Logitech G733 Gaming headset
Image Credit: Josh Goldman
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Logitech G733 headphones feature a very elegant design and decent sound that makes you immerse in the game, in addition to the availability of many wonderful colors.

Fast Talk (Logitech G733)

The Logitech G733 is an excellent gaming headset, very similar to the Logitech G933 and Logitech G935 in ergonomic design and powerful features. However, it wasn’t exactly the prettiest gaming headset.

The Logitech G733 comes with Logitech’s new color palette, it is one of the most beautiful headphones Logitech has ever launched.

Given the price tag, it comes with some design compromises as the plastic body feels light and weak, and the removable microphone doesn’t come close enough to the mouth.

But if you want a beautiful wireless headphone that also delivers decent sound and multi-system compatibility, then Logitech G733 is a good and suitable option.

And it comes at a fairly low price, as it costs around $ 130.


  • Great color options
  • Long battery life
  • Decent sound


  • Inaccurate fit
  • Weirdly designed microphone
  • Distracting lighting options

Key Specifically

CompatibilityPC, PS4, Switch
Drivers40 mm
Frequency Response20 Hz – 20 kHz

Logitech G733 Design: So Colorful and Stylish, The Headband so Great

Logitech has delivered this new Logitech G733 gaming headset, so the main thing about this is that it is part of their colour collection, so this headset comes in four different colours. 

So you have blue, white, black and also lilac and I think that lilac colour may be my favourite. But also too the headband itself is reversible.

Logitech G733 Design
Image Credit: Amazon

so on the bottom i have a darker colour and at the top i have a lighter colour, so i can just pop these off and then swap it around that gives you a little bit more customisations there. 

And each colour Logitech G733 comes with its own unique headband and a different colour, but you can buy them separately for about 10 bucks or you can mix and match. 

And then the last bit of customisation is going to be these microphone covers that Logitech is selling and i don’t see myself using them, but i do think that this could be useful for streamers who want to add a little bit more flair to their stream. 

But the construction is really good, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break easy

So i can put these on my hand and the new apex legends update came out,  and these don’t feel like super tight or like super tight pressure around my head, and that’s because it’s using that headband at the top which i do prefer over something that has big foam pad like the G935s,  And again it’s not uncomfortable.

it’s just that i feel that with this type of padding at the top the ear cups have to work a little bit harder to make a nice seal around your ears.

I measured a weight of about 284 grams and that includes the detachable microphone, and that’s not quite lightweight like the Razer black shark headset. 

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Features: RGB Lighting, Pretty Lasting Battery Life

The battery life on Logitech G733 is rated at 29 hours, but that’s with the volume at 50 percent, and the RGB lighting turned off. 

Now as soon as you turn that RGB lighting on that figure drops down to about 20 hours which is still pretty good. But if you start cranking up the volume you can expect it to decrease from there. 

And as far as wireless range goes, these are rated at 20 meters, which sounds really good. 

Logitech G733 Many Features
Image Credit: Amazon

But I found that Logitech G733 dropped the connection a lot sooner than some of the other headsets that I’ve tested, and what I usually do is I’ll put them on and walk around and see what they drop off. 

But on this second floor I can get full coverage, but as soon as I get to the bottom of the stairs, they drop off.

One of the main things Logitech was trying to do with the Logitech G733 was come up with a headset design that looks good, and in my opinion I think they did a pretty good job. 

One of the things they decided to implement was RGB lighting on the forward-facing side of the earcups, it’s nothing crazy, it doesn’t stand out all that much, but it’s a nice touch. 

There’s some configurable options in G-hub if you want to get in there and start playing around with it. 

But at the end of the day it’s RGB lighting on a headset, and i think it looks good but it’s really not that important.

Logitech G733 Performance: Great sound increases the fun of Gaming

Sounds delivered by Logitech’s proG 40 millimeter audio drivers with a frequency response of 20 to 20000, and they sound pretty good, but they’re not as intense or as punchy as i was expecting. 

I think it’s more of a neutral sound, it doesn’t have that exaggerated bassy sound that you get from Gaming headsets, usually because they’re turned to make gunfire.

Logitech G733 Controls
Image Credit: Amazon

There’s also some software-based surround sound effects and DTS modes, but they’re really not that good. 

Sound quality becomes really artificial as soon as you enable any of this stuff, so i just don’t recommend using any of these settings. Without any of those software-based presets turned on, I was just using the Logitech G733 While I was playing some games.

and i had no problem at all hearing footsteps and other really subtle audio cues like i can hear enemies reloading their weapons if they’re nearby. 

So these deliver the audio performance that you need to play a competitive shooter, and pretty much any other games.


Logitech G733 has a stylish design, the color patterns are great, the sound is all about what you expect for the price, and you can connect three different gaming systems at the same time.

If you’ve always wanted a colorful gaming headset that comes with great sound quality and from a respected gaming brand, Logitech G733 is good.

But you can spend an additional $ 30 on SteelSeries Arctis 7 to get better fit, better sound and an overall better experience.

Gaming Headset Buying Link Price Store
Logitech G733 Check Price $134 Amazon
Glary Alpha Check Price $59,98 Cliconstore
Lenovo HD100 Check Price $49,98 Cliconstore



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