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We will Talk today about Naim Audio Mu-So Wood, You might possibly be comfortable with sound hardware producer Naim, however, they’re top-of-the-line part sound stuff, just as the perfect sound frameworks found in Bentley autos. Their Mu-so speaker framework focuses on the more easygoing home client while holding the top-notch sound, style, and fabricate quality the UK sound producer is known for. The Mu-so is currently in its subsequent age and arrives in an incredible looking new Wood Edition that gives the across-the-board strong framework light and breezy new look. 

The top-notch wood version of the Mu-so second Generation expands on 7 years of innovative work since the main Mu-so remote music framework deliver in 2014. 

The Mu-so can gather with Naim’s Uniti and very good quality organization players for multi-room play, streaming a similar tune in a state of harmony or diverse music in various rooms. 

This new emphasis, wearing reasonable hardwood, treated and lacquered for a light oak appearance, coordinates and matches with accomplice Focal’s extravagance light oak completed speakers (like the Sopra N2). It can likewise match with AirPlay 2 or Chromecast gadgets.

So let’s review Naim Audio Mu-So Wood and let’s see whether it’s overrated or underrated and as usual let’s begin with the specs

Naim Audio Mu-So Wood specs

PhysicalDimensions: 122mm x 628 mm x 264 mmWeight: 11.2kg
Audio InputsDigital: Optical S/PDIF up to 96kHzUSB: USB2 (Type A connector)Analog: 3.5mm jackHDMI: ARC in with CECStreaming: Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast 
ConnectivityRemote Control: Infra-red (RC5)Network: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, BLE v4.2Multiroom: Sync up to five Naim Streaming products and control via the Naim App.
PowerAmplifier Output: 450W – (6 x 75W)
SpeakersStereo 3-way; DSP-optimized vented box acoustic system.


There are not many bits of tech that can pull off looking exquisite and mixing into the stylistic theme in your home. The Naim Audio Mu-So Wood is one of those couples of bits of tech. Its exquisite lines, plan, and premium materials soften into pretty much any room. 

Naim Audio Mu-So Wood, wood finish is cover by clear and hard plexiglass-like material, which is extremely gleaming. The front speaker cluster is canvass in a material lattice that looks perfect and consistent. The geometrics of the plan truly makes it resemble a piece of work of art, and in the event that you place it someplace it tends to be seen, individuals will get some information about it. 

Naim Audio Mu-So Wood Speaker
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The Naim Audio Mu-So Wood is sizable and robust, tipping the scales at a little more than 24 lbs. The front of the Mu-So Wood is spotless, with the Naim logo at the base left. Driven lighting highlights the base right around and gives it a decent look. The right half of the Naim Audio Mu-So Wood has a USB-A port, a pinhole reset button, and a LED status pointer. 

The base of the Naim Audio Mu-So Wood is spotless aside from the feet, and the remainder of the data sources are tuck under there. The data sources incorporate the LAN, simple port, computerized port, HDMI ARC, and force port. The rear of the Mu-So is slat, which is important for the acoustics of the speaker.

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Naim Audio Mu-So Wood application

The Naim Audio Mu-So Wood application isn’t expected to get the best insight from your new speaker. However, you will require it to set up things like Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2. Be that as it may, when you traverse the underlying arrangement, you don’t have to play with it to an extreme. 

Naim Audio Mu-So Wood Speaker Design
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You can include top picks of the application, switch inputs, pay attention to preset radio broadcasts, set rest clocks, set cautions, empower inputs, really take a look at sound settings, and register your gadget for guarantee purposes. 

Besides utilizing the application for starting arrangement, the main thing the application offers is admittance to firmware refreshes for the Naim Audio Mu-So Wood. Keeping the firmware refresh is significant assuming you need your speaker to work appropriately, particularly in case you’re interfacing remotely. 

Another thing the application is useful for is utilizing the multi-room association highlight. This permits you to interface with different speakers. It’s an incredible component, and truly astounding that you can even connect other AirPlay 2 or Chromecast speakers to it.


The real strength of the Naim Audio Mu-So Wood, regardless of whether listening through Bluetooth or wired in, is stunningly boisterous and full. The sound is delivered by a few 1-inch tweeters, some mid-center drivers that I observe to be really incredible for their size, and some bigger, oval-formed bass woofers. These six drivers are control by an amp exhibit that, all-in, gives about 450W of force. 

This is a great volume level for a nook that is truly not all that amount greater than a huge soundbar. There seems, by all accounts, to be a port hanging on one side-terminating down, which I think helps an extraordinary arrangement toward giving you some low-end support. Fundamentally, the sound quality will wind up being much stronger and more full than you would almost certainly anticipate. 

Where it’s missing, as far as I might be concerned, is in the soundstage. Since these Naim Audio Mu-So Wood are totally positioned near one another in a line, terminating forward from a similarly more modest barbecue, there is a tight, nearly shut-in feeling to the sound. The vast majority who are on the lookout for this degree of the speaker will probably be contrasting it with better quality sound systems, and keeping in mind that the volume and totality are unquestionably equivalent, the sound system spread is inadequate. It’s anything but a major issue, however a significant thought in any case.

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Is Naim Audio Mu-So Wood Overrated or Underrated 

Definitely Naim Audio Mu-So Wood is overrated, the price of this product is not reasonable and unjustifiable, The facts really confirm that the wood tone makes this speaker look a lot more extraordinary than whatever else I’ve seen available. However, it’s basically impossible to get around the fact that this unit is unquestionably in the “top-notch” space. I think the sound quality, plan, and execution are comparable with the value point, however, for those on a careful spending plan, it very well may be difficult to legitimize.

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Naim Audio Mu-So Wood Check Price $1,690.00 Amazon


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