want to really monitor how loud you are speaking or if you can lower it.

if you don’t find that to be useful to you have noise removal for the microphone and surround sound. 

but as I’ve earlier surround sound even with different settings surprisingly poor, not as good as we’ve seen with the G9 33.

Sound Performance

as for sound gaming performance whatever they were doing with the Logitech G Pro X drivers they should be doing more of it. 

I’m really happy with the entire performance and this is something that Logitech has been like really drilling down.

saying that they don’t colour the entire range try to make sure that drivers do not distort on the lower end. 

so that the bass you hear is actually the base you should hear and not something that is being boosted. 

and I do appreciate that they sound much better versus the original G Pro

which have the same drivers but slightly different tuning on the new pair,

better definition throughout the entire range, deeper bass and the closed. 

they’re less open soundstage so things do sound more detailed when they are closer .

and that is one compromise I did enjoy with the openness of the original Logitech G Pro x but I’ve been thinking that a gaming headset, closed soundstage for a closed pair makes sense.

overall i feel like they’ve done a really good job with tuning these drivers to make them sound still really fun. 

but not flat or harsh on a high end, and the bass is still present

and you can play around with the EQ settings without totals destroying the entire spectrum.

Our Verdict

Logitech G Pro X headphones are a very comfortable gaming headset with good sound,

very comfortable ear cushions with a beautiful design that helps your comfort and comfort in your ear, and for the audio performance,

it is distinguished by amazing performance, clear and beautiful sound, and far from any interference.

So if you are looking for a wired headphone with good and clear sound,

great software to tweak any feature as you want, and connection options to spare, this is a great headphone.



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