Moto G 5G Plus
Moto G 5G Plus

Moto G 5G Plus is a very good device in its versatility, as it has a better chipset, longer battery life, better screen quality with great brightness.


5G is affordable
It appears relatively quick to use
Long lasting battery


The fingerprint sensor does not always work
Cameras aren’t the best
The annoying Google Assistant button


Processor Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 (1×2.4Ghz, 1×2.2GHz, 6×1.8GHz)
RAM 4GB or 6GB
Screen resolution 2,520 x 1,080
3.5mm headphone jack Yes
Wireless charging Yes
USB connection type USB-C
Storage options 64GB; 128GB
Memory card slot (supplied) microSD
Operating system Android 10
Battery size 5,000mAh
Specifications Table


The Moto G 5G Plus is quite a bit bulky compared to the Moto G8 Plus.

It is bigger than its siblings, and with a larger screen some people may be uncomfortable carrying it.

With dimensions of 168 x 74 x 9 mm, it is a very tall phone like most other phones and thick as well, but not the same width.

At around 207 grams, it is slightly heavier than the average size of your phone, but not by much.

Moto G 5G Plus Mobile Design

There is on the front of the phone, the screen where it takes up the majority of the front space, divided only by a rather small bezel.

The back of the phone has a square camera spot, but it doesn’t stand out much, as well as a large flash unit and the Motorola logo.

As for the design, the phone has a plastic back, but it looks durable and not cheap at all.


The Moto G 5G Plus has a very large 21: 9 size, as it is very long and it can be difficult to put it in your pocket, but you will overlook that for its many useful and impressive features.

It is very thin and very fair in portability, and you can also view two applications simultaneously.

Mobile Display and it's very large 21: 9 size, as it is very long and it can be difficult to put it in your pocket

The screen size of the Moto G 5G Plus is 6.7 inches diagonal, so you will have a resolution of 1080 x 2520, equivalent to 2K, which is somewhat average for the screen resolution of the phone at this price point, at least.

And in general, the screen guarantees you a good HDR10 dynamic range, as it has a maximum refresh rate of 90Hz, which makes navigation in the phone smooth and simple.

And if you want to save some battery life, you can lower this down to 60Hz (or select the Auto mode that switches between 60Hz and 90Hz depending on what you do).


The Moto G 5G Plus has a large number of cameras, with six huge cameras,

four located in the back and two in the front, and this is very surprising from my point of view as even the iPhone 11 Pro Max has only four cameras.

But the quantity in the number of cameras is not necessarily an indicator of quality,

and the phone is only suitable for photography, and it is not supernatural as you honestly expected!

On the front, there is a 16-megapixel f / 2.0 selfie camera, connected to an 8-megapixel f / 2.2 ultra-wide camera, and the photos look very good when shot in good lighting.

When we tested the cameras we were pleased with the macro snapper performance here,

as when we switched to macro mode, the camera was quick to focus on very close objects,

Especially textured surfaces, and while the sensor was relatively low in resolution,

in fact, the images seemed to us a little stronger than the ones we had. We captured it with the main camera as well.

The Moto G 5G Plus features 4K video recording, as you can record in an aspect ratio of 21: 9.


The Moto G 5G Plus runs Android 10, without the bells and whistles that most companies add when they are offloading their devices.

Motorola offers some special and useful tricks, the most important of which is Moto Actions,

and this feature allows you to access different functions using gestures,

For example, Fast Torch turns on the flashlight when you shake the phone twice in a row, and the phone turns on.

Moto G 5G Plus Ports

There is also a My UX feature, provided by Motorola with Motorola Edge,

as this application allows you to change the icon size, font, and color scheme for the phone’s user interface, so the phone gives you many options to change your phone as you like

There is a new addition that the company added to My UX here and uses the fingerprint sensor,

so if you tap it twice while operating your phone, six quick links will appear that you can easily identify.

For example, Motorola suggests clicking on a link to take you to Google Maps directions to find a place to repeat, which is a very useful feature.

Battery Life

As usual, Motorola tends to pack very large batteries in its Moto G range of phones, and so does that phone, as the Moto G 5G Plus has a large power pack of 5,000 mAh, which is very good for me.

We used it for an entire day and the Moto G 5G Plus lasted all day,

Regardless of whether we browse social media or play a lot of games, stream music and watch Netflix every now and then.

But the phone’s ability to last more than a day was not fixed frankly.

Where sometimes we would get a good method the second day, but other times we feel safe to charge it all night.

When we tested, we found that the charging speed here is 20 watts, a step higher than most Moto G phones, although it is not “fast.”

When we charged the phone we found that it took just under 2 hours to fully charge the phone, as it was about 65% after an hour of charging.

The phone does not have wireless charging, but this is expected for a phone at this price point.


There is a feature I honestly didn’t like when testing the camera, which is a beauty mode available for both normal or very wide selfies, but the photos looked terrifying as it tends to facilitate details in facial features to a frightening degree.

As for the images captured by the main camera, they are good in terms of details, but they are not great in terms of colors and contrast, as the shots looked slightly dull with the system’s low dynamic range.

The shots taken with the ultra-wide camera also had a vital issue like the ones in the main camera,

but at least it was good compared to the main camera as there wasn’t much edge distortion in these shots.

In Conclusion we Have A surprising feature when we tested the Moto G 5G Plus is the fingerprint scanner installed on the side of the phone, and this button is located on the power button on the right edge of the phone, below the volume control button.

But I found it difficult to reach it due to how naturally we grabbed the phone, we had to stretch to reach it.



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