Moto G Pro
Moto G Pro

The Moto G Pro is one of the most affordable modern phones, as it has a great screen, a well-used stylus and a great camera.

Just a glance

In recent times, Motorola has been dropping fresh smartphones at roughly the same time rate that Trump has been cluttering up the internet with ridiculous tweets. 

but this is definitely one of their more interesting smartphones in a while, the Moto G Pro. 

also confusingly as the model G stylus over in the states.

actually sports very similar specs to the g8 plus, but the standout feature is of course that stylus pen which is shoved away inside of it. 

in the box we’ve got the actual thorn of course comes clad and it’s very own cover. 

and the usual our manual and warranty, and your VAT a type-c USB cable in order to charge the Moto G Pro up, and they three-pin plug as well has off.


  • Great stereo speakers
  • Good battery life
  • A pen with an unusual hole


  • The pen is essential
  • Close to the best phones
  • Action video camera could be better


Body158.6×75.8×9.2mm, 192g
Display6.40″ IPS LCD, 1080 x 2300px resolution
Memory128GB 4GB RAM
OS/SoftwareAndroid 10, Android One.
Rear camera: Wide (main)48 MP, f/1.7, 26mm (wide), 1/2.0″, 0.8µm, PDAF, Laser AF; Ultra wide angle: 16 MP
Front camera16 MP, f/2.0, (wide), 1/3.06″, 1.0µm; HDR.
Battery4000mAh; Fast charging 15W.
MiscFingerprint (rear-mounted); NFC; 3.5mm audio jack; Stylus pen.
Specifications Table


when you want to slip your sim inside, the Moto G Pro does actually support dual Sims, you can stick two in there at once. 

otherwise that second slot can be used to have a micro SD memory card

instead of up to 512 gigs in size to boost the 128 gigs of on-board storage. 

So we’re all powered up and ready to rock one of the first things definitely worth

mentioning about the Moto G Pro is the fact that it’s an Android one handset,

unlike quite a few of the other Motorola G handsets that we’ve seen. 

because on the surface it doesn’t look or feel a lit different from those other Moto G smartphones, because they rocked a very stock version of Android as well. 

worn their differential notes is that you’ve got this Google search bar down here at the bottom. 

and is stuck there, you can’t get rid of the thing. you’ve got a little bit of customisation that you can do here in the home settings though.

so you can’t actually get rid of that entirely if you’re not a fan.

one of the advantages of having an Android one Device is of course the update

or guaranteed at least two OS updates here on the Motorola G pro compared with usual one. 

you’ve got your NFC support, you’ve got dual band Wi-fi, all the features you kind of hope to have. a

and there’s a bonus stylus section in there to support that extra pen accessory, and then here you can specify exactly what happens on the Moto G pro if you yank out that stylus from its orifice whether the phone is hibernating.

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As usual comes bundled with the old prophylactic case, which just helps to keep it in pristine condition.

and it’s probably a good idea to keep that on to be perfectly honest because it’s a polycarbonate frame here on the Moto G Pro just like the rest of the Moto G budget-friendly family, so it will probably scratch up fairly easily. 

but hopefully any little Nick’s and scuffs will be fairly well covered up by the middle of the dark design. 

I’ve got to say i do love that mystic indigo a colouration, it’s the only choice you’ve got, so it’s probably just as well. 

Moto G Pro Design
Moto G Pro Design

definitely enjoying the way it’s a sort of a dark purple down here, and then a properly morphs into full-on black up top very sultry indeed. 

i like most of Motorola’s budget-friendly smartphones, you get a water repellent design as well.

so basically if it gets a bit of a splashing from your pint from the rain, it’ll be absolutely fine in a swimming pool or anything like that.


The Motorola G pro display is very very similar indeed to the Moto G.

It pulses where you get here’s a six point four inch IPS panel. 

got a full HD plus resolution 2300 by 1080 pixels.

So as you see there is gorgeously crisp for your movie action,

and of course perfect if you want to do a bit of sketching scribbling whatever. 

and maybe an IPS panel, so you don’t get those super punchy colours or the really sharp contrast that you get from an OLED display. 

moto g pro Display

but it still looks really really nice and if you bump it all the way up to the maximum brightness level, then it should cut through a fair bit of glare on a sunny day. 

and if you don’t go into the display section of the settings, you can fully customize the Moto G Pro screen. 

so you got your nightlight for, but a blue light filtering good that for easy on the eye comfortable expense at night. 

you can actually play around with the colour reproduction as you can see, it’s set too saturated by default. 

but you can turn it down a bit if you don’t really like those sort of bright more vivid hues.

