Microsoft Created a Windows XP Theme That looks like a Mac
Windows XP Theme Looks Like Mac

Windows XP Theme – The news of Microsoft’s creation of a secret feature for the Windows XP operating system broke out,

making the operating system similar to the Mac operating system,

and this information reached us through a recent leak of Windows XP source code

about Microsoft’s early work on the operating system and some features that have not yet been released

that the company created During the development of early XP system in the year 2000.

Among them is “Candy” and includes a design that closely resembles the Apple Aqua interface,

which was first introduced at the Macworld Conference and Expo in 2000.

The topic is not yet complete, however. The Windows XP Start button and many of

the buttons and user interface elements are clearly designed and closely match the Aqua Apple.

But Microsoft has never released its Aqua theme for Windows XP,

and we know that it used in the early source code for the OS.

However, it appears that Windows developers have used the theme as a placeholder to build the theme engine.

The subject itself is literally describe as “Whistler skin with eye candy” and tagged as “For indoor use only

” This description (Whistler) is the codename for Windows XP.

Microsoft has also moved dazzlingly to the Luna theme in blue and green for the final version of XP,

as many called it Fisher Price-esque when Microsoft’s OS was originally released in 2001.

Windows XP The Theme Engine is a major update for the entire operating system.

Microsoft was trying hard at developing XP and that was during an era

when there was fierce competition with Apple for desktop operating systems.

In the past, Apple mocked Microsoft with banners at its annual developer conference that read “Redmond, on developing XP, and saying never your copiers.”

Then Apple also launched an ad campaign Get a Mac after it and it was focusing on Windows disadvantages, especially Windows Vista.

In the past, too, Windows was heavily influenced by the classic Mac OS and what later became OS X.

Apple borrowed some Windows features, for example, windows, navigation, control panels, and file and folder browsing.


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