Mountain Everest Max
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Today we will be reviewing Mountain Everest Max. One of the most stunning, outstanding  gaming keyboards I have seen in my entire life. Produced by the German startup Mountain. We have reviewed one of its products before, which is the amazing Makalu 67. As for startup this is more than enough for them producing such product to standout in the market. Revelry among the competitors.

The Mountain Everest Max is a gaming keyboard giving you the luxury of removing and connecting the numpad. To satisfy your need and help you customize it upon your usage. And as always we will begin with the specs. Read the full review to know more about the stunning Mountain Everest Max.

Mountain Everest Max Specs

Switch type3-Pin Cherry MX
KeycapsABS (PBT optional)
Key rolloverNKRO over USB
Layout StandardANSI/ISO
MCUCortex Mo
Polling rate1000Hz/1ms
Onboard memoryUp to 5 profiles
On-the-fly systemThrough FN function key
InterfaceUSB 3.2 Gen 1
Cable length2m
Media Dock displayRGB TFT IPS, 240 x 204px
Media Dock keys4 media, 1 display control
Palm restMagnetic, covered in PU-leather
SoftwareBase Camp
ConnectorUSB Type-C
Dimensions265 x 461 x 43mm
StabilizerCherry (plate-mounted, lubricated)
Display keys4 TFT LCD, 72 x 72px per key


The Mountain Everest Max is basically a soundless keyboard with an append able number cushion, Media Dock, and cushioned wrist rest. The principal keyboard area has a strong brushed aluminum outline. The edges on the substance of the keyboard are somewhat raised, with the base and sides being more slender, and the top is somewhat thicker. Engraved in the top is the Mountain logo, focused. The surface underneath the drifting keys has a whirl thought process cut into it, giving it a modern sort look. The keyboard highlights six columns of regular keys.


The edges of the principal keyboard are opened, with LED lights inside them. On the left and right edge is a USB-C port, while the top edge has two additional USB-C ports on one or the flip side. These top ports permit you to join the Media Dock (to a greater degree toward that in a moment), while the side ports permit you to connect the Numpad to the left or right half of the keyboard. The top edge additionally has a USB-A passthrough port for associating or charging different peripherals.


The lower part of the keyboard has three elastic feet towards the front. In the back corners are two circles for the attractive back feet. The Everest Max accompanies four feet (two for the Numpad) and eight risers so you can change the back stature as you would prefer (between three tallness levels). At long last, there are furrowed stations that permit you to take care of the link to “leave” the keyboard from seven distinct areas.

Mountain Everest Max buttons

The numpad

The Numpad is the same in design as the primary keyboard. In any case, the top boundary is a lot bigger (generally double the size) yet contains four TFT LCD fasteners that you can program as easy routes for applications, macros, OSB incorporation, and that’s just the beginning. On the lower part of the Numpad are a front elastic foot, two circles for the back feet, a scored link channel, and a slider that permits you to move the USB-C connector to the left or right side or withdraw it out. Furthermore, you can plug the Numpad into the keyboard with the more limited USB-C link, permitting you greater adaptability to where you need to put the number cushion.

Media dock

The Media Dock has a rectangular shape, with a half-circle finish on the left and right edges. With a USB-C connector on the bottom edge, which connects to the fundamental keyboard. Towards the left are four white LED buttons for game mode, number lock, covers lock, and parchment lock. To one side of that are five buttons, four for media controls and the keep going for the Media Dial show control. On the most distant right of the Media Dock is the display control. With a pivoting dial, this permits you to choose and show a clock/stopwatch, change the current profile, change the lighting impact, change the volume, change the splendor, view PC data, view the APM (activities each moment) counter, or select a custom mode. My main protest about the Media Dock is that the screen overlay is plastic, and can be scratched easily.

Rest pad 

For a long time use comfortability. The Mountain Everest Max comes with a magnetic removable rest pad. Which by its turn increases the comfortability for long time use. The Pad is covered with leather to add extra comfortability for you.

Mountain Everest Max Software

Like most keyboards, you can utilize the Mountain Everest Max straight out of the crate. Be that as it may, with its adjustable display keys and media dock, you’ll need to introduce the organization’s Base Camp programming. Simply a speedy note. At the point when you are introducing Base Camp, it might seem like it hangs. In the event that you read the brief, it specifies searching for the UAC brief, which ought to be in your Windows taskbar. Snap on it and endorse the application with an Administrator record to proceed with the establishment. 

When introduced and dispatched, Base Camp will let you know if there is a firmware update for the Everest Max and brief you to refresh in case there is. The home screen is quite essential, showing the keyboard tile, a help tile, overview tile, and shop tile. In the upper right is a settings gear-tooth and limit, amplify, and close symbols. The settings gear-tooth allows you to change the Base Camp application highlights like beginning on framework boot, limiting to the framework plate, empowering Razer Chroma RGB Sync, checking for refreshes, and connecting OBS Studio. 

Tapping the customizable button on the keyboard tile will allow you to redo the keyboard. You can redo everything you do want. Once altered however you would prefer, you can appoint it to a profile to save money on the keyboard for simple exchanging. Headquarters isn’t excessively hard to use, likewise with most programming, it simply takes some looking around through the different screens to see where the customization choices you need are.

Mountain Everest Max Performance

The Everest Max is an imaginative console, however the main thing is the means by which well it works for gaming. Considering how very much thought of the remainder of the board is, you presumably will not be astonished when I say it’s extraordinary. Everest includes a 1000 Hz surveying rate and reports your key presses 1,000 times each second. In case that weren’t sufficient, it additionally packs N-Key rollover, so it doesn’t make any difference the number of keys you press without a moment’s delay; the Everest will enlist each and every one of them, totally liberated from ghosting. 

These are lightweight, direct switches without a smooth press straight down to reach as far down as possible. For gaming, they’re incredible: sufficiently smooth to be responsive however not really delicate that I wound up running from cover accidentally. I don’t know which was more to fault, the switches or the actual case (likely a blend of both), yet the board had entirely recognizable pinging when squeezing keys. The bolt enters specifically had a great deal of spring clamor. When squeezed gradually, they would squeak the whole length of their movement. This wasn’t steady across all of the keys, which made it stand apart even more when I utilized the keys that did. 

Mountain likewise worked effectively with the stabilizers, picking official Cherry wounds and going the extra mile to grease them up at the industrial facility. The spacebar on numerous consoles is a significant wellspring of commotion, yet all the same not here. The keys sound and feel uniform, which makes for a lot more pleasant typing experience. 


The Mountain Everest Max will provide you with the best gaming experience, offering you  ultimate customization so you can adjust it as much as you can from colors, brightness and alot more. You can even adjust the place of your numpad either to the left or to the right. Giving you more space to best use your keyboard.

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