Monoprice Dark Matter 42892 Gaming monitor
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Today’s review is about Monoprice Dark Matter 42892  checks out a 27-inch QHD IGZO gaming screen with a 180Hz refresh rate, a lot of ports, and greater adaptability. 

2 weeks ago I reviewed the Monoprice Dark Matter 42771 27″ FHD gaming screen. While 1080p is incredible for gaming and 27″ is a great size, the screen didn’t work too well for usefulness. As referenced in that survey, with regards to gaming screens, there are a lot of choices out there, including others from Monoprice.

Monoprice Dark Matter 42892 Specs

Display size27″
Active display area596.74 x 335.66mm (23.49 x 13.21in)
Panel typeIGZO
Panel modelSharp LQ270T1JG06
Maximum resolution2560x1440p (QHD)
Maximum refresh rate180Hz (overclocked)
Aspect ratio16:9
Viewing angles178°/178°
Default colour temperature6500K
Typical brightness400cd/m²
Contrast ratio1000:1
Maximum colours>16.7 million
Dot pitch0.2331 x 0.2331mm
Response time1ms (OD)
Video inputs1x DisplayPort 1.4a, 3x HDMI 2.0, 1x USB-C
VESA mount size75 x 75
Input power19 VDC, 3.42A
AC adapter input powerAC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumptionTypical: 37 watts
Standby:≤ 0.5 watts
Operating temperature+32 ~ +104°F (0 ~ +40°C)
Operating humidity10 ~ 85%RH, non condensing
Dimensions (with stand)619 x 478 x 237mm (24.4 x 18.8 x 9.3in)
Dimensions (without stand)619 x 374 x 64mm (24.4 x 14.7 x 2.5in)
Weight (with stand)8.4kg (18.6 lbs)
Weight (without stand)5.0kg (11.0 lbs)

Monoprice Dark Matter 42892 Design

Monoprice Dark Matter 42892 back design
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Generally, the Monoprice Dark Matter 42892 is indistinguishable in design to the 42771. Be that as it may, there are two primary enhancements: more ports and slant usefulness. The fundamental screen itself is a little more than 24 1/4-inches wide and just shy of 14 1/2-creeps in stature. Concerning profundity, without the stand, it’s around 2 1/2-inches. With the stand, you’re checking out a little more than 9 1/4-inches. 

Top and sides 

The top and sides have slim actual bezels, around 3/16-inch thick. Combined with the screen bezel, notwithstanding, and the size increments by another 1/4-inch. As is regular, the base bezel is for the most part physical with an extremely dainty screen bezel and is around 3/4-inch thick altogether.

The Dark Matter logo is focused in the center and scarcely noticeable, given it is debossed into the bezel. On one or the other corner of the lower part of the screen is a three-sided piece with a red LED that adds a touch of that gaming sparkle to the screen. Tragically, you can’t change the shade of these LEDs, yet you can incapacitate them. The blue force LED pointer is situated in the extreme right base corner. 


The rear of the screen is somewhat more gamer-driven, with sharp points that stick out towards the center. Under this top three-sided calculated piece is two more LED strips. In case you are set up close to a divider, they do give a pleasant sparkle impact. Towards the base, on the right hand side (when taking a gander at the front) is the force port, three HDMI 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort, a USB Type-C presentation port, and a 3.5mm sound jack. 

Monoprice Dark Matter 42892 monitor ports
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The stand

The stand is somewhat calculated also and connects to the screen just underneath the LED strips. The center segment is empty and involves two calculated pieces, taking into consideration some link to the board. The feet on the stand are flimsy and calculated out yet offer fantastic help for the screen. The stand can be tilted up and down upon your setup, which is awesome.

Like the 42771, the 42892 has a really respectable design and strong material quality. The additional tilt is very good, extra HDMI port, and the option of a USB Type-C showcase port most certainly add to the worth of this model also.

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The Dark Matter 42892 has a 27-inch QHD (1440p), 180Hz, IGZO display board. I’ve never utilized an IGZO board and thought the IPS display on the FHD model was incredible for gaming, the IGZO effectively surpasses it. The presentation is quite brilliant, wealthy in shading, and at 27-inches the message and lines were fresh. While Monoprice doesn’t indicate the shading range inclusion on this model, I found the tones respectable, particularly for gaming.

