Moto G9 Plus
Moto G9 Plus


Moto G9 Plus

Good Stuff

  • Big and bright screen
  • Really good battery life
  • The camera holds itself
  • Bad Stuff

  • no wireless charging
  • Average performance
  • There is no 5G connection

    The new Moto G9 Plus phone was released with a large screen and a large battery, and it has good performance and above all at a reasonable price.

    Fast Talk (Moto G9 Plus)

    Motorola shall we see one of the more prolific Smartphone manufacturers certainly in 2020. 

    you can always rely on them to put out a good old-fashioned stock android budget smartphone that offers strong value for money. 

    and the latest is the Moto G9 plus. They hit the UK hot on the heels of the Moto G 9 player. 

    this Moto G9 pro is slightly more expensive than the g9 play at 259 quid in blindly,

    but it offers a specs upgrade across the board as well.

    you’ll get in the box the phone itself, and also you’ve got the usual boring guff,

    you’ve got your turbo power 30 charging adapter more on that in a bit, and absolutely thrilling bit a type-c USB.

    Key specifically

    ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 730G 8 x 2.2 GHz, Kryo 470 Gold / Silver
    Graphics adapterQualcomm Adreno 618
    Memory4096 MB  
    Display6.81 inch 20:9, 2400 x 1080 pixel 386 PPI, capacitive touch screen , LTPS, glossy: yes, 60 Hz
    Storage128 GB UFS 2.1 Flash, 128 GB  , 109 GB free
    Weight223 g ( = 7.87 oz / 0.49 pounds), Power Supply: 79 g ( = 2.79 oz / 0.17 pounds)
    Specifications Table

    Design: Thin, Colorful

     The Moto G9 plus itself does come pre-wrapped in a condom case just to help keep it extra protected, so keep that on if you want.  

    The Moto G9 plus is right up in terms of weight, it’s a 6.8 inch device,

    so pretty much a tablet from back in the day. 

    and it’s constructed from plastic like most budget smartphones, but it weighs a hefty 232 grams. 

    Moto G9 Plus Design
    Moto G9 Plus Design

    it has a glossy finish as well, so a mirror effect and as you can hopefully make out there as well,

    it’s already getting covered in greasy prints and I’ve only been handling it for about 30 seconds, so boards well. 

    i do like that navy blue finish, that’s rather fetching. i believe that’s the only colour option here in the UK,

    but you can also pick up the Moto G9 plus in blush gold if you want something a little bit different. 

    a lot of these plastic modular smartphones do tend to scratch up quite easily normally within just a week or so,

    you’ve got a few little like Nick’s appearance on the back end. 

    so you might actually want to keep the prophylactic case slapped on there just to give it that extra bit of pro. 

    However, as with a lot of its budget-friendly smartphone, Motorola has at least added a nice bit of splash protection to the Moto G9 plus,

    so don’t go drop it in the jacuzzi or anything like that. 

    but if it gets splashed with a bit of beer or out in the rain, it’s absolutely fine. 

    The resurrection of edge-mounted fingerprint sensors still Gordon Stein looks like most budget smartphones in 2020 have actually had them which is great to see.

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    Moto G9 Plus Display: bright and shinny

    As for the screen, the Moto G9 Plus features a large 6.81-inch screen,

    which is considered one of the largest screens available at the present time in the market.

    It supports an IPS LCD HDR10 panel and a standard refresh rate of 60Hz,

    but there’s no refresh rate of 90Hz or higher here, and it also has a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels.

    has an aspect ratio of 20: 9 and is really good for mounting a lot of text and website clips on the screen at once.

    Moto G9 Plus Display
    Moto G9 Plus Display

    It has contoured edges that are not as thin as they are on the best mid-range and premium phones,

    and there is a perforated camera in the upper left corner to interrupt the display.

