NVIDIA and Microsoft bring stunning new photos to millions with ray tracing technology in Minecraft.

Cologne, Germany – Gamescom – August – 19 2019 – Minecraft,

the world’s best-selling video game with more than 176 million copies sold,

It will get significantly more realistic with support for real-time ray tracing on PC, announced by NVIDIA and Microsoft today.

The free game update will provide Minecraft players with vivid visualizations of their self-created worlds, with more realistic shades,

illumination and vibrant colors

“NVIDIA will show ray tracing for millions of players of all ages and backgrounds that may not play more other video games,” said Matt Wobling,

head of marketing for GeForce at Minecraft.

“The world’s best-selling video game adds ray tracing on a PC demonstrating the momentum that ray tracing has gained in the gaming ecosystem.”

Tracking rays and a creative move to Minecraft

Minecraft ray tracing technology “Tracking rays sits in the midst of what we think is the next step for Minecraft,

” said Saxs Pearson, Creative Director of the Minecraft franchise at Microsoft.

 “GeForce RTX gives Minecraft world a new feel. In regular Minecraft,

only a block of gold appears in yellow, but with ray tracing turned on,

you can really see distinct lights,

You can see the reflection, you can even see the mob reflected in it. ”

NVIDIA and Mojang add a form of ray tracing known as Track Tracking for the Windows 10 version of the game.

Track tracking simulates the way light moves across a scene.

It offers a unified model of lighting calculations for many different types of effects

that have been traditionally implemented separately using two-point or hybrid models. Among these:

Direct lighting from sun, sky and various lighting sources, including emitted surfaces such as glowstone and lava

Realistic and soft shades depending on the light source size, shape and distance
Each pixel has a light emitted

Indirect diffused lighting (diffused global lighting)

Indirect flashing lighting (reflections)

Transparent materials with reflection, refraction,

and splash (stained glass, water, snow)
Scattering and atmospheric density (volumetric fog, light columns, realistic sky)

Real-time ray tracing changes the way games are created and greatly increases the image quality it can achieve.

 Ray Tracking relies on a robust ecosystem that includes industry-standard APIs,

 And support in a range of well-known and private game engines,

and games from the largest publishers of their giant games.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX ™ GPUs are the only GPUs capable of playing games with real-time ray tracing.

NVIDIA from Gamescom 2019 kicks off in an exclusive invitation-only event featuring some of the upcoming world titles presented with ray-tracing graphics.

Attendees can play Minecraft and pick up gameplay while tracking rays for sharing later.


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