I gotta say the G Pro does look an awful lot like the g8 plus of course at one of the only really distinctive features is this stylus pen who is housed in this little bottom orifice. 

Stylus Pen

and suddenly you don’t get a really satisfying sort of push spring mechanism or anything like that you literally just have to prise that stylus out with your fingernails. 

Thankfully I don’t really have much no fingernails, still just about managed to get in there, safely housed in there pretty good, when I guess is good, so it won’t just drop out when you’re walking down the street.

moto g pro Pen
moto g pro Pen

it’s mostly metal by the looks of it with a bit of plastic there. but it’s just a simple stylus, it’s not a smart affair by any means. 

you so get any precise pressure, measurement or anything like that, you don’t get any built-in Bluetooth that you do with Samsung’s galaxy, anything like that. 

so it really is just designed for quick and simple sketches, writing down notes.


As usual you can load this up the quick double wrist twist and lock yourself in the process as  i usually do. 

Now if you’ve used a Moto with a smartphone in recent times, you’ll be right at home with the Moto G Pro camera, because it’s exactly the bloody seeming stop we’re quite happily without a 48 megapixel primary lens. 

The Moto G8 Power has a 2x zoom for the third camera, for example, but the Moto G Pro has three cameras that include a GoPro-style 16MP wide-angle video camera instead.

It also has a sensor that rotates at a 90-degree angle and an electronic stabilization with extra power imaging.

actually set up to 12 megapixels by default as you’ll see it you dive into the settings. using a good bit of pixel a bit in action. 

you’ve got a full pro manual mode as well if you want to tinker along with the iSO level

Battery Life

for the battery tech, it’s like the Moto G plus before, it’s got a four thousand milliamp cell stuffed in there with 15 watt fast charger called turbo power. 

I’m not sure that you can really call something that charges at 15 watts turbo anum considering how many rivals now charged with at least 30 watt charger. 

but you got the usual battery saver more than anything and to be honest the Moto G Pro should still easily keep you going through a full day of fairly intensive use on a full charge.


you do get the full usual complement of Motorola experience features thrown on there as well which i really enjoy. 

you’ll find you can swipe to shrink a nice bit one-handed more action, that’s definitely very helpful indeed. 

you got one of my personal favourites, the fast torch features, just do your best move impression and that react camera flash will illuminate, very handy if you’re trying to stumble your way to the toilets in the middle of the night. 

and Motorola has also added in its fresh motor game time feature as well and what this basically does is add some basic gamer features.

so while you actually play the game, you can block notifications or like kind of shenanigans.

The Moto G plus was pretty damn good for playing games and watching movies on a budget because it actually has a stereo speaker setup. 

and the Moto G Pro is exactly the same, you’ve got the earpiece speaker and the bottom fire and speaker as well working in conjunction to produce stereo output. 

so the clarity is exactly great on that top volume, but it definitely has a full-bodied effect. you have Bluetooth 5 support on the Moto G Pro as well, for your wired connection. 

and you’ve actually got a headphone port down below as well, which is quite common on budget-friendly smartphones. 

no support for Dolby Atmos or anything. The Moto G Pro has the exact same snapdragon 665 chipset as the Moto G plus. 

you’ll be able to play games like pubg mobile on those low details settings with a nice smooth dependable.

Buy it for

As we said, the Moto G Pro is on a budget, thanks to the stylus and action camera.

One of the best features of the Moto G Pro is the loud and powerful stereo speakers, which make use of all files related to podcasts, games, and movies.

If you want a purer Android experience then you get it here with Android One, it is the selling point of the phone

Don’t buy it for

With the Moto G Pro you don’t expect a stylus on the same level as the Samsung S-Pen, as it is a pressure-insensitive stylus, but despite that, the Moto team has come up with a clever alternative solution to offer a version of pressure sensitivity, it only works with the built-in basic drawing program .

As for the battery life of the Moto G Pro, it is good but not great.



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