Mifo O5 gen 2 wireless earbuds review
(Image credit: mifo.co.uk)
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Hey! Y’all so in today’s review we will be talking about Mifo O5 gen 2, a true wireless earbuds. When I first saw the previous version of the Mifo O5 which is Mifo O5 gen 1. I was quite astunched, because when they first came out. There were a lot of products from a lot of companies either from known or unknown companies.

Even though the Mifo as a company was able to prove itself in the market of earbuds. Giving it incredible build quality, amazing sound and most of all a lot of features. That makes it unique and rival among the competitors.

So not like the usual let’s start with the packaging


The packaging is much simpler than the Mifo O5 gen 1. I know most of you don’t care about the packaging. But opening a lot of packages from a lot of products. Will give you a great joy to look at the packages of these products.

Mifo O5 gen 2 wireless earbuds design
(Image credit: mifo.co.uk)

On the front, you will find the logo of the Mifo in the top left corner. The name of the model in the top center and the product itself in the middle.

On the back you will find some of the highlighted features of the product. And a picture of a model using the product.

Once you slide the blue black colored lid you will see a yellowish box with Mifo silver logo on top.

Inside the box you will find 4 sets of silicone ear tips, USB C cable, an adapter. Which will allow you to charge external devices.

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Mifo O5 gen 2 Upgraded features 

Comparing it with the Mifo O5 gen 1, they now use Bluetooth 5.2 and qualcomm 3040. Which is quite an upgrade. The qualcomm 3040 ship gives you better performance. Does not consume the battery that much ( huge thumbs up to be honest). 

What is more interesting is that they have also upgraded the aptx aac and sbc playback. Which is good as you can use it for different kinds of media as you don’t have to worry about lag.

Another upgrade is that they are now ip67 which means that they are completely dust proof but also waterproof. So you can easily use it at the gym even by the pool. You don’t have to worry about getting splashed or rained on.

Battery life

Pressing a 2600mAh cell in its aluminum charging case. The Mifo O5 gen 2 earbuds and charging case highlight a combined 100 hours of battery life. Therefore, the case is genuinely significant.

Yet it is great to deal with on account of the nature of the aluminum finish. Which appears to make a valiant effort against any sort of wearing. 

The earbuds themselves can hold up to 7.5 hours. Which can be topped a further multiple times. Which means you probably will not have to charge the case for three to about a month. Contingent upon your use.

Having played with the Mifo O5 gen 2 as my principle set of earphones for well longer than a month. I’ve yet to connect them, with the light marker inside the case just barely showing 30-40% charge left (it’ll streak red once it drops to beneath 30%). 

Mifo O5 gen 2 Sound quality, and noise cancellation

Mifo hasn’t wandered into the region of dynamic noise cancellation, albeit that would be a tremendous task at this cost. All things considered, noise cancellation innovation isn’t  required in the Mifo O5 gen 2. 

It’s an instance of experimentation in trading out the different sets of ear tips to observe one to be that suits. Yet when found the Mifo O5 gen 2 accomplish a tight, comfortable fit for amazing commotion segregation.

While foundation commotion isn’t delivered by a large void. The Mifo O5 gen 2 works really hard to shut out the clamor. 

With regards to the actual sound, whatever you pay attention to has a very decent establishment to begin from. 

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