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I’m continually searching for something other than what’s expected with regards to headphones. Obviously, I need incredible sound and solace. Monolith M-TWE True Wireless!

However, there is something different that I might want to have in my headphones. Furthermore, that would be style.

I need them to appear to be unique to different headphones out there. The Monolith M-TWE True Wireless Earphones are not quite the same as different headphones that I have seen.

Monolith M-TWE True Wireless Specs

  • 10mm neodymium dynamic drivers
  • Frequency response 20Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Supported audio codecs SBC, AAC, Qualcomm® aptX™ Audio
  • Microphone Noise Cancellation Qualcomm® cVc™ 8.0 Echo Cancelling and Noise Suppression
  • Bluetooth® Version 5
  • Supported Bluetooth Profiles A2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.6, HFP v1.7, HSP v1.2
  • Bluetooth Frequency Range 2.402 ~ 2.480 GHz
  • Waterproof Protection Level (earphones only) IPx4
  • Charging Time A 5-minute charge results in 1 hour of playback time. Less than 2 hours are required for a full charge.
  • Earphone Weight (each) 0.23 oz. (6.6g)
  • Total Weight (earphones and charging case) 2.70 oz. (76.6g)
  • Playback Time Up to 10 hours, plus an additional 20 hours with the charging case


Monolith M-TWE True Wireless earbuds design
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The Monolith M-TWE True Wireless Earphones. Are not your run-of-the-mill-looking headphone with a speaker lodging and a stem that hangs down from your ear.

They are formed fairly like an enormous button with the round speaker lodging projecting from one end.

At the point when I previously saw the shape. I was incredulous that this would be agreeable, not to mention really squeeze into my ear.

When I put the Monolith M-TWE True Wireless Earphones into my ear, all uncertainty disappeared.

In addition to the fact that it fits well. Yet it is likewise agreeable and remains safely set up while moving about.

These headphones might be an odd shape, however, that shape works. What’s more, it looks great too.

The charging case for the Monolith M-TWE True Wireless Earphones. Is only a dark square shape with a cover and the Monolith logo on the top. It’s a decent case, yet nothing strange there.

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The Monolith M-TWE True Wireless Earphones sound is very even, with highs, mids, and bass all around addressed.

The bass comes through uproarious and clear, and it tends to be felt and heard without being oppressive. The sound here is incredible. There is actually nothing to grumble about. 

Monolith M-TWE sound quality
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However great as the sound may be. It’s not what dazzled me most with regards to the Monolith M-TWE True Wireless Earphones.

The commotion cancelation and surrounding sound capacities are the greatest focal points. From my time testing the Monolith M-TWE True Wireless Earphones.

Noise cancellation

We should begin with the clamor cancelation. I tried this by having music playing from one more source behind the scenes. At a more elevated level than you would commonly discover openly.

At this point . When I actuated the commotion cancelation without music playing in the headphones.

Roughly half of the other source’s music was impeded. At this point. When I played music with the clamor cancelation on.

The other source’s sound was diminished to the point that it was not really detectible. I thought this was a phenomenal outcome for a little headphone.

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Ambient Sound

The encompassing sound capacity of the Monolith M-TWE True Wireless Earphones. Is intended for use when you should know about your environmental elements.

While as yet having the option to pay attention to music. I tried this similarly as I did the commotion cancelation work. Notwithstanding the music from the other source, I additionally added the expressed word.

At the point when I had to encompass sound without music playing in the headphones. I unmistakably heard the music and expressed words. 

Furthermore, when I say unmistakably. I mean it seemed like the voices were playing through the Monolith M-TWE True Wireless Earphones in my ears.

On the off chance that I wound down the encompassing sound, the voices sounded suppressed. Yet they were clear with surrounding on.

At the point when I played music, it was something very similar with the exception of the way that the music was playing.

I could in any case hear the talking in my ears, yet the music muffled it somewhat. In the event that I cranked the volume down somewhat on the headphones. I could make out the thing was being said.

This is an incredible element to have on headphones in case you are in a circumstance where you should know about your environmental factors.

Monolith M-TWE True Wireless Battery

Monolith M-TWE battery life
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Stone monument M-TWE True Wireless Earphones have a guaranteed battery life of 10 hours. With an extra 20 hours from a completely energized case.

I never had any issues with the battery running out. By the day’s end. I would place them for their situation, and they would be fit to be utilized the following day once more.

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