Microsoft from Apple's new Rules for stores

Apple’s new Rules for stores – Apple released new rules for the new app store earlier yesterday,

and these rules allow game streaming services like xCloud or Stadia to exist on iOS or iPadOS with a great advantage.

Apple also wants companies like Microsoft to send their games individually

or in the proper sense as separate applications, using their broadcast technology.

This is because Microsoft and Google are free to create a “catalog”-style

application that collects and links all of these individual applications as well.

But a Microsoft spokesperson stated: “The separate app base is a bad customer experience.”

“This is because players want to go directly to a game from their curated catalog

within a single app just as they do with movies or songs,

not in a separate app for each game, or they have to download more than 100 apps to play individual games from the cloud.

Microsoft was different, Satisfied with this Apple’s new Rules for stores

As Microsoft follows Apple’s suggestions, this means that every game

that will be streamed to iPhone or iPad from xCloud will be subject to Apple’s usual app store rules,

including 30% of controversial in-app purchases, in addition to the single app.

Microsoft’s rejection of these politicians was clear as it intentionally raised a point

about streaming movies or songs that do not face the same content restrictions as games.

Apple should not require Netflix, Disney Plus, or Spotify to send every single movie, TV show, or album in a separate or individual application, as users will not accept this new rule.

It also suggested that Apple deals with games differently or separately in its application store,

as the company extracts large amounts from in-app purchases related to games.

But Microsoft’s statement did not say whether

or not the company will bring back xCloud to work with Apple’s pesky new rules.



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