    In terms of screen performance, the screen of the Moto G9 Plus is pleasantly bright and sharp,

    where you can watch streaming videos, browse the web, move between images,

    and play games, as well as the contrast is good and the details are well defined even in the brightest and darkest areas of the screen.

    Features: easy setup, and no stereo

    setup on this phone is really easy, you’re sticking your sim card in his place,

    it worth noting that it does have a dual sim setup, but that second sim slot is also shared by the micro SD memory card. 

    sadly unlike last year’s Motorola G8 plus you don’t get a stereo speaker setup on the G9 plus, it’s just a single bottom firing mono speaker. 

    Moto G9 Plus Features
    Moto G9 Plus Features

    Certainly on top volume, the sound is powerful enough to cut through any kind of background clamour,

    so you’ll be absolutely fine if you’re just watching a bit of YouTube in a very noisy household.

    Unfortunately it’s also a very tinny speaker as well.

    so you’ll definitely want to plug in if you want to properly enjoy some media

    and especially if you want to get some music on the go. 

    thankfully you do have a headphone jack up top,

    you’ve also got full Bluetooth support as well, and you’ve got support for the likes of a bit of iDac action if you connect to some sony headphones. 

    so you get that nice high quality audio through. there’s no Dolby Atmos support or anything along those lines.

    Moto G9 Plus Cameras: Bright and pro controls

    The Moto G9 plus has a 64 megapixel primary lens, a new megapixel ultra wide angle sensor.

    and then a 2 megapixel macro and depth sensor as well like anyone really cares.

     and certainly from a quick squint, no real surprises from the Motorola camera apps if you’ve used a Motorola smartphone before you’ll know exactly. 

    where you’re at you can quickly swap to that utlra wide angle eight megapixel lens with a quick tap down. 

    Moto G9 Plus Cameras
    Moto G9 Plus Cameras

    although if you do so it does seem to make things a little bit grainier certainly in this ambient room. 

    as usual of course you’ve got full-on pro controls if you want to dive in there and manually tweak some of the settings like the white balance, the iOS levels, the shutter all that kind of shenanigan. 

    and you’ve got a mode that you can shoot in a good old row and jpeg.

    The photo quality is looking good with the early test, it’s really pretty good considering it’s quite dark in this studio at the moment,

    of course you’ve got the bright lights also intruding on the screen there. 

    colour tone hasn’t been naturally captured unfortunately, but it’s quite testing conditions. 

    you can swap all your bonus mods with just a quick tap.

    The Moto G9 plus will shoot images at 16 megapixels using a pixel bin just to help keep things nice, and bright even in quite ambient conditions. 

    You can bump that all the way up to the maximum 64 megapixel ultra resolution if you fancy.

    Performance: fast and great for gaming, and battery life

    when it comes to the performance, you’ve actually got the exact same platform stuffed as you do the pixel 3 ear.

    so that’s the snapdragon 730g chipset backed by four gigs of ram standard benchmarking scores as you can see there. 

    I’d fully expect to have a nice smooth everyday performance, and hopefully should be absolutely fine playing the likes of pubg mobile and call of duty on those top detail levels. 

    Moto G9 Plus gaming performance

    As for the battery there’s a 5000 milliamp cell stuffed inside the Motorola g9 plus

    that should keep you going all day long quite happily hopefully well into a second. 

    there’s basically not gonna be Motorola G9 power because they tend to have five thousand million batteries unless it’s going to be absolutely freaking. 

    you do also get the new turbo power 30 fast charging tech as well, with the turbo power charger.


    The Moto G9 Plus has a great price of around £ 250, as it is considered a mid-market phone, not to mention the premium price.

    It also has a great battery life and you will only need to recharge the phone every two nights,

    and it also features a 30W fast charging feature.

    It has a 6.81 inch screen, it is large and bright and displays everything from games to movies very well.

    As for performance, you will notice some slowdown in the most demanding applications and games,

    as the phone contains 4 GB RAM and a Snapdragon 730G processor.



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