floating Apple Store

floating Apple Store – Regardless of the extent of Apple’s global retail network struggles during the Coronavirus pandemic that struck the whole world,

Apple has added a unique, strange-looking and completely unconventional exterior design.

This design belongs to the latest retail site for the iPhone factory,

which is located in Singapore, officially known as Apple Marina Bay Sands,

and thanks to this completely unconventional design,

this store will be awarded the title of the only Apple retail store on the planet that floats on the water.

The location of this store is located on the waterfront of the city

and is part of a luxury hotel and resort with the same name also,

which opened as the first store in Singapore in 2017,

and Apple Jewel Changi Airport, and it is also the third store for Apple in Singapore

located in the world-famous retail sector in the center Transport in Singapore.

In the middle of the day, the new Marina Bay Sands store looks like an alien spacecraft of some sort landed on the surface of the water.

At night, when the iconic Singapore Apple Store lights up, the store really comes to life.

The company has designed this store so creatively that it is best seen in the dark.

Unfortunately, so far, we do not have any details about the store from the inside,

such as how to organize the interior design exactly, but it will be opened soon.

All we know is that the store is Apple’s 512 retail store in the world,

but MacRumors got a small video clip as an elegant advertisement made by Apple

to promote the opening of the store, which will simulate the appearance of the thin lines of light that spread across the orb at night.

The design of the new Apple Store is as follows:

“During the day, the glass panels in the store will reflect the skyline of downtown Singapore and the movement of flowing water.

At night, the ball will glow with great warmth, evoking the traditional design of lanterns that were carried during the Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore. “

Apple Store New Design

The store will include the same safety measures used in all Apple stores for COVID-19 (Coronavirus),

which include limited occupancy, wearing masks, and various sterilization requirements.

According to the marketing materials, the store will include

“the same procedures as other Apple stores in Singapore” regarding its ongoing health and safety efforts



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