The expansion in splendor to 400 nits brilliance (from 300 on the 42771) guarantees this model is usable in more settings. Indeed, even with every one of the lights on in my cellar arrangement, I had no issues seeing the substance on the screen. 

All things considered, while QHD brings about a plunge in framerate while gaming, it makes the screen more usable for different assignments like web perusing and photograph altering. That, if you do have an adequate video card, the leap in goal makes gaming simply that amount more agreeable.

Monoprice Dark Matter 42892 Setup

Monoprice Dark Matter 42892 setup
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Like most screens nowadays, some basic gathering is required. With the Dark Matter 42892, it’s quite basic. To start with, press the button on the rear of the screen to pop the plate off.

In case you are VESA mounting (75 x 75 viable) the screen, join the screen to your screen arm utilizing the uncovered screws and openings. If not, the stand base joins to the lower part of the base via two screws.

\Then, line up the rear of the arm and the plate and secure it with two additional screws. At long last, cut the plate once again into the rear of the screen, and you’re all set.


With regards to execution, the Monoprice Dark Matter 42892, with its 180Hz IGZO show board and 1ms reaction time, is phenomenal for gaming. Obviously, it relies upon your framework specs, yet you ought to have the option to push some really good edge rates with it. I had the option to test it with a couple of various frameworks and got OK outcomes in all cases.

While I have recorded the designs card utilized on every framework, they differed in chipset and RAM, however it should provide you with a nice enough thought of what normal frame rates to expect contingent upon your realistic card. NOTE: the frameworks with the RTX 2080 and RTX 3090 were running Windows 11, the RTX 3060 was on Windows 10. All games tried were running at greatest settings. 

Like the Dark Matter 42771, this screen additionally worked incredibly with the Xbox One X and Series X control center on FHD/120Hz presentation settings. I had the screen set up to DisplayPort on my PC and HDMI on my Xbox One X for use on the two frameworks. Exchanging between the two was speedy and simple and permitted me to utilize the screen on double frameworks.

Sound Quality

The Dark Matter 42892 has a 3.5mm sound jack for interfacing your headset or outer speaker if you wish. It doesn’t have real speakers installed inside, however I didn’t have any issues when I associated a headset to it in regards to volume or sound quality. On that note, this is only a notice, and this segment will not be scored as the screen goes about as a passthrough for sound.

Monoprice Dark Matter 42892 User Manual

Utilizing the screen is, true to form, very basic. Join your DisplayPort, HDMI, or USB Type-C link to your PC or control center. Attachment the screen into a divider outlet or force bar and press the control button to turn it on. 

Like any screen, the control cushion can take some becoming acclimated to. Squeezing the control cushion flips the screen’s force and doesn’t choose the right menu choice. Indeed, even after utilizing the screen for some time, I actually ended up turning it off accidentally. 

Utilizing the menu switch, pushing it flips among full and restricted RGB mode, pushing it up flips the gaming crosshair determination, pushing down empowers ECO mode, and lastly pushing it right raises your standard menu. In the menu, moving the cushion left allows you to rapidly choose your feedback or leave the menu.

Pushing it down flips through the distinctive OSD point help symbols, pushing it right shows the fundamental menu/goes about as OK information when in the menu screen, and squeezing it up allows you to flip between various profiles (standard, game, film, web, text) or chooses the menu when in the menu screen. 

Once in the menu, there are numerous choices you can see and change. The Input Source choice allows you to pick between the five sources. Underneath this choice, there are Brightness/Contrast, Color Setting, Picture Quality, Display, Audio, Multi-Window, OSD, and Other settings to change. They are altogether beautiful, obviously.

Notwithstanding PIP (picture-in-picture) and PBP (picture-by-picture) modes, the screen additionally has a setting for PBP-Phone for when you are associated with a cell phone through USB-C.


While IPS monitors are great, the Monoprice Dark Matter 42892 27-inch QHD monitor with its 180 Hz refresh rate and IGZO panel is outstanding. Great colours, crisp resolution, and a 400-nits brightness along with five display connection options. Awesome right?

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